Authentic Personal Leadership

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Authentic personal leadership is a strengths- based approach to understanding who you are at your best. It enables you to build legitimacy and legacy through building honest relationships, and developing your own optimised self-concept, promoting an openness that fuels trust.

Participants take a VIA Strengths self- assessment, a robust scientifically backed assessment tool which underpins the five principles of positive psychology and the path to personal and professional flourishing

Who Should Attend?
This course will be of value to all team members and leaders who wish to elevate their sense of authenticity, engagement and have clarity and connection to their own values to connect with a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

What’s covered?
• Discover your VIA Signature Strengths.
• What do they look like at their best, how to optimize them and the shadow side.
• Discover your organisation’s collective culture strength and the part you play
• Learn the power of visioning and write an inspiring and strategically sound personal leadership statement that serves as a north star.

This was delivered as a 90min session as part of a four part series delivered fortnightly for JEMENA gas markets.
Approx 65 participants per session and excellent, enagement and interaction. Brilliant for layering of continued growth and positive connection.

- Personal Branding
- Bring out the Coach: Silence the Critic
- Communication Master Class

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