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A values and vision session to reset, realign and connect the leadership team. Culture starts at the top and this provides an opportunity for the leadership team to connect to the bigger picture and refocus on leading the organisation and not just their own team. Uplifting and impact guaranteed.

‘You’ve got to think about the big things while you’re doing the small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction’ Alvin Tolley

Vision is a mental picture of the future- an idea of what the future can hold but has not yet happened. As a leadership team it guides us and brings a sense of purpose and a glimpse of what is possible. Whilst there has been immense uncertainty worldwide- having a solid vision of where a leadership team is going, is vital to create a sense of stability for those you lead.

This interactive workshop provides the opportunity to reset and polish your vision, clarify priorities in alignment with your principles and objectives and build a best practice agreement of how you wish to work, interact and collaborate, communicate to achieve the best outcomes for clients.

- Towards the new work world 2025 positive culture, leaders as a team.
- Values as a cultural cornerstone, what principles do we need to ingrain in the leadership team DNA. Identify behaviours to bring out the best in each other, to fuel trust, and enable a rich united and positive influence on the teams we lead.
- Vision creation using the Appreciative Inquiry self-determined change format
- Team Agreements re energised - who are we as a leadership team with a focus on growth , belonging and inclusion.
- Build a 'customer-centric' strategy alignment and discover 3 core moments of truth to fuel future focus.

Frameworks and research used:
- Positive Leadership Framework: Prof Kim Cameron extraordinary leadership
- Google Aristotle Project research outcomes
- Appreciative Inquiry 4 D’s

Recent 2020 post-COVID feedback:

'Interactive and engaging presenter. I enjoyed learning about my peers and getting on the same page. A highly skilled presenter who's knowledge was clearly evident.'
Tina - Area Manager Department of Human Services

' Great day - just what we needed. Enjoyed the interaction and pace. Great for team building, you feel a buzz at the end of the session. Builds morale and gets people connected.'
Carolyn: Area Manager Human Services

'Enjoyed thinking about the bigger picture instead of being caught up in the day to day issues. it was energetic and uplifting. I left feeling really positive. A great opportunity to bond and plan as team." Susan: Accommodation Area Manager Human Services

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