Mastering others
is strength,

Mastering yourself
is true power.


Yoga and Mindfulness

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In this workshop you will learn the practical tools of meditation and yoga to cultivate balance and the feeling of being grounded in our lives. Perfect for Wellbeing Events and large groups.

Meditation, Mindfulness, and Yoga are re-known for a host of holistic benefits.

In this practical workshop, the focus is on appreciating the practice for developing greater focus and control of our thinking and reactions. Our ability to increase our self-awareness and understanding of the body, breath, and mind can be immensely powerful.

Through this practice, we can train our minds to be our greatest and useful tool, build our self-empowerment enabling us to make positive choices that can have a powerful impact on the quality of work we do and our relationships.

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Brought to life beautifully by

Brittany Galash in South Australia (only)
Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga trained

Please note
Mindfulness: for focus and clarity is available Nationally

Students connect with her warmth and genuine belief in the benefits. She shares her journey in the later years of high school of appearing like she had it all, but not many people were aware of her struggle with social and study anxiety, perfectionism and the stress of peer pressure. Yoga and mindfulness have made a profound difference for her personally and she wished she had embraced the practice earlier.

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