Lizzy Mann

Positive Education, Positive Mental Health of teachers and students (completing Doctor of Education)

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Positive Education, PERMA, Grit, Growth Mindset, Resilience, Character Strengths, Flow and flourishing

Lizzy is a life-long learner, her four degrees are in the Master of Education (Cognitive Psychology and Education Practice), Bachelor of Psychological Studies, Bachelor of Education, and Bachelor of Arts.

Areas of dedication and personal interest include the wellbeing studies in PERMA, grit, growth mindset, resilience, character strengths, flow, and flourishing.

Lizzy is a Doctor of Education student with a passion for the wellbeing and positive mental health of teachers and students. Her doctoral research focuses on graduate teachers’ perceptions of their wellbeing and how they flourish during their first year of rural, regional, or remote employment within Australia.

She is a dedicated Psychology and English teacher with over 14 years’ experience of teaching in Australia and the UK. Lizzy is currently a university academic teacher for the Masters of Education (Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing) and Bachelor of Education.

Doctor of Education (Flinders University, present)

Bachelor of Psychological Studies (Flinders University, 2016)

Masters of Education – Cognitive Psychology (Flinders University, 2010)

Bachelor of Education (UNISA, 2005)

Bachelor of Arts (Adelaide University, 2003)

Mindful Teacher: Creating Calm (The Mindful Teacher Classroom, 2017)
Mindfulness for Wellbeing & Peak Performance (Monash University, 2017)
Psychology & Mental Health (University of Liverpool, 2017)
Accredited Youth Mental Health First Aid trained (2017-2020)
Teacher Registration (2005-2020)

Positive Education Schools Association member 2018-2019.

“Thank you Liz. To speak on a personal note, I really appreciate what you have said. Your kind words and also your efforts to help me in my subject work and personal life. Thank you again!!” - L. Vita (4th-year undergraduate student/teacher)

“First of all, I’d like to thank you for being a wonderful teacher and guide for this final semester of university – it has been a pleasure participating in that morning tute for the last semester.” - A. Treeby (4th-year undergraduate student/teacher)

“You have been very helpful, providing valuable feedback which I have appreciated… thank you for your time and encouragement.” – K Parker (Masters of Education student and secondary teacher).

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