Virtual Hot NOW Topics

Whilst we can present any of our programs virtually. These are the topic combinations that are clients are requesting at the moment. Leadership teams are also offering 'Difficult Conversations' and 'Positive Leadership'.

We are excited to offer a new series of Virtual Training programs specifically designed to support clients with the 'new' work environment of 2020. What we do well at WunderTraining is offer a positive learning experience coupled with insightful strategies, and an opportunity to self reflect, share authentically and set some direction for a path forward. We are loving the virtual platform- with new ways to generate an interactive learning environment. Please continue to check back as new programs will be added as we re-discover the current needs of clients. Get in touch if you would like one of our existing programs delivered virtually or if you have specific needs. We are currently busy working behind the scenes on a new website- which will have an extended offer of virtual programs. Productivity with PUNCH for remote workers part two coming soon. We happily tailor from any of our program offers. Our best offers come together through building to client needs. You know what you want - and this is what we want to deliver. It keeps us at the front of what's happening.

Leading a Well Team™

Wellbeing Training for Leadership Teams - building a positive, progressive, resilient and sustainable team environment from the front. Virtual for your Leadership Team | External Virtual Event Introductory rate | Option for Covid Friendly in person Workshop or conference Delivery with physical distancing and hand sanitiser supplied.

Positively Charged and Resilient: Virtual

Resilience Training for remote working teams. This 90 min (or 2hr)interactive online workshop will provide a much-needed opportunity to connect authentically, positively and to discover some research-based strategies to support team members professionally, personally and collectively. The first of many to come. We are with you on the journey.

Building Motivation through Covid 19

One thing that COVID has given us is a complete shift in how we spend our time and where! We can all be forgiven for having moments through lockdown where we feel frustrated, overwhelmed - at any time in life, there can be good reason to find things hard and a pandemic is right up there. Yet, it might also be the perfect time to set one goal and nail it.

Corona Fatigue: Stop thinking of Covid

If our daily news intake was counted in calories, many of us would have piled on even more weight in recent weeks. And for those in lockdown or in work fields well amongst it - a sense of “corona fatigue” is likely settling in.

Same STORM different boat : Travel Well

'We are all in the same boat' you may have heard... but a truer sentiment is one from writer Damien Barr - 'We are all in the same STORM but different boats'.

We Trust: When actions meet words

Virtual Training for leadership Teams. Team member relationships with leaders matter more than ever at present. An interactive virtual zoom training shining a light onbuilding trust, being compassionate and cultivating optimism. Time to reflect, connect and reset.

Leading Teams in the New Normal

It’s clear that our places of work will become more fluid than they have ever been before. Our workplaces may have fewer people in them, as a degree of home or remote working will become a longer-term part of our organisations. This perfect for now workshop will dive into how to lead a hybrid team? Virtual Leadership Teams| Public Virtual Event Option. If we don't have an event up please get in touch.

Brain BOOTCAMP: Mental Fitness

Brain Bootcamp™ is a positive and empowering, research-rich virtual training workshop designed to support brain fitness and mental agility. Australia Wide

Leading in VUCA World

An introduction to leading in a VUCA World - Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. It certainly has been the year for it.VUCA, short for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, and a catch all for “Hey, it’s crazy out there!”

Men Avoid Burnout

In May 2019 the World Health Organisation classified Burnout as a medical condition. This workshop is specifically for our mostly industries and available for virtual delivery.