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This is a WunderTraining Hero workshop delivered to 1000's Nationally. A fast-paced highly engaging delivery jam-packed with strategies to support an increase in time management and personal productivity. |Time Management for Leaders and Teams |Virtual Training for Personal Productivity| Performance Team building Australia Wide Delivery

Many people spend their days in a frenzy of activity but achieve very little, because they're not concentrating their effort on the things that matter the most. Mmm sound familiar?

The Personal Productivity workshop will help teach new ways to organise your time for a more productive life. A productive mindset is one that makes the best use of your resources your time, your energy and your effort.

In a Microsoft survey of 38,000 people worldwide found that the average worker feels productive only 3 days a week.
We also visit techniques for rebalancing energy levels.

A workshop rich in skills for life and work!

High impact personal productivity. We call it Personal Productivity with P.U.N.C.H!

• Understanding "The Procrastinators Motto" and why it de motivates us.
• Why do we procrastinate and how to overcome it.
• Email Mania
• Eat that frog.

Urgent/Important Matrix
• Evaluate where you currently spend your time.
• What is Important and what is Urgent in your role and what comes first.

New Projects
• A compelling vision
• Getting started
• Effective and efficient meetings

Collaboration productivity hacks
• Persuasive language
• Delegate effectively with working styles in mind
• Notice and appreciate strengths at optimum in others

Heighten your energy
• Mental, emotional and physical energisers
• Insight into current trends and studies

A session that everyone can take new skills away from for both work and home.
This is available as a 2-hour Leadership or Team workshop and can be presented for large groups at a conference.

Lead Facilitators:
Jane Wundersitz- Conference Keynote National Delivery| Virtual Delivery | Adelaide based

Sabina Vittacca | Melbourne base Conference and Workshop Delivery

Recent Testimonial:

It was everything a training session should be: educational, plenty of golden nuggets; fun, we’re all ‘eating that frog’; and, engaging. Holding the attention of a room full of millennials is no mean feat. Looking forward to working with you again. Justin: INDEED Melbourne

10/10 Fantastic workshop and presenter. I will be sending my team. Jasson: University Of South Australia Work Smart Office Professionals

Great- succinct and informative. I benefitted from writing down what we should be prioritising. Confident and approachable presentation style. Christine: University Of South Australia Work Smart Office Professionals

Safework State event

Your sessions are entertaining, informative and valuable. You provided useful strategies that can be applied in the workplace and personal life. Love attending your sessions.

Excellent - I will take away a lot from today's session.

MedVet Australia Conference

We loved the PUNCH workshop a real conference highlight – insightful, engaging, fun and empowering. So much covered in a short space of time but rich content and it can be easily applied in our varied roles. Just what we were looking for Thank you. Natalie

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This is a WunderTraining signature style program

Jane Wundersitz has worked in learning and development for over 20 years and has delivered productivity and time management workshops throughout this time. Her rich thirst for new research into productivity, focus and goal achievement ensures that it is consistently updated.

Wundertraining is not associated with AHPRA

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