Mastering your Mojo: Goal Mastery - Virtual

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We all have varied dimensions in our life - our career is one, our health, our relationships, our recreation and fun are just a few domains - all are important. in this jam-packed session, you will have time to think about where you are heading and give yourself a bit of a life wheel alignment.

Have you ever had the feeling of 'groundhog day' where life just rolls along and some personal goals just drift further out of reach?

The most important use of personal influence is how we motivate ourselves, how we make a positive change to provide a greater sense of balance and enjoyment in our work and life.
One thing that COVID has given us is a shift in perspective and perhaps a new appreciation of things that matter to us.

This workshop provides valuable insight and the ‘time’ to self-reflect on how they are travelling across a spectrum of life areas. It enables a personal wheel alignment of where participants would like to put more energy and focus for the year ahead.
The primary focus is for participants to set a goal in one area of their life domains. The goal might be big or small, personal or professional. Investing in yourself and mapping a goal – yes, writing out a goal and devising a plan using some of the best goal setting strategies and principles from applied positive psychology and neuroscience is 90 mins well spent.

This workshop is the one to ensure 2021 has direction and focus in areas that matter to people personally or professionally. Life balance is important and achievement in areas that matter are important.

Who Should Attend?
This course will be of value to all team members who need a kick start towards a goal. It might be just a whisper at present or one that has been roaring for a while and that reoccurs at New Years, but you may have given up entertaining the idea. Maybe now is the right time you at least put it on paper and explore it some more.

What's covered?
• Begin with the end in mind? Why work-life balance really matters?
• Why goal accomplishment is so important for wellbeing?
• Get clarity on what balance looks like: Personal feedback wheel
• The Map: including the support crew + the strengths you'll need
• Staying motivated when it's tough
• The goal and how you'll celebrate

* yes this is a refreshed and adapted version of Building Motivation... one of our golden hero's that emerged in 2020. Perfect for a fresh start to 2021.

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