Positive Education

Teacher professional development workshops. Positive Leadership, Wellbeing and Teambuilding - Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin and Hobart.

We are delighted to share our range of programs for educators and students. Please get in touch for package options. Supporting Positive Strengths Based Schools When Martin Seligman visited in April 2018 for the PESA conference he stated that Australia was leading in positive education. Our key area of support for schools is in supporting educators to personally and professionally apply the science of human flourishing(PERMA model) to their own work and life and we do this in a high energy team building style of delivery. When educators really feel the difference in applying the science of wellbeing to their own professional and personal lives this gives a true sense of purpose in supporting students to bring positive strategies into their own world. Teachers not only deliver the learning but are such powerful role models. We also support students with strengths discovery, resilience, mental toughness, goal setting, leadership and speakers skills.

VIA Premierâ„¢: Strengths at Work CCC

VIA Strengths Certification Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Hobart, Darwin Australia Wide.

Educator: ASA Resilience teen/youth

Resilience in Schools and Education Workshop. Resilience Certification Workshop. Designed to teach resilience in schools with a strengths approach.

Mindfulness: for teachers or students

Mindfulness Training Workshop - Suitable for Professional Development Days or Conference, Student Mindfulness Programs Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth Australia Wide

Emotional Intelligence at Work

Emotional Intelligence is a common catalyst amongst all of the research-based peak performance drivers in today's professional development space. Positive Emotions are the P in the Positive Psychology PERMA model. Self-awareness and self-regulation are core components in building resilience. Control is one of the 4'C's in Mental Toughness and in Neuroscience, understanding how and why emotions trigger behaviours is a core field of study. So how do we harness the power of our emotions, What does the latest research tell us and How can we build our own eq? Emotional Intelligence Keynote or Conference Australia Wide| Virtual Delivery | Workshops