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Sustainable Development Goals Workshop Cultivating Strategic Direction and building a personal and professional connection to the Global Goals. Half or full-day or virtual delivery. Australia Wide

The phrase 'Be the Change you wish to see in the world' is attributed to Mahatma Gandi, but going beyond that we need to 'Be the Change you can't see in the world'.

This workshop is destined to be a truly memorable experience for participants- fuelling a higher sense of purpose, responsibility and ethical behaviour in the workplace and as an active and effective global citizen.

This activity and connection- rich workshop brings three exciting core concepts together:

• Sustainable Development Goals to support sustainable business practices
• Personal VIA Strengths to support engagement and connection to specific Global Goals at a personal level (VIA Values in action)
• Cultivating a rich sense of purpose and meaning in the workplace

What are the Global Goals: 17 Sustainable Development Goals

The Global Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice. The Goals are interconnected and to leave no one behind, it ís important that we achieve each Goal and target by 2030. Let your team decide what's important to them and how your organisation can support the Goals in the workplace.

The Objective: To deliver a high impact and powerfully interactive team event that creates a ripple of impact.

This interactive full-day workshop will place an SDG lens on identifying and realising new ways of working + business opportunities. The workshop will feature discussions on the SDGs, trends in sustainable business and examples of companies leading the way in this area.
There will also be collaborative sessions on the relevance of the SDGs to the organisations' customers and staff and how the business can benefit long-term from contributing to the SDGs.

The specific objectives of the workshop are to enable participants to:
• Reflect and project the organisations connect potential, values and vision alignment and approach to the SDGs and sustainability strategy;
• Understand the journey ‘Towards 2030’ agenda, future trends and best practice for companies in Australia;
• Communicate and engage at a local level; and
• Speak knowledgeably about the SDGs and how their organisation is building a culture of purpose.

Suitable for:
- Large Conference Groups for a half or full-day all in experiential summit experience
- Executive and Leadership Teams to discover why strengths matter, build purpose into their culture and to align with responsible and ethical business practices at a leadership level.
- Medium and small business team building for connection, collaboration and to create culture pride and impact
- Graduate Programs (optional to include mentors) to feel empowered to contribute and to impact their culture positively right from the start of their career.
- University and Student Groups to generate the next wave of responsible global citizens and leaders and enhancing global literacy and competency.

Optional activities:
1) The 6 thinking hats framework
. The genius thinking system developed by Edward de Bono which leverages the power of parallel thinking. ( hats provided!).

2) An opportunity to experience a purpose aligned activity directly impacting a global goal.
Sustainable Goal Development Team Activity: Water Works

Co Facilitators for conference groups:
Solo facilitator for smaller teams

Jane Wundersitz
Jane was a Seventeen X Speaker similar to Ted talks but 17 minute delivery related to the SDG's. She has studied The Sustainable Development Goals- A global Transdisciplinary Vision for the Future and is the Australian Master Trainer for VIA Premiere programs. Prior to establishing WunderTraining, Jane was a state Learning and Development Manager and also a Business Development Manager at The Body Shop. The Body Shop were pioneers in ethical and fair trade initiatives, and for over a decade focused on people and culture development with profits, people and sustainable business practices equally important for true business success.

d'Arcy Lunn
d’Arcy Lunn’s dreams and daily life are dedicated to seeing a world with access and opportunity for everyone, everywhere!

For the past 19 years, d’Arcy has experienced more than 90 countries, given over 1000 presentations and worked with leading development, environmental, social justice and global education organisations and people.

Recent testimonials:
Hitachi Group exec and senior leaders Australia
Average 9.05/10 100% would recommend to others

What did you like in general about the program? What section had the biggest imapct personally?

Everything, scope, content. ‘realness’, energy, applicability - leaving with real scope for ideas and change personal and professional. Simple summaries – Anne

Connection, conversation and collaboration with others. Linking VIA Strengths with the SDG’s - Sonia

All the interactive learning activities. Learning about the current stats and habit forming - Allena

It was contextualised to the Hitachi business. Enjoyed building the links between personal and corporate SDG- Michele

Linking the SDG to actual Business opportunities and also why business have to lead this. More help than harm- my own footprint on society. – Gauran

Breaking down the value of each goal and understanding where we could be doing better. Understanding the goals that our organisation could positively impact.- Doris

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