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Wellbeing Training for Leadership Teams - building a positive, progressive, resilient and sustainable team environment from the front. Virtual for your Leadership Team | External Virtual Event Introductory rate | Option for Covid Friendly in-person Workshop or conference Delivery with physical distancing and hand sanitiser supplied.

This is the perfect workshop for NOW!

A comprehensive positive, fun and empowering program which brings current research into a well rounded, interactive and insightful workshop.
High impact and tangible strategies relevant to the Covid experience, uncertainty and the world we are in.

‘If you think you are too small to be effective you have never been to bed with a mosquito’

In this fully immersive virtual workshop, we discover and build a forward strategy to support you to lead a well team from the front.

It starts with you!

Workshop Overview

We briefly reflect on the journey through Covid and also predict some future outcomes. Now more than ever leaders need the tools and strategies to support their own wellbeing and 'Lead a Well team'.

We discover actions and strategies to build personal and collective wellbeing and also review the 4Cs of Mental Toughness, the neuroscience of mental agility and why we personally and our team members hit emotional hot spots.

This workshop is designed for you to leave energised, with a rock-solid set of tools to support yourself and to lead a well team.

What is covered in this workshop?

This workshop is designed for you to leave energised and with a plan and mindset to lead a well team.

• Leading as a role model
• Building your own resilience bucket first and supporting team resilience.
• Discover Mental toughness: the 4C’s
• Strategies to build your own and others Mental Toughness
• The neuroscience of transition – why we can struggle and what we can do about it and ways to better support others.
• Positive rituals

Sample strategies include:

Control: Circle of concern Vs Circle of influence
Commitment: Optimism vs Pessimistic thought
Challenge: Inquiry Approach
Confidence: Insight into our negativity bias, the self-critic and the neuroscience of social fears. (Gold!)

Mental Toughness Origins:
Mental toughness is closely related to GRIT. Angela Duckworth is renowned for her research which shows anyone striving to succeed from business people, students, educators, and athletes— outstanding achievement is not talent but a special blend of passion and persistence she calls “grit.” Angela has found that grit— for a singularly important goal—is the hallmark of high achievers in every domain. She has also found scientific evidence that grit can grow. Mental toughness is built through small wins. It’s the choices that we make on a daily basis that build our “mental toughness muscle.” It’s your physical actions that prove your mental fortitude.

Optional for a 90min, half or full-day Virtual experience.

Perfect for team leaders, senior leaders and executive teams to connect positively, refocus on their mental agility and also identify ways to lead a 'well' team.

Jane Wundersitz delivers at conferences and workshops Nationally and has supported 1000's in their leadership journey. Jane has personally worked in national and senior-level leadership roles and appreciates the challenges of working in high pressure and fast-paced roles.

More about :Jane Wundersitz

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RECENT FEEDBACK of this workshop delivered as a virtual half day workshop:

Just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic session you provided this morning on Zoom. It gave me a chance to stop, think and reflect a little. I feel this is so necessary to do in our working life and especially during times of uncertainty, such as what we have all faced this year.
I will certainly put some of the strategies you provided in your training into practice. I look forward to participating in your training in future. Nina ( National Safework Month participant)
Kind regards,
Nina Bozanic

Supreme Court Melbourne

• ‘I have already put some skills from yesterday into play with my team today’

• ‘I most enjoyed the facilitator, the volume of information provided and the pace – there wasn’t a moment spare when I didn’t feel highly engaged.’

• ‘Loved it. A brilliant, highly engaging session which provides useful tools and skills for anyone managing a team’

• ‘I enjoyed the practical tools that we can use with our teams: the emotions mapping, the Lose/Gain/Same activity re change; the ‘great questions’ shared that we can use.

• ‘I loved learning about the new ways of gauging where our people are at in terms of their ‘wellness’. The above and below the line tool, in particular, is terrific for understanding what underpinning behaviour might be – and therefore what can be done to elevate team members towards better engagement and greater wellness.

• ‘ I thought it was pitched correctly and enjoyed the rapid-fire sharing of concepts and information, delivered in a way that added just the right amount of context. There was no labouring on points that were easily understood by a team of senior managers. A great way to gain access to information and tools to help you lead a well team.’

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