VIA Premier: Manager as Optimizer

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This is a one-day workshop designed to optimize the way managers lead, support and interact with their employees. The research-based principles presented in this course have been shown to improve management effectiveness, work relationships and work satisfaction for the people who apply them. This is a |VIA Premier Program |

You will learn about character strengths and how managers can use them to elevate the talent of their employees and team—bringing invigoration to the workplace. Managers often struggle with getting the highest levels of productivity and performance from their individuals and teams, while advancing the organisation’s goals. This then becomes a matter of creating conditions for high motivation and positive relationships, which you will learn in this workshop.

A manager as optimizer understands that their role is to lead, organize, provide support and resources, and to be an advocate for their employees. They help each employee match their strengths to their work roles in order to perform optimally. This course will dive into the best practices that managers can use to effectively balance the employee’s best interests with the organization’s best interests and create conditions that lead to full engagement and optimal success for employees.

During this one-day workshop, participants will cover the following VIA content:

Manager’s Challenge
Redefining Managers as Optimizers

Optimizer Solution Wheel
Character Strengths– the New Tool
Exploring Employee Character Strengths
5 Principles of Character Strengths at Work

Role Matching with Character Strengths
7 Work Roles
Role Matching
Optimizing Role Matches

Employee Review
5 Conversations

The Plan
Deploying Strengths in New Ways

Putting it into Practice
Supporting Employee Goals

VIA Employee Role Matching Report
The Employee Role Matching Report is designed to match employees with different work roles based on their VIA character strengths. It reviews the individual’s unique character strengths profile and using a complex, research-based algorithm articulates which of the seven common work roles might be best suited for the individual based on their strengths. The report provides information on the individual’s top two ranked roles, as well as the lowest ranked role, with workbook pages to prompt exploration, planning and job sculpting.

COMING VERY SOON: Please express interest so we can update you on availability. This is a VIA Premier™ Program.

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