Creative Flow

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Many of us know what it’s like to be in a state of creative flow. Do you have to wait for inspiration to strike, or can you hack ‘the zone’? We know creativity is important, particularly in times of challenge.

What is Creativity?
How can we access the psychological state of flow?
Discover the connect to Positive Psychology, your strengths and Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow theory.

By design, the creative process encourages collaboration, and this is the most important benefit of offering a workplace where creative thinking can occur.
Create a workplace with a focus on solutions rather than problems. Cultivating an eagerness to solve problems can lead to new ways to accomplish tasks and run the organisation more effectively.

Who is this workshop for:
Progressive organisations who want their people to take smart risks. By developing an environment where creative minds are welcome, you are also supporting psychological safety and agility.

Models and theory's from
-Mihaly Csikszentmihaly

Workshop facilitators:

Claudia Chamber
Masters of Science in Coaching Psychology, a Graduate Diploma in the Creative Industries, and is also an accomplished musician.

Jane Wundersitz
Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing and Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts

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