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Jane is a high energy and engaging Speaker, Australian Master Trainer and workshop facilitator.

She thrives on supporting others to find and fuel their own internal drives and to feel compelled and empowered to bring their best self to work and life.
Her love is the energy, attitude and adaptability accessible when a team hits peak performance. It requires all to feel authentic, psychologically safe, connected, mentally agile, compassionate and at times vulnerable and supported.
This doesn't just happen!

Strategic Team and Culture Development is her specialty - the design of the session enabling various connections and conversations across a team or conference group is as important as the high-quality content delivered.

Speaker/ Conference Facilitator:
Jane has the ability to inform and involve audiences simultaneously! Her delightful and positive approach complements the active learning environment. Participants stay involved throughout the session, her passion radiates and self-reflection, interaction and impact is high.

If you are looking for a positive impact and a fresh mindset- Jane will deliver.

Trending Keynote Topics

She is an energising kick-off conference speaker and happily tailors to the conference theme.
Jane's most notable unique strength that has emerged in the past 7.5 years since commencing WunderTraining is her ability and love of working with conference size groups delivering 2hr, half and full-day interactive workshops. The content is always high quality but the delivery style and her continuous zest add the spark.

She also loves the intimacy and diversity of working with leaders and teams.

Recent Speaking and Conference engagements include:
• Flight Centre : High Performing Leadership Program
• AFL SportsReady: Melbourne
• Seventeen X Sustainable Development Goals: Adelaide
• Disrupt National Conference Modere: Perth
• API Australian Property Institute Conference: Adelaide
• Executive Assistants Leadership MasterClass conference:
Canberra, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth
• National Safe Workweek: Mindfulness for focus and Clarity
• DormaKaba Pacific Service field Managers Conference: Gold Coast
• Department of Human Services Correspondence Branch Conference: Canberra
• Qantas Aspire Women in Leadership Conference: Sydney
• The Penguin Club- 70 years in Australia Conference: Adelaide
• WorkFlow Human Services National Conference: Brisbane
• Indigenous & Intensive Services Conference: Canberra
• L'Oreal Kerastase National Conference: Adelaide

Industry Events accepted as Speaker
• 5th Australian Positive Psychology National Conference 2016
• PESA Positive Education South Australian Conference 2017

Recent testimonials:

Building on our Strengths™
'Thank you for such an engaging and impactful day! We’ve had so much great feedback.'
Dana Coordinator – People and Culture AFL SportsReady
80 Participants: Full Day Building on Our Strengths tailored event.

Positive Leadership Disrupt Masterclass
250 Leaders for five hours
+ 'Live Life Forward™' Modere Disrupt Australia and NZ Conference 900 Audience
Andy: Managing Director

Positively Charged and Courageous
'Thank you very much for speaking to our sales and management teams at our Regional Conference in Cairns last week. It was a high energy session and the interactive nature of your presentation made it one of the most talked-about parts of our conference. How you connected videos, charts, table exercises and commentary together created a very powerful and memorable experience.
I personally really liked the style of your delivery which connected very well with the audience and the tailoring of your key messages back to our company and our conference theme. I am sure we will see you again at one of our future events."

Andy Jones: Managing Director/Senior Vice President PACIFIC, AS APAC

Live Life Forward™: happiness and wellbeing
'It was awe-inspiring to attend this morning.' Giselle
Department of Human Services

Jane's Vision:
Jane is driven to support building positive organisations for sustainable business success. She believes every business is a human enterprise and people and teams matter and are at the core of business sustainability.

Her delivery has an infectious energy and she leaves participants with a refreshingly energised outlook, with a path forward. She believes that businesses can and must support their people to flourish at work and leaders must continually upskill to support those they lead with authentic strength, compassion, and courage.

This is a multi-dimensional approach that incorporates alignment to values-focused company culture, positive and authentic leadership practices and strengths-based coaching, positive strategic team development and opportunities for staff to connect and reflect to develop their well being, emotional intelligence, and resilience.

Each year a new portfolio of workshops are developed in aligned to where Jane's passions and company needs align. In 2019 this included the launch of a portfolio of workshops to support organisations to bring Global Goals: The 17 Sustainable Development Goals to life in their personal and professional lives growing a greater sense of purpose and contribution and workplace pride. Jane was an invited speaker at Seventeen X Adelaide.

Jane’s VIA character strengths Curiosity, Fairness, Hope, Leadership, Honesty, Love of Learning, and Social Intelligence

Her favourite Global Goals
Goal 3: Good health and Wellbeing
Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities

Jane is the lead Speaker and presenter at WunderTraining. She also researches and develops the signature style of WunderTraining programs. They have been crafted and designed for engagement and impact and incorporate the latest research from leading universities and researchers across the globe.

Jane loves the diversity in clients and has presented to clients across near every industry - including Qantas, Macquarie,AMP Capital,Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, IAG Insurance Australia Group,Flight Centre, DormaKaba, LOREAL, Anytime Fitness, Miele, Executive Government teams through to Councils, Large and small private enterprises, Universities and Schools and various enterprising not for profit groups.

She has a very high client return rate and regular clients. The University of South Australia has engaged her for the past 6 years for professional development, team and student leadership workshops. Some clients engage Jane for a series of workshop to support positive cultural change initiative or strategic team development. She has delivered workshops at seven Human Services Executive and Leadership Conferences. Some clients return annually, bi-annually, quarterly or on an as needed basis.

Recent Achievement:
Jane has been an invited Judge for
- 2018 SA Water Innovation in Service Awards
- 2017 Australian Leadership Excellence Awards ALEAS for two categories :
South Australian outstanding Leader 2017: winner Jamie Getgood Holden

Listed in the Top 5 in the Most Popular Speaker for Entertainment Oz Speakers 2017, 2016, 2015

2015, 2016 AI Global Excellence Awards
Most Outstanding Motivational Speaker

APAC Insider Australian Business Awards 2016
Best Motivational Speaker

State Bank Small Business Competition Winner 2016

Kochies Business Builder Competition Winner December 2016

Her credentials include:
Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing and specialised in Positive Leadership and Positive Coaching electives.

This nationally-recognised qualification delivered globally by the Langley group Institute. Includes contemporary strategies and backed by robust research in building personal and organizational flourishing, resilience, emotional intelligence, and personal well-being.

Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts.
The University of South Australia. She utilizes her creative edge to develop the WunderTraining signature style of program.

* Currently completing
Advanced Diploma of Neuroscience of Leadership

The Advanced Diploma of Neuroscience of Leadership is designed specifically for today’s influential leader who is required to master the skill of developing psychologically safe workplaces to drive individual, team and organisational performance.

Coursera Certificate courses
Penn University : Positive Psychology Martin E.P Seligman's Visionary Science certificate, Resilience certificate
Credential ID YMWBRJ78PAY4

Case Western Reserve University: Leading Positive Change through Appreciative Inquiry online (Robert Fry)
Credential ID HZP6SMW8LUJA

AUSTRALIAN Master Facilitator : SMCOV Partner
2016 Master Trainer Facilitator Certification
ASA Authentic Strengths Advantage™ - Resilience for Youth/ Teens

2015 Master Trainer Facilitator Certification SMCOV
VIA Premier™ VIA Your Strengths at Work: The Path to Engagement

Certificate of accreditation: Mental Toughness Partners AQR. Credential ID: MTQ130600
2018 Trained in the use and interpretation of MTQ- Plus, MTQ 48 and MTQ 4 C's
Certificate of accreditation: Team Management Systems
2016 Organisational Values
2016 Window on Work Values
Certificate in Training and Assessment IV
2006 TAA update and 2003 BSz40198

Mental Health Academy certificates: Burnout & SelfCare, Fostering Resilience Positive emotions, Stimulating an Upward Spiral of Resilience, Resilience Myths, and Strategies.

Professional Memberships include:
IPPA International Positive Psychology Association

WOB Women on Boards

Jane has worked successfully in learning and development and business development roles for over 20 years. Her drive has always been in building a positive culture and high-performance teams where team members feel valued and able to contribute at their best.

This led her to the values-driven 'The Body Shop' known for being pioneering in its ethical and values-based approach to doing business. The company did not invest in paid marketing and instead invested strongly in developing their people. Jane was the Learning and Development Manager for over a decade and delivered an expansive range of highly contemporary and exceptional quality training in leadership, customer service, stress and energy management, emotional intelligence, productivity and communication full-day programs.

Jane's highlights here include receiving an Anita Award for her contribution to 'training and her positive attitude'. She wrote several programs to support the company value 'Activate Self Esteem'. From 2004 she followed the research from the field of positive psychology- the science of well-being and personal flourishing and built key concepts and strategically aligned her own leadership and culture development to the research back theories and practices.

These interactive and positive workshop events became a very positive part of the state's culture. Jane also delighted in being invited to deliver these programs as apart of the community outreach program. Taking her to deliver workshops at The Women's Prison, Magill Detention Centre and in supporting many at-risk and minority community groups.

Jane worked internationally with PhotoCorporation who were global leaders in mass portraiture. The highlight being seconded to a National Training Managers Role in the Uk, she was seconded to this position in her late 20's due to her success as a regional trainer and studio manager.
In a year in the UK, she supported 50+ studios with targeted training for leaders, photographic, sales and acquisition team members. The business improved the customer average of clients by 40%. There was a significant culture shift and staff retention and positive morale were elevated to an unprecedented level. Jane was asked back to the UK as the business held its success and was in a position to overtake a major competitor. She assisted with the transition and staff training through this period.

In her spare time:
Jane loves spending time with her family her partner Gerard, Scarlett and Molly, and their many animals. Favourite holiday destinations are Port Vincent and Kangaroo Island.

She is originally from Maitland South Australia, a small country town and a farming family.

Jane Wundersitz and Wundertraining are not associated with AHPRA Australian Health Practitioner Registration of Australia.

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