Mastering Stress

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Stress is the enemy of productivity, health and wellbeing. Stress can be brought on by a myriad of reasons. We are all likely to experience it at some point in our lives and to varying degrees.

In the workplace, we may feel stressed out, anxious and misunderstood. In our personal lives, the stresses can be driven by financial pressure, family matters, relationship issues and responsibility.
This workshop offers participants a three-option approach for addressing any stressful situation.
According to the latest data, the overwhelming majority of Australians suffer from stress.

Lifeline's 2012 Stress Poll demonstrates that 91% of respondents experienced ‘some' stress, with 43% suffering from ‘a lot', or unhealthy levels of stress.

This workshop also assists participants to sort through the stressful relationship issues and outlines the best approach for discussing and resolving the things that trigger the tension. This is an essential workshop for 2019 for all industries and will also support those traveling through
life transitions.

• Understanding Stress: causes and symptoms
• Stress evaluation: The stress log
• The three option approach Adjust, Avoid, Accept
• A best practice approach to discussing and resolving the things that trigger tension in a relationship
• Style under Stress cards ( optional)
• When the Stress Tsunami Arrives
• Preventative approach: 4 areas of holistic resilience
• Research-based techniques to Relax Your Body

National delivery
Conference Workshop or leadership and team workshop inhouse delivery facilitators

• Jane Wundersitz
• Sabina Vittacca
• Claudia Chambers
• Stephanie Noon

Option to tailor for keynote or full-day
Currently suited to 2hrs interactive workshop
• group size 8 - 1000 +

Recent testimonials

- Woodcroft Primary School
Staff Professional Development Day

Enlightening- a great opportunity to look at yourself through a new lens. Energetically presented.

Engaging workshop with interesting activities. Enjoyed reflecting on things you can change and things you can't.

- Department of Premier and Cabinet: Adelaide

10/10 Highly valuable and engaging. A really helpful course to make participants more aware of ways to reduce stress. I enjoyed reviewing habitual language surrounding stressful situation.

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