P.U.N.C.H for Hybrid Teams (NEW)

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For many leaders and organisations, the question of how to maintain employee productivity and engagement may be high on the agenda as we refine our current ways of working in 2021 and look to the future.

Research also supports the need for opportunities to connect authentically to build resilient, high trust teams. There is a lot to consider in an evolving workplace ecosystem.

Bringing together a hybrid team takes some planning, and adjustments from all employees but will provide organisations and individuals with a great foundation for flexibility and high performance.

Earlier research from the International Workplace Group has found that flexible workplace policies increase productivity.

Some recent research from Cushman & Wakefield captured more than 2.5 million data points from workers worldwide pre-COVID-19 era and a further 1.7 million data points from more than 50,000 respondents in the COVID enforced work from home environment.

The results are in Productivity can occur anywhere, not just at the office:

• Pre-COVID-19, remote workers, were more engaged and had a better workplace experience than office workers
• During the pandemic, effective team collaboration has reached new heights, through better leverage of remote collaborative technology, and the ability to focus was upheld

What is covered in this interactive Positive and Punchy Workshop:

P Productivity Strategies for hybrid teams to work effectively and eliminate procrastination where ever they are based.

U Unified Communication Agreements for best practice design a one-page communication ground rules building on the experience so far and research.

N New Projects and Meetings Golden Rules considering a culture of inclusivity and trust, checkpoints and measures for performance on outcomes as we grow efficiency in the new world of work.

C Connect and Collaborate Why, Where, When and How? Building in positive culture essentials.

H Heighten Energy when working from home

In this workshop, we enable your people to reflect and share top tips and thoughts on streamlining efficiency, productivity and performance. Discover some seasoned best practice and new insights that are emerging globally for remote working and hybrid teams.

The goal: Come up with some new agreements in how best to work with productivity and efficiency with hybrid teams and remote working becoming a regular part of our work world. A key component is also appreciating that building quality connections is important for trust and collaboration.

Many businesses will have their own set of circumstances and opinions on what the future workplace looks like. We discuss your unique objectives with you to ensure the session embraces your business's needs for a sustainable and high-performance future.

Delivery modes:
- Virtually for small to conference size groups.
Face-to-face sessions with social distancing: Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane + Melbourne as restrictions lift. (currently recruiting for some states for live events while boarders are closed.)

Some recent statistics:
• In an Australian survey by Boston Consulting Group, up to 60 per cent of respondents said they want to split their working time between home and the office.
• They identified three core reasons why the workplace was important was for informal social interaction, formal collaboration and working as an effective tight group, and that many offices had better technology and a more distraction-free environment for some.

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