Authentic Leadership: Foundations

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This is a contemporary leadership foundations workshop. Perfect for those new to leadership or seasoned leaders looking for contemporary leadership skills update. Insightful engaging and always empowering.

Authentic Leadership:

‘Do not follow where the path may lead; go instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.’

This empowering and insightful workshop covers foundation contemporary leadership skills. It provides an opportunity for participants to appreciate their authentic style and recognise personal leadership strengths. The foundation content is research-based and incorporates the latest from the field of Positive Psychology.

Participants discover the stages of team development and how to support their team to be both engaged and to reach high performance.
Developing communication skills is essential for new leaders – the art of delegating, appreciation, and the foundations of giving and receiving feedback, delegating and crucial for today's leaders.

This workshop is perfect for those new to leadership, wanting to consolidate their existing skills or to grasp contemporary leadership better. Activity-based through-out. Guarantees Aha moments and practical skills and strategies you can implement back in your teams!

Participants will be better able to:
• Enhance their leadership presence and authenticity through discovering their strengths.
• Discover research-based strategies to grow their emotional intelligence. 94% of top performers are high in emotional intelligence.
• Identify their hot buttons and the shadow side to their strengths
• Lift the performance of teams by creating a positive environment
• Understanding team member engagement and team dynamics in their current and future team
• Delegate and inspire accountability
• Give positive and constructive feedback with clarity of positive intent
• Understand the benefits of a coach vs critic mindset
• Develop a clearer leadership vision

Workshop design and facilitation:

Jane Wundersitz

Jane loves supporting leaders in their journey and has supported 1000's of leaders from team leader to executive level across varied industries.

We happily tailor to build on or recap existing knowledge if there has been prior training.

Flexible delivery and Time frame
Can be delivered as 2 x 90 min sessions, tailored for half or full day for live delivery inhouse.

Option to include profile assessment tools to support greater self-awareness and growth:

- TMS Profile
- Brain Prism

Option for extension programs.
*** Leadership package options for continued growth over 6- 12 months

3 Tier leadership package option:
- Authentic leadership
- Positive Leadership
- Purposeful Leadership

Recent Testimonials
Virtual delivery:
Seda College Student Leaders
Thank you for running such an excellent virtual workshop with our Diploma student leaders.
We could feel your energy beaming through our screens.
It was such a positive, engaging and insightful session. Can’t wait to put it all into practice!
We would love to get you in again to run another workshop in the near future.

Ellie Scanlon: Operations Coordinator

Flight Centre Senior Leadership Team Sydney (9.6/10 group workshop average) Half Day

Empowering- enjoyed getting to understand myself better. Amazing thanks: Neil
Transformational – enjoyed the content, delivery, ppt and presenter: Brett

Queensland Academies : Science, Mathematics & Tech Campus- Leadership Development Day (9.6/10 group workshop average)

Dynamic, fun and honest. Enjoyed the variation in activities and the content on positive intent through conflict.
Excellent team-building and getting to know the team. Really interesting, enjoyed the content on emotional management.

The Shire of Shark Bay: Council and Community Leadership Devleopment: Western Australia (9.5 group workshop average)

Enjoyed learning the skills I am able to develop and understanding my strengths. Inspiring and self-motivating. Thank you - Rebecca M

Enjoyed learning and having my character strengths revealed and explained. I feel I can now lead my work team more effectively. Enjoyed understanding how people operate and positive communication strategies. Thank you- Jamie

Anytime Fitness Gym Manager
10 Awesome. Very enlightening. Positive and I took a lot away from this workshop. An upbeat presenter with amazing knowledge and passion for people and leadership. Reno

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