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Go FAR™ Grit and Growth Mindset Training. Perfect for a positive reset, refuel, reflect and refocus session. Gold for building strategies to elevate perseverance and optimism through discovering various strategies for positive psychology and neuroscience. Virtual Delivery International | Keynotes and Workshops Australia Wide | Melbourne | Sydney | Adelaide | Perth | Brisbane | Hobart| Canberra Australia Wide

Grit is courage and resolve; the strength of character.

It can also mean an irrepressible spirit that doesn’t back down in the face of failure or obstacles.

We all want a bit of grit to get through the tough stuff that life throws at us. Discover simple yet effective strategies and techniques to build a growth mindset, quiet the critic and build perseverance.
It can be difficult to keep up the hard work when we want quick rewards. Long-term goals require time, patience, sacrifices and effort, and you need to have the endurance to stay on the path.

• Why Grit Matters?
• Fixed vs Growth Mindset
• Two Stories
• Courage and Fear the undeniable connection
• Discover, unpack and be able to better conquer our own threat response fear triggers - Discover why we at times react the way we do? And also why we may at times trigger others into a threat response and what to be mindful of.
• Strategies to build perspective and cultivate empathy
• Think like a scientist
• Creating a Stretch Goal(with stick-ability)
• Cultivate an optimistic mindset

Jane Wundersitz
Belinda Sudano

Recent testimonials

10/10 Everybody should attend this!
Department of Treasury and Finance

Great workshop. Enjoyed cultivating an optimistic mindset. Department of Treasury and Finance

Loved the practical ideas in building resilience. Fascinating learning about the connection between fear, courage and resilience. State Library

I learnt that life's problems are only temporary, take control and you will always find a way.

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