Leading a ‘Well’ Remote Team

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Virtual Training for leadership Teams. Leading a 'Well' remote team online workshop. An interactive virtual zoom training - time to reflect, connect and reset.

Whilst working remotely has been on the rise in Australia, more leaders for the first time ever are now leading remote teams in an effort to slow down the spread of coronavirus.

This change creates a new set of challenges and team cultural change. The additional challenge is not just adjusting to the shifts in how we work but also in how we live.

Trust, compassion and communication have never been more important.
It is also an opportunity to strengthen connections at a whole new level.

This is the first of a series in Leading a ‘Well’ Remote

- What Matters Most? 5 Key components of leading remote working teams
- Cultivating Compassion for the new norm
- The work/ life mix and why team members cope differently
- Cultivating Optimism and understanding Pessimism
- Communication Rhythms: Richness vs Scope
- Questions, concerns and comments.

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