Stephanie Noon

Speaker, Senior Workshop Facilitator (Gold Medalist + Dip Pos Psych)

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Positive Mindset and Goalsetting Keynote Speaker, Mindfulness facilitator, University, Student and Sporting Group workshops. Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Australia Wide

Stephanie lives by what she teaches. She delivers in a unique, powerful and compelling manner that has participants fully engaged and affirmed throughout the whole session.

Her authentic belief in people is infectious. She knows in her heart that anyone has the ability to move from unmotivated to motivated when they have the right tools, delivered in the right way.

Stephanie competed in the Masters Games in 2018 and won a Gold medal in the 400 m and Gold in the Relay in 2018 and 2016.
She often shares her inspiring story of using research-based principles in setting positive towards goals, anchoring to strengths and mastering her own mindset through positive internal dialogue and mindful thinking.

Stephanie's Qualifications:

Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing from the Langley Group a nationally accredited training provider. She specialized in electives of Positive Coaching and Positive Education.

Certificate IV in Life Coaching in 2009 from the Life Coaching Institute a nationally accredited training provider.
She has used VIA strengths in her coaching throughout this period.

Additional studies and certificates:

Teaching Character and Creating Positive Classrooms She received a distinction from the Relay Graduate School of Education in a five-week online Coursera Course in 2015

The Science of Happiness She received a distinction from the Berkeley University EdX program.

Professional Memberships include:

International Coaching Federation (ICF)
International Positive Psychology Association
Australian Association for Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy Positive Education Schools Association
International Positive Education Network.

Here's what some of her past workshop participants have had to say:

“Fantastic, uplifting, inspiring - a real gift and great inspiration to do better in my teaching and communicating.”

“Thank you for your passion, knowledge, contentedness and encouragement. We have been blessed through your session.”

“Steph spoke clearly, provided really useful, practical tools and gave us a year’s worth of information in a day - amazing stuff - thank you!”

“Steph, you exude warmth, empathy and positivity, and from that created a safe environment from the opening sentence of the day.”

“Your knowledge and skills are incredible and it’s wonderful attending a workshop when the ‘teacher’ can really relate to my personal situations."

* Stephanie and Wundertraining are not associated with AHPRA

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