Six Hats: Innovate and Think BIG (90 mins)

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Problem Solving and Creative Thinking skills team building workshop for leaders and teams. Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra- Australia wide Conference keynote Speaking

The difference between mediocre
lies not so much in their collective mental equipment,
but in how well they use their abilities to THINK
and how well they work together.

In a recent Australian survey "50 percent believed that their organization does not have effective processes to capture ideas for business improvement and innovation. An “all in” session to workshop a goal, idea or solution for your organization. Learn the strength of parallel thinking as used by multi-national companies. The outcome is always impressive.

The 6 thinking hats method of thinking was developed in the early 1980s by Dr. Edward de Bono. The method is a framework for thinking. A fun and an intriguing session where staff learn about the pros and cons of their predominant thinking style

To introduce and discover strategies to effectively collaborate and build well thought out decisions and innovations. The benefits:

• Discover the impact on our emotions on our thinking.
• Evaluating important decisions from a number of different perspectives though parallel thinking.
• Understand the full complexity of a decision, and spot issues and opportunities which you might otherwise not notice.
• Make higher quality decisions and reduce conflict
• Hold and lead shorter, more productive meetings
• Involve more people in the decision-making process
• Create dynamic, results‐oriented meetings that make people want to participate

Examples or general workshop topics may include:
• Grow the business by 15% by 2018
• Increase customer loyalty or return rate
• Increase efficiency or productivity

Self-reflect on everyday thinking
• Discover the impact on emotions on thinking
• Discover strategies to enable mental agility to support thinking at optimum.

Use the Parallel Thinking to:
• Understanding the 6 thinking styles
• Identify their own predominant thinking style and strengths and weaknesses of this.
• Workshop an idea, concept or problem that is currently faced by your business.
• Action plan
• Team photo.

It embraces the WUNDERTRAINING spirit with a wonderful collection of hats available for participants to wear.

This workshop has been presented to a variety of organizations. The results lead to workable solutions that have complete team enrollment. A perfect team building workshop that also provides individual insight.

This is best suited to a 90 min time frame.

For a half-day workshop couple with
• Productivity With PUNCH
• True Strength
• Breakthrough Creativity

Suitable for small teams or leadership groups. Perfect for a conference group and so much better than a brainstorm. Hats for up to 100.

High energy facilitator:
Founder- :Jane Wundersitz
*picture is Fergusson Plarres Bakehouse Leadership team

Love this. A fabulous 2-minute example of creative thinking!

Edward De Bono- Leading Creative Thinker
25 mins but worth watching- Enjoy!

This is a strategic team building workshop to support positive collaboration. Wundertraining is not associated with AHPRA.

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