Positive Inclusive Culture

We love workplace culture. It is a dynamic energy and attitude ever present. Organisations have their own personality and drive. It is powerful and is embodied in the behaviours, the values and the greater vision and purpose. Yet culture is not always good, and it can drift when people are to focussed on the day to day of getting stuff done. To ingrain a positive, team orientated, courageous and resilient culture is a conscious choice - the best leaders are exceptional at this. All leaders have the capacity to shift organisation culture - it is not an overnight fix but their are research-based strategies to begin a positive new chapter. This is the space we really shine in... and we continue to build new leadership, team and all of staff events to grow an extraordinary culture where your people, leaders and teams flourish.

We have a range of programs tailored to support graduate programs and university and senior student leaders. Please get in touch touch for package prices or a quick quote. Click each title for a full page overview.

This is who we are ™ : Vision+ Values

A values and vision session to reset, realign and connect the leadership team. Culture starts at the top and this provides an opportunity for the leadership team to connect to the bigger picture and refocus on leading the organisation and not just their own team. Uplifting and impact guaranteed.

Insight Communication: Respect + Inclusion

Communication is the heartbeat of every organisation. How we communicate at work can be a true strength of workplace culture or it can be a continual cause of friction. Respectful and inclusive interaction is something they teach in the school yard. It also needs to be a priority at work - a sense of belonging is crucial for team success.

Brain BOOST: Turbo Mental Agility

A fascinating and high impact workshop incorporating the best of positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience. The best of today's research translated into practical workplace applications. A crucial workshop for our 2020!