Sabina Vitacca

Speaker, Workshop facilitator - Mindfulness, Resilience, Mastering Stress, Productivity

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Mindfulness for focus and clarity, Productivity with PUNCH training Virtual and Australia wide in house

Sabina Vitacca believes that meditation and mindfulness help us to achieve more in our lives. She also understands that productive people don’t only manage their time well, they also manage their attention and energy well.

Her passion is to support professionals and executives in learning how to make the best use of these key skills.

Sabina's professional experience in the mental health field informs both her understanding and teaching of mindfulness, as well as the relationship between stress, personal effectiveness, and wellbeing.
In our fast-paced workplace's our ability to be fully present when with others and to listen empathetically is a crucial communication skill which elevates relationships through really embracing another person's frame of reference.

Her delivery style radiates warmth and wisdom and her genuine enthusiasm has participants fully engaged.
Her specialty workshops are:

- Mindfulness for focus and clarity™
- Mastering Stress: a lifestyle approach™
- Positively Charged and Resilient™
- Productivity with PUNCH™

She has been trained in several mindfulness techniques (having discovered that no single approach works for everyone) and has been involved in the development and delivery of mindfulness-based programs, nationally and internationally, for over a decade.

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