Global Goals : A revolution in sustainability

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Sustainable Development Goals accelerating progress workshop Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane Australian Keynote Speaker for large groups

This contemporary high impact program is perfect for:

A high impact and enlightening workshop for your organisation, workplace or university to explore and build a vision and strategy to support specific sustainable development goals collectively and individually.

It may also be an optional program to extend leaders or team members who have an interest in sustainable practices. We meet you are where you are at:

There is primarily three pathways clients choose to take:

• We support by assisting your business in deciding which global goals you would like to bring to life in your business and also individually. We can work with very large conference size groups or small teams.

• A recalibration workshop for those who have established their Global Goals and want further support in engaging more people in their workplace or have lost some energy. We provide an update on what others are doing in Australian and some insight into the International space + set new forward plans, with facilitation and support.

• Develop a cohort of 'eco-leaders' or Sustainable Development Goals Business Champions.

What is Eco-Leadership?
Eco-leadership is a term coined by Simon Western a key leadership scholar to describe a new leadership paradigm for organisations in our globally and digitally connected business environment.

Eco-leadership sees the organisation as part of an ecological and social “eco-system”. It highlights the social, economic and environmental impacts that business leadership decisions have on people and the surrounding environment. The challenge for leaders today, is to co-create a sustainable positive future for all participants and the planet we are living on.

The four qualities of Western’s eco-leaders are:

Connectivity and Interdependence: recognising how the network society has transformed social relations, and our inter-dependence with each other and the environment.

Systemic Ethics:concerned with acting ethically in the human realm and protecting the natural environment (e.g. addresses ethical issues such as the condition of outsourced workers, climate change)

Leadership Spirit: acknowledges the importance of the human spirit. It extends its values beyond material gain, paying attention to community, spirituality, the unconscious, non-rational, creativity and imagination.

Organisational Belonging: all organisations belong to the social fabric of community. Eco-leaders are encouraged to rethink organisational purpose in line with this belonging.

Essentially this approach moves leaders away from profit to purpose and people, move management approaches away from control and hierarchy to networks and influence.
The skillset required puts less emphasis on technical and “hard” skills and more on “soft” skills such as motivation, influencing, delegation, communication, collaboration. It also emphasises more networked holistic, and integrated approaches to working with customers, clients and all stakeholders.

This highly engagement workshop provides the opportunity for connection, collaboration and has tangible outcomes.

The workshop core objectives include enable participants to:
• Reflect and identify alignment to the Global Goals that are already happening within the business and map an approach to the SDGs (sustainability strategy);
• Understand the journey ‘Towards 2030’ agenda, future trends and best practice for companies in Australia;
• Communicate and engage at a local level; and
• Speak knowledgeably about the SDGs and how Hitachi is building a culture of purpose.

We integrate the Appreciative Inquiry Framework for those wanting to instigate projects for the business:
This framework includes: Discover- Dream- Design and Deliver

For those looking for a true team collaboration enabling all to contribute table groups can use the 6 hats framework:
We provide the hats!

Half or Full day option

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Recent Feedback

HITACHI leadership team Evaluation Average 9.05/10 100% would recommend to others

What did you like in general about the program? What section had the biggest imapct personally?

- 10/10 Everything, scope, content. ‘realness’, energy, applicability - leaving with real scope for ideas and change personal and professional. Simple summaries – Anne

- 10/10 Connection, conversation and collaboration with others. Linking VIA Strengths with the SDG’s - Sonia

- 10/10 All the interactive learning activities. Learning about the current stats and habit forming - Allena

- 9.5/10 It was contextualised to the Hitachi business. Enjoyed building the links between personal and corporate SDG- Michele

How many people is this workshop designed for?
We work with small teams to conference size groups

Available across Australia Prices start from $2000 +gst

Not for profit, Small team discounts may apply

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