Building Motivation through Covid 19

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One thing that COVID has given us is a complete shift in how we spend our time and where! We can all be forgiven for having moments through lockdown where we feel frustrated, overwhelmed - at any time in life, there can be good reason to find things hard and a pandemic is right up there. Yet, it might also be the perfect time to set one goal and nail it.

The most crucial use of personal influence is how we motivate ourselves, how we make a positive change to provide a greater sense of balance and enjoyment in our work and life.

The primary focus of this workshop is for participants to take the time to set a goal in one of their life domains, it might be something big or small. Given the time to self reflect and map a goal – yes, writing out a goal using some of the best goal setting strategies from the field of applied positive psychology.

This workshop was originally designed to support anyone who has ever had a New Years' Resolution fall flat... and has been delivered to 1000’s.

Wonderful to now adapted this to the virtual world to support a client request.
If you are feeling like your life is merging into Ground Hog Day – this one’s for you!

Who Should Attend?
This course will be of value to all team members who need a kick start towards a goal. It might be just a quiet whisper at present or one that has been roaring for a while and occasionally reoccurs at New Years, but you have given up entertaining the idea.
Maybe now is the right time you at least put it on paper and explore it some more.

What’s covered?
• Why goal accomplishment is so important for wellbeing?
• Get Clarity: Personal feedback wheel
• The Map: including the support crew + the strengths you’ll need
• Staying motivated when it’s tough
• The Goal and how you’ll celebrate

***This workshop has just been delivered as a 90 min virtual for a Government Client and the feedback was amazing.
Book with confidence 2020 HERO workshop status!

Feedback from the face to face pre covid session.

Department of Premier and Cabinet

"Very engaging, interesting and thought-provoking. Enjoyed the why behind the goal setting." Robert

"10/10 Enjoyed everything. I got so much out of this and more than I anticipated. I could have listened if it had gone on all day. Thank you"

Office Professionals Forum: University of South Australia Keynote Conference Speaker

"Jane's presentation was motivational and uplifting. Brilliant speaker!"

"I loved this and took away many strategies that I can use in my day to day life."

Why is goal setting important?
Why are goals important?

Clarity & focus:
Goals help us focus attention and effort toward high-priority activities and away from those that are irrelevant. They also clarify what is important and this may be personally or professionally.

Building motivation & persistence:
Goals have been studied for decades and are proven to act as an energising function, prolonging the effort people are willing to make (LaPorte & Nath, 1976)
Learning how to set goals and follow through in times of challenge is a buildable life and business skill.

Knowledge & skill optimisation:
Goal setting has long been a part of the work world but the opportunity to set and reflect on personal goals is a gift - to have time allocated to think about life balance and to learn the latest strategies to support setting one goal in motion is priceless.

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