The Resilient Team: Positive recharge

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Resilience Training for remote working teams. This 90 min interactive online workshop will provide a much-needed opportunity to connect authentically, positively and to discover some research-based strategies to support team members professionally, personally and collectively. The first of many to come. We are with you on the journey.

- Best at 90min to enable some discussion but can fit to 60 mins.

Emotionally resilient people have the in-built ability to bounce back from setbacks. Resilience is a skill that can be developed. There is no simple fix or one size fits all method, these are interesting times which will likely have some ups and downs for most. Our ability to be self-aware, to self- regulate and also express to self-compassion are all so important.

Participants will discover effective science-based tips and strategies for emotional resilience during the coronavirus crisis period.

Most importantly this will provide some space to connect and debrief with peers, to reset some thinking and implement some small but positive steps in place.

- The shifting work environment
- Practical strategies to support mental agility
- Rituals to support holistic wellbeing in 4 domains within the current confines.
- Communication, Compassion and Forgiveness
- Questions, concerns and comments

Recent Testimonials:
AFL SportsReady:
'Thanks for an interesting training session on resilience, some great strategies and tools to help when life throws some challenges. I really enjoyed the workshop thank you' Kylie

'Thank you so much for your amazing training. We love learning from you' Brooke

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