Same STORM different boat : Travel Well

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'We are all in the same boat' you may have heard... but a truer sentiment is one from writer Damien Barr - 'We are all in the same STORM but different boats'.

All organisations and teams have travelled differently, some have been in the eye of the storm and others have been agile and adapted to the current situation.
Some may have felt like ocean liners shifting course, others yachts tossed into chaos, some mere dinghy's but agile and courageous. The captains have played a role, their optimism or pessimism as they charted new waters and an abrupt course shift.

In this insightful and empowering session we facilitate an opportunity to regroup reflect, reset and grow from the experience and to chart a new North Star.

This is a tailor build session and best mapped to your unique experience.

We work with clients across industries, for each the storm has had a different impact - different challenges, and a different experience for each team member. Work and home have never been more intertwined.

Building a strong sense of compassion, hope, trust and stability in your boat -cultivating a sense of appreciation and belonging has never been more important.

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