Corona Fatigue: Stop thinking of Covid

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If our daily news intake was counted in calories, many of us would have piled on even more weight in recent weeks. And for those in lockdown or in work fields well amongst it - a sense of “corona fatigue” is likely settling in.

In this newsy update, we share how to shift our focus and energy into a productive space. Become an architect of your own experience and support yourself to reappraise your current situation and to construct a more useful and productive state and shift your focus when it takes a downward detour.

Join Jane Wundersitz Award Winning Speaker, Positive Psychology and Mental Toughness practitioner on a journey into the neuroscience of hacking our own Corona Experience.

Explore the ups and downs of your Corona time with a new lens and gain some forward-focused strategies to shift our attention to new opportunities and the potential of our new and emerging way of life.

- Minimise Danger: Maximise Reward
- Reappraisal, perspective and towards focusing
- Emotional Granularity and affect labelling

*** This workshop is awesome... 2020 HERO status after one delivery!

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