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This Covid-19 pandemic has rapidly unleashed a tsunami of complexity and uncertainty into our work and life. In this high energy and insightful workshop, we provide an opportunity to positively connect, reflect, reset and refocus on what matters most.

The extraordinary times of 2020 have put leaders under intense pressure, and teams have never needed stable and focussed leadership more.

Bring on 2021...

In this 90 min insight bursting session, we will enable you to be an architect of your own experience and to discover a powerful suite of tools for today's world from the research-backed fields of positive psychology, neuroscience and mental toughness.

We often take our attention for granted, and we explore 'focus' through a new lens – drawing on the linked powerful combination of emotional, social and attentional intelligence.

- Emotional Intelligence: Discover research-based strategies to support mental agility and increase our ability to resist, manage and overcome future doubts, worries, concerns and circumstances that inhibit peak performance.

- Social Intelligence: We explore cultivating 'stability' through the lens of applied neuroscience – there are five threat domains of our social brain. Small adjustments in how we communicate and influence our teams can have a huge impact on those we lead.

- Attentional Intelligence: Identify your key focus as a leadership team and discover how to stay on track with renewed attention and tenacity

Join Jane Wundersitz- Award Winning Speaker, Positive Psychology and Mental Toughness practitioner on a journey into the neuroscience of hacking your own Corona Experience. Explore the ups and downs with a new lens + gain forward-focused strategies to shift your 'attention' to where it is needed now.

What's covered?
• Labelling & Emotional Granularity and Reappraisal
• Cultivate stability through Chaos: The social brain reward and threat activations and how we can positively influence them.
• What Matters Most – discover your core leadership team focus area and how to stay on path.

Developed for IVECO ; Positive Connect and Strategy Session

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