The Purposeful Leader™

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Purpose-driven leadership is related to the past, present and future of what you do. It captures the unique gifts you bring to the world. It is related to your inner motivations and values and is powerful.

At the heart and soul of every company is its purpose, core values, and vision. When as a leader you commit to uncovering these three pillars and align your own values into preserving them – it becomes a fulfilling and infectious leadership driving strategy.

To engage with purpose, increases your ability to lead authentically, cut through the clutter of decision making and brings a new level of ethics and trust to your unique signature style. Purposeful leadership is often associated with servant leadership and is proven to increase team member job satisfaction, loyalty as well as their commitment and in turn drives customer service, performance, and organisation results.

Purposeful leaders have commitments, supported by daily practices – they are consistent in their approach as it aligns with who they really are.
In this workshop you will learn how to define your purpose and develop a plan to cultivate purpose for those you lead. You will gain a deep understanding of the critical importance of purpose-driven leadership in a successful organization

Who is this designed for?
This course will be of value to all leaders who wish to elevate their sense of purpose and meaning as a leader and have clarity and connection to their own values and leadership vision.

What will you learn
• The business case for purposeful leadership
• Discover your VIA Signature Strengths to drive your authentic leadership brand.
• Where do you connect? Values and leadership vision alignment
• Learn the power of visioning and how to write an inspiring and strategically sound vision that serves as a north star in making business decisions.

Facilitator: Jane Wundersitz

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