How Smart Leaders Motivate their People

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Some leaders seem to have a knack of bringing out the best in their team members and there is buoyant energy in their team. But for many, it's a consistent challenge. In fact millions of leaders and team members take their strengths in the hope of harnessing this natural energy. Often it becomes just another fascinating tool of self-awareness. VIA strengths are so much more than that- it's now time to learn how to use strengths to motivate your team.

“Success is not a place at which one arrives but
rather the spirit with which one undertakes and continues the journey.”
Alex Noble

One thing that never changes is that ‘human nature’ can be unpredictable. As a leader, you may notice that the ‘fire in the belly’ level of engagement and self-motivation that team members have, can be inconsistent. Sometimes it might be blazing and at other times it might be an occasional spark or a complete fizzle. Knowing how to motivate each person on a team can be frustrating and challenging, yet the leaders that learn the skill of being able to successfully motivate others are the leaders who consistently create great teams – have elevated success and their teams feel good. There is a positive energy – that becomes infectious.

For the last 17 years, there has been immense research through the field of positive psychology and a strengths-based approach - a strongly endorsed ‘work practice theory’. It focuses on an individuals’ self-determination and character strength. This type of approach builds the team members ability to engage their strengths, specifically seeing themself as resourceful and resilient when they are in adverse conditions (Strengths-Based Models; McCashen, Wayne (2005). A strengths approach is a positive and collaborative approach - helping people to channel intrinsic motivation and core strength.

What science has already found is that positive emotions (how work and culture make employees feel) are also at the root of human motivation.

In this full-day workshop or 3 x, 90 min virtual training we combine these two powerful elements with practical strategies to enable leaders to use a strengths approach to fuel team member’s self-determination and motivation, through a challenge, when goal setting, and in everyday coaching conversations.

Who is this suited to?
This course will be of value to all leaders wishing to elevate success through building team member motivation in a positive and supportive way that is proven to get results.

What will you learn?
• The business case for strengths at work
• Why emotional culture matters and the impact of positive emotions on motivation.
• How strengths work and how to create your own team member portal
• Strengths at optimum and the shadow side: when strengths collide character conflict
• STRONG Goals ASA framework
• The most powerful form of appreciation: Strengths-based appreciation
• Strengths-based appraisals.

"Research supports Leaders who focus on strengths are 86% more likely to have above-average results."

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