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Want to influence and empower at a whole new level? This workshop covers the crucial elements of speaking and valuable insight into the latest strategies used by exceptional speakers. It supports participants to further develop their authentic style and truly engage their audience.

Irrespective of the material or speech you deliver this workshop will support you to become a more efficient, proficient and engaging speaker.

Perfect to recharge and inspire regular speakers or occasional speakers. Even for those who fear speaking with thorough preparation and practice, you can overcome your nervousness and perform exceptionally well.

Public speaking is a learn-able skill.

This workshop will cover:
• Coping with internal fear on any occasion.
• Insight into meeting the demands of today’s listener and common audience complaints
• Crucial presenting skills including - the power start
• Body language non- verbal tips
• Prepare for and skillfully respond to questions
• Identify personal core strength to enhance authenticity
• Vision creation and communication
• Story telling with impact
• The power of the pause
• The basics of on boarding an audience through light participation

*You will not be required to give a presentation within the workshop. Option for day 2 for participants to share back a short 10-15 min style Ted talk.

Workshop Facilitator
Jane Wundersitz National presenter

10/10 Everything was brilliant! The speaker was very engaging and switched on about the topic. I particularly enjoyed the power of pauses. Thank you. Miranda

Excellent- One of the best workshops I've been too! The facilitator was enthusiastic about the content and the whole presentation was engaging and interactive. Worthwhile.

We are happy to tailor to ensure we meet your objectives

May include
> communicating change or conversations that count
> clarifying company vision

Option for full day, half day or 2 hour or 90 min WunderBite Leaders Conference

External event option:
see 'The Speakers Edge' includes speaking and contemporary power point

*Wundertraining is not associated with AHPRA      

Additional Information

Duration3 Hours