It's Time: Strengths Based Appraisals

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Often appraisal can be perceived by leaders as a burden, time-consuming and perhaps even ticking boxes. A leaders job! They are in fact a huge opportunity to connect, empower and engage team members. Time to discard the outdated template and learn a strengths-based approach.

A performance appraisal must reflect the culture of a company or organisation.
Investing in a strengths-based approach is a contemporary, engagement practice to motivate people to improve their performance and development potential and to provide a fairer basis for making reward decisions, like promotions, or development opportunities.

Like all approaches, there are also challenges that can occur during or because of the appraisal process. Skills in preparing for the appraisal, having a clear understanding of the appraisal intent and a plan to support delivery and follow up are all crucial.

A focus on strengths does not mean poor performance should be ignored. In fact, a strengths-based approach to performance dialogues can be a far more powerful way of overcoming weaker areas and other performance risks. However ‘ no surprises’ is a must of all appraisal systems.

We also review the need for a balance of a retrospective focus and in discussing future opportunities and possibilities. We visit a strengths-based stretch goal setting, to enable, team members, to focus more easily and apply themselves to achieving tasks and projects that are most valuable to the team and organisation’s success.

In this 2 hr virtual or face to face workshop.

Participants will explore:
- The true role of performance appraisals in a contemporary workplace setting
- Clashes of objectives and why they can occur.
- Getting the balance of a retrospective view of past performance and future opportunities
- Strengths-based appraisal questions
- Strengths-based goals setting
- The appraisal processes

"When we seek to bring out the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves."

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