PEAK Performance

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Perfect for Now. 45 mins

PEAK Performance. 
P: Performance (Positive emotion and the brain)
E: Energy    (A.R.T Attention Restoration Theory)
A: Attitude (Optimism vs Pessimism)
K: Kindness (The path to High-Quality Connections)

45min Conference Keynote perfect today's world. This was designed to kick off an event for the WHS staff at the Department of Premier and Cabinet event in Adelaide.
In this high energy, interactive delivery discover four research-backed strategies from the field of applied positive psychology and neuroscience to perform at your peak. Managing one’s energy and attention is a modern juggling act, and it is the individuals who understand the latest research and best practice in the areas of both performance and recovery who have the advantage in today’s workplace.

A GOLD keynote combination for any organisation- upbeat, research-rich from applied positive psychology + neuroscience and interaction.

Whilst we love in person - this will also transfer well to a virtual conference delivery on Web-Ex, Teams or Zoom.

Download Overview and get a quick quote via the contact page.

*** 3 Hr Interactive Conference Option also available see Pumped for Peak Performance.

Any Size Group - Any State - Virtual Any Country and timezone!  

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