VIA Strengths + Official Programs

VIA Strengths Workshops and Certification - Australian Partners Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Hobart, Darwin

Robust research supports a positive strength-focused culture elevates performance and engagement and increases personal and team flourishing. These are Official VIA Premiere programs. We also have our own Hero WunderTraining brand programs - designed to support client key objectives.

Strengths at Work :The Path to Engagement

This groundbreaking training transforms a participants performance. The highly engaging program is designed to empower people and organisations in every aspect. Jane Wundersitz is the Australian Master Trainer and partner with VIA/SMCOV. |VIA Strengths Official Program | Corporate Certification Available

VIA Premier: Manager as Optimizer

This is a one-day workshop designed to optimize the way managers lead, support and interact with their employees. The research-based principles presented in this course have been shown to improve management effectiveness, work relationships and work satisfaction for the people who apply them. This is a |VIA Premier Program |

It's Time: Strengths Based Appraisals

Often appraisal can be perceived by leaders as a burden, time-consuming and perhaps even ticking boxes. A leaders job! They are in fact a huge opportunity to connect, empower and engage team members. Time to discard the outdated template and learn a strengths-based approach.