Insight Communication: Respect + Inclusion

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Communication is the heartbeat of every organisation. How we communicate at work can be a true strength of workplace culture or it can be a continual cause of friction. Respectful and inclusive interaction is something they teach in the school yard. It also needs to be a priority at work - a sense of belonging is crucial for team success.

Our lives and experience at work is strongly influenced by our social interactions. Research in Neuroscience demonstrates that in an instant our dealings with others can elicit emotions such as feeling included or excluded as a part of a group.

This workshop explores the role and opportunity for team members and leaders to cultivate wellbeing in the workplace as a part of their daily interactions and communication with others. Building high quality interpersonal connections requires giving consideration to what we do and even more importantly how we do it.

As a part of this interactive workshop participants will:

Learning outcomes:
o Understand the benefits of exploring diverse perspectives and the importance of experiencing a situation from the point of view of another.
o Tips for engaging in active listening to improve mutual understanding
o Recognise emotions in others to support with clarifying what isn’t being said
o Appreciate the role of body language and how we communicate with more than words
o Adopt a strengths-based approach to giving feedback which builds upon a shared vision and the insights and experiences of others
o How to build and foster trust in the workplace

Team flow on benefits:
o Cultivates a sense of belonging in the workplace by creating an environment where people have the opportunity to express what they think and how they feel
o Promotes curiosity and the exploration of divergent perspectives to support with navigating complex and ambiguous and environments
o Encourages a culture of high performance and accountability by clarifying expectations and standards of performance
o Builds trust and relationships underpinned by respect

Referenced Tools, Models and Frameworks:
o Perspective-taking
o Johari Window
o LACES Active Listening Model
o Pendleton’s Feedback Model
o More than words
o The Social Brain

Facilitator Lead:
Katheryn Curnow , Jane Wundersitz, Anna Glynn, Jagita Bhatia

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