TMS Team Mangement Profile

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This highly insightful, empowering and progressive workshop uses the TMS: Team Management Profile. Half day virtual or in personl delivery is suitable for small to very large groups. Highly insightful and includes a rhobust report.

The personal Team Management Profile highlights an individual's major and two related areas of work preferences on the Margerison-McCann Team Management Wheel.

Work preferences are explored in terms of:

- How an individual prefers to relate to others
- How an individual gathers and uses information
- How an individual makes decisions
- How an individual organizes themselves and others

This is perfect for personal insight and collective insight, Participants have acces to a full on line development for continued growth after the workshop,

Supporter, helper, tolerant; A collector of information; Dislikes being rushed; Knowledgeable; Flexible

Imaginative; Future-oriented; Enjoys complexity; Creative; Likes research work.

Persuader, "seller"; Likes varied, exciting, stimulating work; Easily bored; Influential and outgoing.

Analytical and objective; Developer of ideas; Enjoys prototype or project work; Experimenter

Organizes and implements; Quick to decide; Results-oriented; Sets up systems; Analytical

Practical; Production-oriented; Likes schedules and plans; Pride in reproducing goods and services; Values effectiveness and efficiency

Strong on control; Detail-oriented; Low need for people contact; An inspector of standards and procedures

Conservative, loyal, supportive; Personal values important; Strong sense of right and wrong; Work motivation based on purpose.

This interactive and progressive session uses the TMS Profiler. Profiles are per head.

Facilitator and Accreditated TMS Team Management Profile Presenter
- Jane Wundersitz.

Jane is experienced in presenting in person and virtuallly with executive leaders and senior leaders.

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