Positive Wellbeing and Resilience Workshops

with a hearty dash of team building!


Wellbeing Work Life Balance

Wellbeing and Resilience Training - VIA Strengths Workshop and Keynote Speaking - Mindfulness Workshop Australia - Goal Setting Workshop Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Hobart, Darwin

We deliver the latest research-based insights and strategies to support your people to flourish. Essential for an agile and high performing team. We deliver golden insights in understandable, practical and empowering bite-size chunks. Available Full, Half Day > 90 mins. Click each title for a full page overview.

Live Life Forward PERMA Wellbeing(HERO)

Wellbeing Workshop for the workplace, teams and leaders. Wellbeing Conference workshop: positive empowering and fun interactive workshop which also supports team building Wellbeing for work and life balance Adelaide- Brisbane- Canberra- Sydney- Melbourne - Perth- Darwin Australia wide

Mindfulness: for Focus & Clarity

WunderTraining has been delivering Mindfulness at Conferences, Leadership retreats and team workshops for over eight years. We share the neuroscience behind why mindfulness has claimed a space in workplace wellbeing and rightly so. We bring depth to the understanding as well as a positive practical experience. Workshops and Keynote Conference Australia Wide Speakers | Virtual Training | Leaders and Team Workshops

Mastering your Mojo: goal success™

Goalsetting training for personal and professional success Virtual Australia wide - Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, when travel permits Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Darwin. Wellbeing Motivational Speaker Australia Wide

Pumped for Peak Performance

This is most often a tailored blend designed specifically with your team in mind. A blend of neuroscience, positive psychology, mindfulness, resilience, mental toughness or productivity. We love to hit the areas that are most in need. A phone call is all we need | Virtual Delivery Australia Wide | In-house Workshop Adelaide |Sydney | Melbourne |Byron Bay | Conference Interactive Keynote Australia Wide