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Devina Naidu

Senior Workshop Facilitator : Executive, Senior Leaders, Teams (MAPP)

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Mindfulness and Wellbeing Workshop Facilitator for Executives, Senior Leaders and Teams Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane

Devina is passionate about helping employees function at their best at work, and believes that effective leadership and success comes from waking up the highest potential in ourselves and in others.

In her career, she has delivered workshops on well-being, mindfulness and resilience to some of the most well-recognised organisations in Australia including LendLease, Telstra, Allianz, Knight Frank, and RMIT University.

The participants of her workshops and keynote speaking consistently praise her warm and engaging delivery and the clarity of her presentations.

Her specialty workshop for WunderTraining is
'Mindfulness: for focus and clarity'

In particular, Devina is experienced in the arena of contemplative practices (such as mindfulness) and is passionate about how these practices enhance resilience, focus, productivity and wellbeing. She has also been practicing yoga and meditation for over 20 years.

Her credentials include a Bachelor of Business Management in Marketing from the University of Queensland and a Master in Applied Positive Psychology (specialising in mindfulness) from the University of Melbourne.


"I have just returned from the wellbeing presentation and have to say that it was one of the best I have attended. The presentation by Devina was interesting and inclusive and was delivered in a clear and engaging manner. The students were all involved and from all accounts enjoyed as well as learned much from it.”

Melody, Teacher, Deakin University

Devina is based in Melbourne

* Devina and Wundertraining is not associated with AHPRA.

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