Positively Charged and Resilient

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This interactive and insightful delivery is designed to engage, inform and build confidence in the key skills that underpin personal resilience. Resilience Keynote Speaker Resilience Conference Training Interactive Workshop for very large groups

Resilience is a skill that can be learnt. There is no simple fix or one size fits all method however small simultaneous shifts in a number of aspects make a big difference.

This includes research-based strategies to build emotional self-awareness - all emotions are appropriate- the key is how we bounce back from anger, sadness envy and disappointment. We also shine a spotlight on the four domains of holistic resilience with a spotlight on relationships.
Positive, powerful and energising.

We happily tailor.

Keynote group size: unlimited
Conference workshop at tables with activities: 250+ participants

Recent Testimonials:

"Thank you very much for speaking to our sales and management teams in at our Regional Conference in Cairns last week. It was a high energy session and the interactive nature of your presentation made it one of the most talked-about parts of our conference.
How you connected videos, charts, table exercises and commentary together created a very powerful and memorable experience.
I personally really liked the style of your delivery which connected very well with the audience and the tailoring of your key messages back to our company and our conference theme.
I am sure we will see you again at one of our future events."

Andy Jones : Managing Director/Senior Vice President PACIFIC, AS APAC

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