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This is a brilliant workshop for newly formed teams, merged teams or an organisation looking to grow engagement + relationships. It is also excellent for teams who may have divides or some behaviours that have become apart of the culture that prevent positive collaboration or innovation.

• Build a compelling and accessible vision of positive team/ organisation culture for collective success
• Understand personal behaviour and that of others with greater insight.
• Build knowledge of personal strengths and those of their co-workers
• identify foundation Values for team success
• Build a working together agreement and take ownership of team attitude and acceptable behaviours
• Discover three key aspects to increasing your ability to communicate positively to enable an innovative culture with an openness to ideas and an appreciation of mistakes as a part of the journey.

The blend of content and activities will support the group to build relationships and establish the core foundations for a positive and progressive culture.

1) Positive Culture - the research and alignment
Insight into the research and benefits of a contemporary positive culture. What does it look like and feel like?

Key elements:
Positive Emotions help strengthen our intellectual resources, physical resources, social resources and psychological resources, all of which enhance our overall well-being and team culture. Extensive research supports positive affect is critical to explaining an organisations outcomes and behaviours and specifically the impact on performance, decision making, pro-social behaviour, conflict resolution and general group dynamics.

In the workplace we need to consider the impact of our behaviour on those around us as well as ourselves.

• Positive emotion and the impact on clear thinking and building solutions
• Understand the impact of emotions. Participants select a visual to represent them in their best and worst mood and share what the visual represents.
• Understand the power of self-talk and habitual emotional language eg exhausted, stressed, irritated (drama talk)

Personal VIA character strengths
• Create an understanding of individual team member strengths – appreciate who team members are personally at their best. (VIA Character strengths)
• Participants complete an online strengths evaluation which provides a blueprint of individuals at their best and their driving force behind personal action. Core alignment provides a vital link to employee engagement, commitment, performance and decision making. This is very positive personally and a fast track to building trust and valuing difference. * Always a highlight.

VIA Strengths is the only scientifically researched strength tool that is valid across all cultures and is used in over 190 countries. Strengths use and appreciation in the workplace has a direct correlation to individual and team performance, engagement and workplace morale.

Feel free to complete a sample VIA here:

• Personal insights into participants own strengths in overdrive and ‘hot buttons’. Stronger personalities in a storming phase often participate in overdrive. Participants often find this self-reflection highly insightful and relevant.
eg Judgement > cynicism
Social Intelligence > over analyzing
Love of Learning> know it all

2) Collective Team strengths
• Identify the positive culture strength within the whole collective of team members. This supports an alignment with purpose and supports the team to feel positive about collective strengths.

Develop Organisation Key Values Statements and Team Agreements

• All participants are involved in selecting the values they feel are essential to create a high performing and supportive team environment
• KJ Method- using post-it notes individuals all contribute to what they behaviors they see as green post-it notes- functional/ acceptable and pink-dysfunctional/unacceptable to being apart of this culture.

3)Positive Relationships with a focus on Positive communication.

An innovative culture needs to allow for contribution from all team members irrespective of role.
• Identify Active and Passive Constructive and Destructive communication. When someone comes to you with news or an idea how do you respond? Think about the ratio of positive: negative or constructive: destructive comments you, contribute as a team member.
• Making room for new team members and for all members to be able to step up and back when needed to support team development.

*suitable for teams of 10- 100+

Available as a half day event or interactive conference workshop
Couples well for a full day event incorporating resilience and mental toughness or

Collaborative Strategy Workshop
Six Hats: Collaborate Innovate and Think BIG

Mastering Change with energy and strength"

We have supported teams in a huge variety of industries and find this workshop is engaging, insightful and has impact.
To get a feel for the session - please feel free to view the little momento you tube we compiled from a week running this session for a variety of teams in the city of Karratha in Pilbara Region WA.

Jane Wundersitz

Jane has completed the Nationally accredited Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing with specialist electives in Positive Leadership and Positive Coaching.
She is the Australian Master trainer for VIA Institute on Character/SMCOV.

*This workshop includes the free VIA strengths profile. Professional VIA Premier reports are also available and have additional insights for participants.

Munich Re Organisation Team building Event: Sydney (90 mins)
Thank you so much for facilitating our annual Munich Re team event, it was a lot of fun and we definitely took away so much (about ourselves, our colleagues, and the company) from the session. Michael He: Event Coordinator Actuarial Analyst

Channel Operations, Indigenous and Intensive Servicing Division: Australian Government - Department of Human Services Conference Brisbane (2.5 hrs)
10/10 Amazing. Highly engaging and life changing. Leah

Junction Australia Leadership Team Adelaide (full day and couple with elements of Positive Leadership)
10/10 Really great practical strategies to build team culture. Candice
10/10 Great. The strengths insights were amazing. I enjoyed learning about them in more depth and the discussions with colleagues. The presenter was energetic, very passionate and knowledgeable. It was a wonderful opportunity to focus on the positives, learn who you are and who you want to be. Kat

Xenophon Team: Rebekha Sharkey MP for Mylor and team ( full day and coupled with Six Hats)
10/10 Very Insightful and fun. Enjoyed the activities and learning about myself and others. Jane was Positive, open, knowledgeable and friendly.Kelly

More Testimonials

Why invest in a team workshop?
What does welcome to the team mean in your organisation?
We often hear that new team members, 'hit the ground running', this is primarily due to the fast-paced nature of our organisations. One client mentioned, there is just less 'chum factor' - this is often presented to us as a lack of connection in teams or across departments. We still often hear the term 'silos' across departments. With technological advances, we communicate digitally often and have less direct face to face opportunities to really connect. Long gone are the days of having a chat while you are waiting to send a fax.

To enable 'high trust' connections to grow, skilled and capable team members are needed and the other component is understanding the character of the team members with whom we work. Strengths awareness, allows team members to understand their own and others character - who we are 'at our best'and also the highly valuable self-insight into the shadow side of our strengths and values as they can also be our hot buttons. It adds a whole new dimension to the workplace and is a fast track to understanding each other and ourselves at a deeper level.
We are a social species and teams with positive interpersonal connections travel more united through change and challenge.

Clayton Christensen, Jeffrey Dyer, and Hal Gregerson who studied over 6,000 executives across six years to understand what contributed to innovation in organisations found the No 1 contributing factor was positive interpersonal interaction. (source: the Innovators DNA

If you think of the best work experience you have had personally and the most successful team you were a part of ...I bet the authentic and positive connections in the team enabled a higher level of collective success.

How many people can we have in a WunderTraining team session?
We absolutely love conference's and have supplies for interactive sessions for literally 100's of participants.
We also enjoy the privilege of working intimately with small teams.

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