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This is a hot favourite for students. We explore Mental Toughness the 4'C's in a highly visual, interactive, relevant and inclusive workshop. Positive, fun and empowering |Student Wellbeing Week Hero| University Student Groups Adelaide| Melbourne| Sydney| Perth| Darwin| Canberra |Brisbane

What is Mental Toughness?
Can We Assess and Develop It?
Mental Toughness is a moderately plastic personality trait which determines in large part how individuals respond mentally to stress, pressure, opportunity and challenge.

Research shows that Mental Toughness correlates closely with performance, well-being, positive behaviour and aspirations. It has a significant impact on most key outcomes in the world of education. It applies to leaders and staff as well as to students.

Our student workshop overview:

- An introduction to Mental Toughness?
Short description of history and applications.
Debunk the myths of Mental Toughness

- The 4c's Control, Commitment, Challenge, Confidence
Each core area is unpacked with an explanation of the
concept, a compelling facilitator story and strategies to
build the area and an engaging and inclusive activity.

- In the last activity students give strength-based feedback
in small groups using VIA Strengths cards. (GOLD!)

Whilst we encourage students to take the Mental Toughness Assessment we appreciate this may not be an option in all schools.

MTQ48 Education – Suitable for 11 to 17 years $49.50
We recommend a half or full day program when using the reports

As a concept, Mental Toughness embraces other well-known concepts and ideas such as resilience, grit, mindset, learned optimism and learned pessimism, as well as most definitions of character. We incorporate VIA Character strengths and growth mindset.

We recently presented to 180 Year 11 students for 2 hours at Cabra Dominican College. This is our 3rd year supporting their Wellbeing week and we are the only provider to be consistently invited back.

It was heartwarming to hear a teacher share that she was so thrilled to see a student who rarely engages with other participate wholeheartedly and smiled during the event.

Wellbeing coordinator feedback
Thank you so much Jane and Steph it was a fantastic morning.
Paula Hensing - Wellbeing Event Coordinator

Student Evaluation Comments:
100% who completed evaluations would recommend the program.

- Insightful. I enjoyed the group activities and learning how to control my thinking. The commitment bit had the biggest impact because I find it hard to stick to goals. - Alicia

- I enjoyed the cards with the blindfold. The area about confidence had the biggest impact because I usually lack it a bit. Luke

- Enjoyed all of it - motivational and educational.

- Enjoyed the activities and picking the cards. Thank you on behalf of our group. Chris

- Fun, informative. Enjoyed the interactive activities and the facilitators were honest and cheerful.

- The activities were engaging for us. It was interesting and had good personal stories. Timo

- Fun. Enjoyed the challenges that went with the program and group activities and hearing the stories.

- Enjoyable and encouraging. Enjoyed the activities and the opportunity to show peers their strengths.

- Interesting to learn about being mentally strong. Also learning to sometimes do the right thing for myself. Lorence

- It was inclusive. Enjoyed the section on perseverance. All of it was interesting.

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