Positive Leader

Leadership Development Training / Management Training for the workplace inhouse / Positive Leadership Workshop /Virtual Training for Leadership Teams Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, + Virtual Australia Wide

Positive Leadership is essential in 2020. Leaders need to know more about themselves and their people than ever before. They'll need to know their own and their team members strengths, emotional hot buttons as well as be able to communicate effectively. We have workshops to inspire and up-skill both seasoned and new to leadership. Options to include various profiling tools including: Profiling tools that we have accredited team members in using: • VIA Character Strengths Pro Report or Gallup Strengths • Mental Toughness partner accredited to deliver MTQ- Plus, MTQ 48 MTQ 4 C's • Brain Prism: The worlds leading Neuroscience-based profiling • TMS Team Management Systems

Positive Leader: Building Strong Culture™

Positive Leadership is a research-backed style of leadership that can be embraced by a whole organisation. Whilst each leader has their own unique strengths and skillset this is a best practice framework that brings consistency across an organisation dedicated to providing an environment for all employees to flourish. Australia Wide delivery live or virtual Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Hobart, Darwin, Australia Wide

Authentic Leadership: Foundations

This is a contemporary leadership foundations workshop. Perfect for those new to leadership or seasoned leaders looking for contemporary leadership skills update. Insightful engaging and always empowering.

The Purposeful Leader™

Purpose-driven leadership is related to the past, present and future of what you do. It captures the unique gifts you bring to the world. It is related to your inner motivations and values and is powerful.

Women who LEAD™

This workshop aims to empower women to engage in purposeful career development, leader authentically and improve our workplaces by leading change with courage and confidence. There is a wealth of evidence that mixed management teams are more productive, profitable and work better.

TMS Team Mangement Profile

This highly insightful, empowering and progressive workshop uses the TMS: Team Management Profile. Half day virtual or in personl delivery is suitable for small to very large groups. Highly insightful and includes a rhobust report.

Positively Charged and Resilient™ (EQ)

Research rich and highly engaging Resilience Training Workshop for Leaders, Resilience training for Conference Keynote and large group interactive workshop which also supports team building and positive culture development Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Virtual Australia Wide