Brain BOOST: Turbo Mental Agility

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A fascinating and high impact workshop incorporating the best of positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience. The best of today's research translated into practical workplace applications. A crucial workshop for our 2020!

Our world and work in current times has experienced a new level of uncertainty. It has brought with it new ways of working and interaction and new technology.
We are often expected to increase our effectiveness and productivity which requires greater understanding of how our brains drive our behaviour.

In this workshop, we combine and apply rigorous research from the field of mental toughness and neuroscience.
Mental agility increases our ability to resist, manage and overcome doubts, worries, concerns and circumstances that prevent you from succeeding or excelling at a task or towards an objective or a performance outcome that you set out to achieve.

Rates of stress and distress are increasing and all members of teams need a new suite of competencies to improve self-awareness and self-regulation. in this workshop, we think about our thinking and rediscover our brain as a prediction organ responsible for minimising threat and maximising reward. We look at ways to build mental agility, rethinking stress and tackle common thinking traps. An awakening to champion resilient thinking habits and grow our ability to stay on track with courage and tenacity. As a part of this interactive workshop participants will:

Workshop Objectives:
o Understand the concept of Mental toughness
o Self assess their Mental toughness (or use the MTQ48 paid report)
o Apply their knowledge of basic neuroscience and key organising principles of the brain in how they think and identify some of their own thinking traps
o Build their toolbox of strategies to support mental agility when their thinking is unhelpful
o Better manage arousal and discover emotional regulation strategies.
o Apply, analyse and review the impact of implementing self-regulation strategies for self and be better placed to support others.

Team flow-on benefits include:
o Improved positivity – the adoption of more of a “can do” approach which can lead to greater rapport and connectivity with teammates and clients.
o Greater well-being – more contentment and better stress management.
o Change management – a lower stress response to organizational change.
o Increased aspirations – greater ambition and confidence in achieving those ambitions and a greater willingness to persevere to do so.

Referenced Tools, Models and Frameworks:
o Mental toughness 4 C’s control- commitment- confidence- challenge
o Thinking Traps and Reappraisal
o Emotional Granularity
o BAPS Model
o LION recovering from threat

Facilitator Lead: Jane Wundersitz, Belinda Sudano, Anna Glynn Katheryn Curnow

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