Reset Relfect and Refocus

IVECO Leadership Team Melbourne

Thank you. Today’s session was very valuable, thought provoking and practical.

I am sure that it will continue to spark thoughts and conversations amongst the team.

IVECO leadership Team

Building on our Strengths Virtual Session

Flight Centre Senior Leadership Team
Strategic positive Team Development

Jane is a highly intelligent, insightful and effective facilitator, whom I have had the opportunity to work with several times within both an executive and a general team setting. Jane's dynamic content, warm and clever delivery and expert ability to read her audience to draw learning outcomes from them sets her apart as a presenter, facilitator and speaker. I would recommend Jane's talents to any leader or organisation looking to achieve positive group outcomes, whether in person or remotely.

Regional General Manager
FCM Flight Centre
Shelley Poten

Building Motivation through Covid 19

Department of Justice and Community Safety Virtual Delivery

Thank you for the zoom meeting. I am now more optimistic and healthy.
I am more healthy because I am on the way to achieving my goal of not eating to overcome anxiety. The wisdom from your message that I am applying is: to use my strengths to achieve my goals.

A lovely Thank you call and email from a participant

Productivity with PUNCH

INDEED Melbourne
Personal Productivity Workshop for Team Development

It was everything a training session should be: educational, plenty of golden nuggets; fun, we’re all ‘eating that frog’; and, engaging. Holding the attention of a room full of millennials is no mean feat. Looking forward to working with you again.
Justin: INDEED Melbourne

Positively Charged and Resilient

AFL SportsReady
Resilience for Leaders Workshop
Virtual Delivery

'Thanks for an interesting training session on resilience, some great strategies and tools to help when life throws some challenges. I really enjoyed the workshop thank you' Kylie

'Thank you so much for your amazing training. We love learning from you' Brooke

Positively Charged and Resilient

Women In Stem University of South Australia
Wellbeing and Resilience Program
Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

100% would recommend to others- Annonymous In-house evaluations

What did you enjoy most:

How to change my way of thinking regarding stressful situations. Everything was perfect.

Made me think more about how to turn a negative into a positive. Amazing workshop! Loved it!

That my feelings are 'normal' and my peers experience the same feelings as I do. It was good to
learn evidence-based methods for coping with life's setbacks. Would love to do more.

Siemens GameSA Renewable Energy - SnowTown Windfarm

Building on our Strengths
Positive Team Building
Regional South Australia

10 Good content and topics relevant to the group. Enjoyed the different aspects of what drives negativity and positivity. Very good presentation and knowledgable facilitator. - Grant Site Manager

Engaging. Enjoyed explanations of the strengths and when the team picked the cards showing what they saw in each other. You get a lot more out of it than you think you will.- Joel

Very positive focussed, well presented and fun. Not at all intimidating.- Brodi

A good way to break workplace tension via discussion. Enjoyed the transparency and openmindedness of the team. You are an expert and I enjoyed the course. - A

Positively Charged and Resilient

Positive Team building Adelaide

I really enjoyed the session. The activities were engaging and highly relevant to the course. I would recommend this to others.

I really enjoyed the content, pace and activities. Our group like the way the session made us aware of our emotions. Thank you. Looking forward to the next session.

Found the content very interesting, relevant and useful.
Thank you

(Anonymous feedback collected by client)

Building on our Strengths

Uniting Care Wesley
Tailored Team Building incorporating Emotional Intelligence, Strengths and Communication

An excellent way of exploring team dynamics and ways of optimising team performance. Kerri Lee

Enjoyed the variety of group activities and exploring strengths. An energetic and fun day - Loved it! Anna Marie

Positive and thought-provoking, engaging presenter and enjoyed the focus on strengths and stepping a bit out of our comfort zone - it was good to do that for a change. Kylie

Building on our Strengths

Customer Service Training: Communication Profiling and Strengths: Tailored Teambuilding Workshop
National Operations Team - Adelaide

Thank you so much for today - have had amazing feedback and that definitely makes it all worthwhile. Working in small directed groups took their connection to a deeper level which I love!

Liz : Operations Manager

Building on our Strengths: Collaborate, Innovate and Think BIG

Tennis Australia
Creative Strategy Development and Teambuilding Workshop
Staff Professional Development Day: Melbourne

Thanks again for a fantastic event! Throughout the past two days I have had a number of my team members pull me aside to thank me for what they describe as an enjoyable experience.

- Briana Executive Assistant to Chief Marketing and Insights Officer | Tennis Australia

Positively Charged and Resilient

Women in STEM - University of South Australia
Resilience workshop for University Students
Productivity With PUNCH workshop for University Students

Your workshop was amazing. It was such a productive day.
-Muskaan Ladiwala: Student University of South Australia

Thank you for an excellent day of workshops.
- Nicole Miller

Thank you for two wonderful workshops. I must say the little hacks and techniques that we learned are going to be really helpful in managing the procrastinator in us, build confidence and override negative emotions. It was amazing to have you with us.
- Lekshmi Raj S

Building on our Strengths

Sydney Trains NSW Government
Positive strengths-based team building workshop: Sydney

Thank YOU!

The team loved the presentation and activities. I even had three of the guys come up to me this morning (using their positive greetings!) saying how much they loved the session and how they wished it had gone for the full day. Heather

Powerful Communication

Seaton High School SSO Team Development- Adelaide
Communication workshop: positive communication and mastering difficult conversations

Engaging with a great balance of activities

Topic was well delivered and useful for all

Thank you for your session. The SSOs got a lot out of it. We look forward to the next three workshops. Jan

Building on Our Strengths

BOC Conference Melbourne
Positive Team Building Workshop

Inspirational- fantastic energy and real relevant learning. Feeling ready for anything.
- Lincoln

Great session and I enjoyed the changes in mindset based on the words we use.
- Dino

Building on our Strengths

Seaton High School SSO Professional Development
Strategic Strengths-based teambuilding

10 A must, revealing and hopeful!
Enjoyed the activities the information, character strengths and the statistics. enjoyed the flow of the day and thinking about and challenging some of my negativity in thoughts and words. Helen

10 Really enjoyed the session. Enjoyed how involved everyone got in the activities. Gets you thinking about strengths and why you do the things you do. Enjoyed having people pick out my strengths. Alicia

10 Fun and a great way to learn more about each other. Great session and enjoyed the interaction and group input. Lisa

Workshop average: 9/10
100% would recommend to others.

Positive Leadership

Shire of Shark Bay
Event and Community Leadership Team
Positive leadership and communication workshop
Western Australia

Great to learn new skills I am able to develop and understanding my strengths. Inspiring and self-motivating. Thank you - Rebecca M

Interesting, helpful and exciting. Enjoyed finding out my strengths and delivering positive feedback. - Shirl

Enjoyed learning and having my character strengths revealed and explained. I feel I can now lead my work team more effectively. Enjoyed understanding how people operate and positive communication strategies. Thank you- Jamie

Eye-opening enjoyed learning what traits I have and didn’t realise and choosing the style under stress cards. 8/10

100% would recommend to others
9.5/10 workshop average from participants

Positive Leadership

Queensland Academics
Leadership Educators Team Development Day
Gold Coast

10 relevant and so interesting. Open and collaborative and enjoyed the love in of attributes- fab! Thank you so much

9 Dynamic, fun and honest. Enjoyed the variation in activities and the content on positive intent through conflict. Jane

10 Engaging. it aligned to what we do. Enjoyed the character strengths blind fold activity. More time to explore would have been good.

10 Excellent team building and getting to know the team. Really interesting, enjoyed the content on emotional management.

10 Highly engaging. Enjoyed the energy and the links to our school culture and our pos ed framework. it was great! Kath

100% would recommend the workshop to others
9.6/10 workshop average from the group

Mastering your Mojo: Goal setting for success

Department of Premier and Cabinet
Adelaide Well being at work workshop
Positive goal setting

Very engaging, interesting and thought provoking. Enjoyed the why behind the goal setting. Robert

10 Very Interesting. Enjoyed the relationship with the subconscious bias. Robyn

Building on our Strengths

Burton Primary School
Professional Development
Positive Team building Adelaide

A highly insightful and engaging session with the right balance between information and relevant learning activities.
Jane provided the staff from Burton Primary School the opportunity to explore their strengths with each session having a clear message and a strong emphasis on well-being for learning. Thank you Jane Andre Neto - Student Wellbeing Leader

Positive, fun and thought provoking. Enjoyed working with a variety of people with aligned and different strengths. Great presenter.

Informative and I have recommended the workshop already. Enjoyed looking at the individual and collective strengths and group work. Bubbly energetic and knowledgeable facilitator.


The Leading Edge: Building Collaboration, Communication and Strong Teams

University PASS Student Leadership Team
Tailored Positive Leadership Development Training Adelaide

10/10 Fantastic day. Worthwhile for any workplace leaders. Enjoyed unpacking current leadership essential skills in developing teams and this will assist with workplace relationships at all levels. Jane delivers in an exciting way. I love her presentations. Sandy

10/10 Enjoyed the whole thing! it was so much fun and very informative. High energy interactive and relevant.

10/10 Fun interactive, informative and educational. Enjoyed the open relaxed style which also had a good pace. The personality profile had impact and provided a greater understanding and appreciation of my self and others.

Live Life Forward : Happiness and Wellbeing

Strategic Positive Team Development : Wellbeing Workshop

10 Fantastic. I though the pitch was perfect and the breadth of topics covered kept it interesting. I liked the section about our emotions and how our brain works. Excellent facilitator, positive. Renee

10 interactive , engaging and an opportunity to have reflection and to pause for thought. Very confident and knowledgeable presenter.

10 Amazing and totally worthwhile. Each part had something useful. Thank you

Building on Our Strengths

Munich Re
Positive Culture : Organisation Team building Event

Thank you so much for facilitating our annual Munich Re team event, it was a lot of fun and we definitely took away so much (about ourselves, our colleagues, and the company) from the session.

Thanks again
Michael He
Actuarial Analyst

Live Life Forward: happiness and wellbeing

Strategic Team Development
Adelaide Wellbeing Workshop

Fantastic, fun and lively workshop - good for teams

Very engaging- really good to focus on something about people over process.

Informative a great way to learn about yourself.Wonderful explanation of ideas. Very engaging and motivating facilitator.

Thought provoking and positive team building.

6 Hats: Innovate Collaborate and Think BIG

Junction Australia
Strategic Culture Development
'Fueling a strengths focus'

10/10 Playful fun and motivating. During the 6 Hats we became very focused and it brought about so many valid points and opinions.

10/10 Very Interactive, fun and beneficial. Facilitator was very energetic and enthusiastic about the topic. Katy

10/10 Enjoyed the six hats activity and learning the formula for thinking. This will be great in planning and strategy. Presenter knowledge and the style of the presentation was great. Dawn

Building on Our Strengths

Stepping Stones Child Care
Professional Team Building

10/10 Fantastic, interesting and enlightening. A fun and non judgmental workshop.

10/10 Fun, engaging and enjoyed learning about my strengths. The card activity was nice to have others express how they see you in the workplace.

10/10 Enjoyed the interactive activities and building the team agreement.

The Speakers Edge

Onkaparinga Council
Youth Leadership : Community Capacity
Speaking Skills for Youth Ambassadors Adelaide

10/10 A fun and interactive way to gain public speaking and leadership skills. Enjoyed the strengths cards and story telling component. Jacinta

Very informative, engaging and fantastic tips. Covered lots of different areas on both presenting and public speaking.

Very worth your while. Jane's great presenting ability kept me very interested- really good. She knew and practised everything she was talking about. Jayden

Brilliant workshop- positive engagement through out. Jordon

Building on our Strengths

Technical Services
Strategic Positive Team Building
Pilbara Region Western Australia

Very thorough presentation and content. Enjoyed insights into team members and conversations that we would otherwise not have the chance to know. Rohini

Worth the time. Enjoyed the content on learning to focus positively in every situation and our strengths profile. Energetic presenter. Pascal

Very good presentation. Choose your words had impact - good communicator. Craig

Building on Our Strengths

Regulatory Services + Rangers
Strengths based Team building: Positive Psychology
Karratha Pilbara Region Western Australia

10/10 Good Value. Enjoyed getting to know our team strengths and individuals strengths. Engaging and knowledgeable speaker - Raj

10/10 motivational and very engaging. Enjoyed insights into our team values and seeing what others strengths were. Kate

Interactive and interesting and enjoyed all of it + not to warm and fuzzy! Liked that the facilitator engaged with the group.

Building on Our Strengths

Fleet Team
Strengths based team building
Karratha Western Australia

Fun, upbeat,interactive, positive and actually very eye-opening and thought provoking. Enjoyed seeing what strengths team members saw in me.

Thank you - Thea

Building on Our Strengths

Positive Culture Development Workshop : Conference Speaker
Channel Operations, Indigenous and Intensive Servicing Division
Australian Government - Department of Human Services

10 Amazing. Highly engaging and life changing. Leah

10 Loved it all. Great getting to know all the members of our branch. Grant

The program was designed to explore sensitive and very personal insights in the most non- intimidating way. A valuable opportunity to understand yourself and your team. Michael

A good way to learn about your colleagues as well as great personal insight. Very enthusiastic facilitator and highly engaging. Joel

Mastering Stress: a lifestyle approach

Woodcroft Primary School
Staff Professional Development Day
Adelaide South Australia

Enlightening- a great opportunity to look at yourself through a new lens. Energetically presented.

Engaging workshop with interesting activities. Enjoyed reflecting on things you can change and things you can't. Sue

Creatively presented and enjoyed the activities + cards and reflection time. The encouragement to set a goal was motivating.

The hands on activities were great. Enjoyed that it related to real-life experiences and Jane was very passionate about the topic.

STRENGTHS: Values in Action

Cabra Year 11 Wellbeing Week
VIA Strengths workshop: Positive Education Adelaide
120 students interactive workshop

10 Great - really enjoyed the group work and interaction. I like the last activity with the blindfold and hearing what people saw as my strengths. Tabatha

Interesting. I liked looking at others strengths and comparing against my own and then the whole year level. It was nice to see who had similar strengths also. Caitlin

It was a fun workshop and a great way to make connections with others. I enjoyed learning about my strengths and how to use them. Really enjoyable. Amelia

It helped me discover positive things about myself. The presenter was kind and inspiring. It was a good day all together. Georgia

Brilliant to help develop yourself. I liked that it was not just being spoken too, we got up and did stuff. Jackson

ASA Authentic Strengths Advantage youth/ teens Resilience

Scotch College Heads of House : Adelaide
Certified Educator Training: Positive Education
Teacher Professional Education Session: Positive Psychology

Engaging- enjoyed the time with colleagues who share the same purpose. I really liked the visualisation session and can see practical ideas and activities that the kids will enjoy. Gavin

Insightful. A comprehensive look at issues relevant to kids lives. I really liked the Mind, Body, heart and Spirit activity. It helped me to see how my strengths can improve wellbeing. Sarah

Excellent in growing the self awareness of students strengths and in using them to overcome adversity. Positive and engaging facilitators. Lachy

A great way to reach a more positive mindset by looking at your character strengths and how to use them for benefit. A good balance of going through content and examples to use with students. Julie

Live Life Forward: happiness and wellbeing

Department of Premier and Cabinet
Workplace Well being Workshop : Adelaide

'10 Highly recommend. A great way to be more self aware of what's important. I enjoyed discovering my strengths and taking the time to focus on myself. Very engaging and I will be looking for the positives.' Rachel

'10/10 Excellent- loved the positive interaction and energy. Julie

'Invigorating - Very clear, engaging, informative and the presenter knows her stuff.'

Wellbeing : the path to work and life balance

Macquarie Finance: Sydney
Wellbeing Leadership Professional Development

100% would recommend the program to others

A thorough, detailed and practical approach to holistic wellness. I enjoyed the content on strengths and the energy, positivity and passion of the presenter. Janelle

Enjoyed all of it - interesting, positive and presented with enthusiasm. Mandie Altus Financial

Fun,interesting, positive and I enjoyed the interactive style.

ASA Resilience for youth/ teens

Scotch College
Heads Of House : Certified Corporate Champions
Positive Education

We can see a great potential for the program. One staff member commented that 'finally someone knows what they are talking about when it comes to the Character Strengths!'
This will be valuable for us to take a strategic and informed approach.

Shawn Kasbergen
Director of Student Wellbeing

Leading with Strengths

Adelaide Hills Council
Community Volunteers Leadership Development Program

Workshop Overview: 100% would recommend to others

10/10 Enjoyed everything- genuinely. Well covered with so many points about bringing the best to teamwork, appreciating different personalities and self- insight. Fantastic and very worthwhile for all. Thank you - Estelle

A great opportunity to understand your strengths and how best to use them while identifying the strengths in others. I felt comfortable being involved in discussions. The content was articulated in an easy to understand manner. Sam

Practical with loads of great information. High energy and engaging. Thanks Jane- appreciate what you are give of yourself in the presentation.

Values : with whole division vision

Channel Operations, Indigenous & Intensive Services Division
Department of Human Services Conference : Canberra
Development of Values and Values Statements

I’ve had great feedback from the team about how much they enjoyed the session and I feel we are now much better placed to move forward with an agreed value statement for the Division. The last short-session of the day was truly genius – it had each person leaving with a positive sense of self and what traits/strengths they could contribute.
You never fail to deliver! I have not had the same consistent experience with other consultants.

General Manager
Channel Operations, Indigenous & Intensive Services
Department of Human Services

The Speakers Edge

Human Services Executive Team Conference
Speaking and Contemporary Power-point skills to engage and influence

Thank you, yet again for your wonderfully engaging session “the speakers edge” to our group of executive leaders. Your presentation has given them an opportunity to enhance their abilities as communicators and influencers by creating presentations that engage the senses and excite the mind. Look forward to working with you again.

Go FAR: Combat Fears, Change Attitude, Build Resilience

University of South Australia : Work Smart
Professional Development Workshop

'This workshop was very inspirational and I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects. A highly engaging facilitator.'

'The workshop provided great motivation to think and act more positively. I enjoyed the resilience section, ''hot buttons'' and ''changing your words''. It provided very useful tools to understand and manage myself as well as others.'

'Positive and motivating. The presenter was amazing and very inspirational'

The Speakers Edge

Human Services Government Department

External event: Public Speaking and structuring and designing a presentation for engagement.

'A fun, informative and eye opening workshop with an engaging and enthusiastic presenter. I felt invigorated that this new approach has been given to me.' Naomi

'Informative, engaging and fresh. I left feeling like I could go and create and present something that people would find both engaging and inspiring.' Sam

Strengths at Work: The Path to Engagement

University of South Australia
Professional Staff Development

A+ for the entire thing... really interesting and a fabulous presenter.

The best program for the year. The biggest gain was the realisation that everyone brings something different to the work environment and really tapping into this will be very interesting.

The best workshop I have been to. Relevant, informative and engaging.

A very useful and positive workshop that would benefit ALL of Uni SA.

Exceeded my expectations. I learnt a lot about my real strengths and not the strengths I thought I had but what I actually have and how they fit with my position. This would definitely strengthen teams.

Opened up new thoughts and possibilities to enhance my working life. I gained the belief that it is up to you to use your strengths at work and to encourage others to use theirs for overall work satisfaction and achievement.

An eye opening experience into my strengths at work. Some items that I thought were too high in my profile when I investigated in depth, did turn out to be core strengths of my personality. Fascinating.

Thriving Through Change - Keynote

Department of Human Services Leadership Conference

"We wanted to start our two day leadership conference with a "wow factor" - A speaker that would set the tone and mindset for the two days.
Jane Wundersitz delivered this in spades! Jane's energy, insights and well paced delivery meant no one was checking their phones and everyone was tuned into the key messages."

Bridgett Brill - Executive Team Australian Government - Department of Human Services

Positively Charged and Resilient

IAG Insurance Group Australia
Positive Psychology - Wellness Workshop

10++++++ A workshop that definitely gets the brain working. Enjoyed the happy and vibrant approach. Valued the gratitude content and taking the time to thank and appreciate others. We don't do it often enough. I could honestly listen to Jane present all day. Thank you Natasha

10+ /10 Insightful, Inspiring, motivating and makes me want to take action. Enjoyed everything. Jane is a bright, bubbly and happy presenter who accepts everyone's input. Lia

10/10 Valuable and energetic. Enjoyed building your Resilience bucket: accessible and fun things you can use everyday. Well done. Toni- Lee

10/10 Straight to the point with great impact. Sari

9/10 Informative and fun. Enjoyed the pace and information about emotions and insight into how are brains respond. Leela

50 participants 9.2 /10 workshop average

Go F.A.R - combat Fears, change Attitude and build Resilience

University of South Australia Work Smart Program

10/10 Excellent, interactive and fun. Enjoyed the bubbliness of the presenter and content on changing mindset and the five fear domains. Nothing to improve. Great job! Vanessa

10/10 Inspiring. Enjoyed the positive vibe and the simple ideas to change your approach and mood. Time to 'get back in the drivers seat'. Open and happy presenter with a clear upbeat voice. Emily

10/10 Enjoyed it all. Plenty to think about and lots of interaction and exchanging ideas. Meredith

9/10 Informative, interesting and a great opportunity to learn more about your inner self. Enjoyed the content on both courage and resilience and insight into the brain and positive psychology. The presentation style was engaging and Jane's persona was funny, warm and engaging. Sylvia

Overall Workshop Average : 9/10

The Inspiring Speaker- Speakers workshop

University of South Australia Work Smart

'It far exceeded my expectations. I have to say Jane is the best facilitator I have had the pleasure to work with. Her workshops are engaging and I enjoy attending. So much food for thought. I hope she runs many more :)It would be good to see what other sessions she offers.'

'It was well over my expectations. I gained the confidence that everyone can be an inspiring speaker and as with everything else, practice makes perfect.'

'Over and above what I expected. I gained confidence and loads of ideas to support me presenting.'

'Jane was very well prepared, friendly, spoke well and covered the topics I was interested in. The props she used were entertaining and novel - it was a refreshingly different style of workshop!Lots of tips and tricks to help with future public speaking.'

'Very interesting and a valuable workshop. I learnt how to express the same message with inspiration and impact. Great tricks and tools to use.'

'I've done one of Jane's sessions before so I knew what to expect and the session was exactly what I
thought it would be. Practical ideas that can easily be executed.'

Via In house feedback tool

Thriving Through Change

Schneider Electric
Tailored Strategic Team Building

10/10 Fantastic and motivational. Enjoyed the interaction and team games. Fun and positively relayed. Keep up the great work Frank

9/10 Really great for team building. I enjoyed the interaction and personality tests to find out the individual motivators. The facilitator was a clear communicator and kept us engaged. Great Program. Kent

9/10 Great pace, energetic, informative, uplifting and positive. Enjoyed the self reflection. Amanda

9/10 Thank you loved it! Enjoyed the team aspect of the workshop and strengths cards.

Delivering Excellence Through Teamwork

Uniting Care Wesley Port Adelaide
Tailored Strategic Teambuilding

10/10 Informative, interactive and fun. Keith

10/10 Excellent day. Very clear , fun, interactive and reflective. Kathy

10/10 Excellent, highly interesting, positive and exciting. Honestly one of the BEST trainings I have ever attended. Great day. Thanks so much. Jay

10/10 Very interesting and enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed insights into strengths. Knowledgeable presenter who kept the day interesting - I never drifted from the day. Jenny

9/10 Found the entire program interesting, informative and engaging. Jackie

9/10 Liked it all. enjoyed the self reflection and finding strengths. Jane was an energetic presenter with great understanding of learning techniques. Melissa

Overall Workshop Average: 9.2/10

World Class Service- Customer Service Training Adelaide

Burnside Village Centre team

'Excellent. Interesting presentation which kept your attention the whole time. Enjoyed the content on what customers really want and communication styles.' Anon

'Informative, Energetic and Enthusiastic! Jane your program definitely kept everyone engaged. Enjoyed the communication spotlight and learning about the nature and expectations of different customers.' Jake

'Enjoyed all of it. Very informative- lots of new facts and information. Great for business and life in general.' Trudi

'Interactive, fun and informative. I enjoyed that it provided statistics to back up each point. The area of most impact was identifying my communication style and how to approach customer who have different styles.' Danielle

True Leadership - Leadership Training Adelaide

SILK Laser Clinics

10/10 Enjoyed the content on cultural change and the focus on strengths and a positive mindset. Jane had the ability to adapt the material to the Silk environment. Elly

10/10 Made me feel empowered to effectively motivate my team. I enjoyed identifying our workplace culture and vision. The presenter was relate-able and interesting. Anon

Enjoyed learning positive ways to improve the team environment and gaining a better understanding of myself as a leader. Positive and knowledgeable presenter. Kate

Overall workshop evaluation: 9/10
Leadership Training in Adelaide

PUNCH: Personal Productivity for High Impact

Safe Work Week Event
various workplaces

Thank You Jane. Your sessions were entertaining, informative and valuable. You provided useful strategies that can be applied in the workplace and personal life. Loved attending all of your sessions.

Excellent - Great session by Jane yet again. I will take away a lot from today's session.

Jane is great. Interesting to listen to, excellent info and helpful ideas. I tend to follow her around because I really enjoy her sessions.

Excellent -Very good presentation! Eat that frog what a great way to tackle work.

Participant Evaluation Average rating: 9.3/10

From Great to World Class Service - Customer Service Training Adelaide

Travel on the Parade

10/10 Enjoyed the collective discussions and looking at human needs in understanding our clients. The facilitators enthusiasm rubs off. Great Thank you. Jan

10/10 Enjoyed looking at strengths as a team and enjoyed the self awareness.Great mix of presentation and group involvement. Bright bubbly and inclusive facilitator. Nicola

Informative, fun and interesting. enjoyed the communication spotlight and getting together to express and share our ideas. Christy

Fantastic for group bonding. enjoyed looking at communication strengths and hot spots. Friendly , very bubbly and knowledgeable presenter. Anon
Enjoyable. To the point no fluffing and kept us interested through out. Enjoyed communication style evaluation. Sue

Workshop Evaluation average: 9/10

One Degree of Change- Supporting Organisation Change Workshop

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

10/10 Informative, positive. Provided different ways to think about change and to develop a more positive attitude. Anon

10/10 Fun and interesting and the presenter was easy to listen to. A realistic approach to how change can affect different types of people and how to deal with it. Enjoyed the change curve personally and professionally. Liana

Excellent- fast paced and engaging. The last message gets you thinking. Chris

Food for thought. Why worry? I stress about everything- it was good to break it down. The facilitator was encouraging and clearly loves what she does. Amy

True Leadership - Leadership Training

Anytime Fitness

10/10 Informative. I valued the opportunity to step back and reflect on my leadership style. It helped me to determine my strengths and also areas I'd like to improve. I really enjoyed the workshop and the energy the presenter brought to the presentation.
Sky - Manager, Modbury

10/10 Awesome. Very enlightening. Positive and I took a lot away from this workshop. An upbeat presenter with amazing knowledge and passion for people and leadership.
Reno- Manager, Port Adelaide

True Leadership

The Oaktree Foundation

Fantastic Day. Particularly enjoyed looking at strength based Leadership and how to use delegation to your advantage.
Alana James - South Australian State Director

A workshop to develop leadership abilities and to ensure that a team reaches its potential. Enjoyed the self analysis of working styles in particular. The facilitator had an engaging personal style.
Hayden Thorpe

The strengths insight was really interesting- I want the cards! The facilitator successfully woo'd was relatable and I enjoyed the stories.
Ellen Mitchell.

True Leadership - 2 day impact

10/10 Very interactive, relevant and reflective and kept me engaged! I enjoyed the building trust action plan. A Great workshop to learn not only how to manage but how to develop and lead a team. Lisa

10/10 Positive and fun yet very, very productive. Thank you so much this is the best training I have ever had. Sangita

Excellent selection of topics/ information and Jane really knows her stuff. Particularly enjoyed the strengths consolidation. Catherine

Enjoyed the presentation style- mixed media and hands on learning. The area with the most impact was delegating, providing feedback and accountability. Jane was very enthusiastic, encouraging and approachable. Loved it! Chad

Allowed me to identify my leadership strengths and motivations in a practical way. The workshop was very engaging and really useful. Beth

I like the resources that were used throughout the 2 days of training. I found identifying my strengths and focusing on them had the most impact as I tend to focus on my weaknesses. Jane put a lot of effort into the training and was energetic and passionate about the material. Nicole

World Class Customer Service

Breastscreen South Australia

10/10 Enjoyed all of it- particularly the content on listening.

Informative, interactive and bubbly facilitator.

Kept my interest throughout. Would definitely recommend this workshop to others.

Very well covered in a short amount of time. Interesting facilitator who kept the session alive.

Well presented and engaging throughout.

Particularly enjoyed Jane's enthusiasm, vibrancy and humour.

Informative and enjoyed the tips on reassuring customers.

Enjoyed the mix of activities. High energy facilitator.

Live Life Forward- team

Charles Sturt Council- Finance

Thought it was great. Enjoyed the tips to deal with stressful moments and remembering to be grateful. Donna

Very positive tips and traps to avoid. Jane had a bright and vivacious style. Micheal

Very informative session- made me take another look at certain aspects of my life. Enjoyed the interaction. Dion

Enjoyed the fun discussions and identifying core values and the Wellbeing component. Dan

Engaging and enjoyed the interaction with the group and identifying my core values. The presnter was easy to listen to. Bep

Enjoyed the enthusiasm of the facilitator. Affirmed I am on the right path for happiness. Mark

Thanks- great day. Enjoyed the short clips and 'Eat that Frog' concept. Fun and honest facilitation. Adrian

Interesting and informing. Jane showed a real interest in what she was talking about. Christopher.

Live life Forward- wellness workshop

Leading Age Services Australia

10/10 Logical, rationale, enlightening and well facilitated. Inspirational with great lessons to learn. Enjoyed the humor and fast paced. Sue

10/10 Positive and excellent presenter who lives what she preaches. The area of most impact was the importance of happiness and identifying how we can get more positive energy back. Annie

10/10 Inspiring, reflective and refocusing. An opportunity to refocus on whats important in my life and to find a healthier balance. Michelle

Enlightening for self realization. Liked the interaction and information. Joy

Particularly enjoyed the positive use of language- how we say things is as important as what we say and Eat that frog. A positive experience Trish

All good. Makes you think. Great to have time to focus on your self. Thank you Michelle D

Positive Enjoyed the reflection on oneself and our impact on others.Vibrant facilitator. Julie

Enjoyable- made me look at what I am putting out to people. Karen

Live Life Forward - South Australia Team

Lorna Jane- South Australia State Team Event

10/10 Always fun and inspiring. Kelly Savill Leadership and Development Manager South Australia

10/10 Great to have inspirational and motivational presentations. Worth businesses investing in. Trish

10/10 Very informative. The presenter was bright and bubbly. Zoe

Inspiring.It made me step back and take a look at myself. I enjoyed the real life stories. Bec

10/10 Amazingly uplifting and inspiring.Thank you Lisa

Useful and applicable. Engaging and great delivery. Camilla

10/10 Great -Inspirational and positive. Kellie

Fun, energetic and challenging. The fasciltator was friendly knowledgeable and inspiring! Georgia

10/10 Engaging and very like minded to Lorna Jane . Inspiring. Jess

10/10 Fantastic Kate

Live Life Forward Team

Bendigo and Adelaide bank

Gave participants an opportunity to take a Big Picture look at their lives and review work life/balance. Reminded me to be grateful for how lucky we are. Jane had excellent skills in re-in forcing the course themes with examples from true life. An excellent review of how you're personally travelling and committing to goals to improve/ enhance your well being. David

10/10 Great workshop to have a positive outlook on life. Natalie

Very positive. Enjoyed the short films and section on self talk. Jane was easy to understand with a warm personality. Terese

It was fun as well as informative. I have tasks I need to get done and I now feel more motivated to get them done. Sarah

A " feel good" session. Jane was happy, friendly and kept everyone motivated" 10/10 Vicki M

10/10 Positive. Enjoyed the atmosphere and pace- the play-dough and busy table added a party feel. Enjoyed the Blind man movie and 100/0 rule. Roxanne

Enjoyable- The content had something for everyone. Therese

10/10 Positive and uplifting. Deliver to all staff! Jaci G

Identified small changes I can make to improve my life and be happy, it's not about circumstances! I will commit to positive self talk. Emily

Good for a life change- well presented and very clear. Jay

Very fulfilling. I liked my beautiful day and will actually do it. I have personally had a tough year so seeing it through a different light was nice. I thought Jane was vibrant and made the session more interesting. Jodie P

Live Life Forward

Karen Hatswell
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Excellent tools and methods for the workplace and personally.
Live life Forward was educating, meaningful, fun and definitely worth doing.

Live Life Forward- team

Breastscreen South Australia Professional Development Day
Ms Lou Williamson
General Manager

Thank you so much for your help and support for the Breastscreen SA Staff Professional Development Day. Feedback forms completed by staff attending on the day, show that your presentation "Live Life Forward" was very popular, informative and was received enthusiastically by everyone. Thank you once again for your valued contribution.

Sarah Martinelli


It's not often that we get time to sit down and really stop and think about the direction our life is taking, so this training was excellent in that it provided that setting and mindspace.I found it to be helpful in pushing me to concentrate (and target ) my personal goals. I found that listening to other people's experiences was valuable too. The session has helped me outline my goals and devise an action plan to reach them. It was also a great reminder of the things I unwittingly do that actually hinder me in ever reaching my goals. All in all, a great, insightful training session that I have recommended to others. Thanks!

Susan Coombe

The Body Shop

Jane Wundersitz!
Wow! So many words can be used to describe such an amazing woman! Having worked with Jane for over seven years, she is an inspiration to all who meet her. Bright, bubbly, caring, passionate and a little bit of a workaholic; these are just some of Jane’s everyday qualities.
She delivers outstanding training sessions.You will always look forward to going and feel empowered once completed. When it comes to training sessions, she can take on anything!

Luisa Curuso

The Body Shop
Team member

You have taught me so much. I have been in the retail industry for over 18 years and you have been the most fun, professional and entertaining trainer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. You made me look forward to coming to training. You have this rare gift that makes people feel valued, special and important.

Laura and Kym

Management team

Thank you for your amazing, inspiring and positive training. We have gained a tremendous amount.


Sales Advisor


Thank you for your wonderful presentation of Activate Happiness. I am sure that it is going to be a big help to me as I get my life into shape and start taking care of my mind, body and regain my soul and spirit. Your beautiful, happy and positive presence has given me strength and I thank you from my Heart for that.


The Body Shop
Sales Advisor

It has been an absolute blast going to your training - thank you for making my time at The Body Shop so stimulating and fun.

Positively Charged and Resilient

SA Tourism Commission Conference

Jane was fantastic. She instantly brought energy to the room and made everyone feel comfortable. I took away ½ page of notes and a lot of insights that I’ve already started sharing with my network. Key things I loved was the “ball of virtue” activity where we were able to acknowledge our colleagues for the virtues they portray. This is a fantastic initiative that I (along with a few others from my table) will endeavour to bring to our monthly Marketing meetings as an informal acknowledgement of members of our team.
I also really loved how she intertwined our brand values with her presentation and showcased how we do, or can, embody them every day.

Internal Participant feedback emailed to the Conference Event Coordinator
- Positively Charged and Resilient

Authentic Leadership : Foundations ( Virtual)

Seda College: Melbourne
Student Leadership Team

Thank you for running such an excellent virtual workshop with our Diploma student leaders.

We could feel your energy beaming through our screens.
It was such a positive, engaging and insightful session. Can’t wait to put it all into practice!

We would love to get you in again to run another workshop in the near future.

Positively Charged and Resilient: Virtual

Department of Premier and Cabinet
Wellbeing Virtual Session

'The workshop is very comprehensive for a two-hour virtual wellbeing session that had a really good pace, perfect pauses throughout using a wide variety of audio/visual tools, and really powerful imagery that is to the point.
Jane was able to draw on her own real-life examples to ‘normalise’ the group’s feelings and thoughts. It was also a powerful learning tool to read ‘real-time’ comments when facilitator elicited feedback to highlight similarity of current thoughts and feelings during the pandemic'

- Participant feedback

• Jane, thank you! My wellbeing is a powerful tool to take me forward!
• Loved the social conflict tool
• You’ve given me a greater insight
• Thank you, fantastic session
• Thanks Jane, really enjoyed the session
• The EQ mapping graphic was beneficial
• Thank you, several ideas to work with
• Lots of really great ideas and learnings, thank you
• Nice, and feel calmer now
• Good to re-think your way forward
• Thank you – great session! Great tools
• EQ mapping was good. Switch of thinking between Optimism vs Pessimism. Thank you – very good presentation
• Thanks Jane, nice to hear what other people are thinking and good to focus on the positive,
• The message you have a choice is great and that by asking questions it is possible to see that there are different reactions and possibilities, thank you!

This is Who We Are : Values and Vision

Accommodation Department of Human Services
Regional Manager Leadership Team Development
Positive Culture and Team connect session - tailored

'Great day - just what we needed. Enjoyed the interaction and pace. Great for team building, you feel a buzz at the end of the session. Builds morale and gets people connected.'
Carolyn: Area Manager Human Services

'Enjoyed thinking about the bigger picture instead of being caught up in the day to day issues. it was energetic and uplifting. I left feeling really positive. A great opportunity to bond and plan as team." Susan: Accommodation Area Manager Human Services

'Interactive and engaging presenter. I enjoyed learning about my peers and getting on the same page. A highly skilled presenter who's knowledge was clearly evident.'
Tina - Area Manager Department of Human Services

Building on our Strengths

St John
Strengths-based tailored team building Perth

“Jane came and ran a day workshop with us focused on identifying our individual strengths so that we could understand how they could come together to contribute to the objectives of ‘the whole’. It was a great day of theory and practice, as it helped bring teams into a closer working relationship through some fun exercises, but also left us with some practical tools to assist with collaborative problem-solving.”

Aaron Crowther
Executive Director, Communications & Brand
St John

Business Opportunities and the Sustainable Development Goals

Hitachi Leaders Sustainable Development Goals Workshop
Tailored workshop Global Goals Sydney

February 26th March 2020
Evaluation Average 9.05/10 100% would recommend to others

What did you like in general about the program? What section had the biggest imapct personally?

10/10 Everything, scope, content. ‘realness’, energy, applicability - leaving with real scope for ideas and change personal and professional. Simple summaries – Anne

10/10 Connection, conversation and collaboration with others. Linking VIA Strengths with the SDG’s - Sonia

10/10 All the interactive learning activities. Learning about the current stats and habit forming - Allena

9.5/10 It was contextualised to the Hitachi business. Enjoyed building the links between personal and corporate SDG- Michele

9/10 Linking the SDG to actual Business opportunities and also why business have to lead this. More help than harm- my own footprint on society. – Gauran

9/10 Breaking down the value of each goal and understanding where we could be doing better. Understanding the goals that our organisation could positively impact.- Doris

Productivity with PUNCH

The Global Beauty Group
Productivity and Performance Team Building Workshop Melbourne

The workshop with Sabina was sensational, we have had great feedback from the team and it definitely made an impact.
Everyone really enjoyed it. I

I have heard back from some team members saying they have completed projects they have been procrastinating on for months.
Also, lots of frogs being eating in the office.

The only constructive feedback is that they just wanted more!
Nikki McCowan • People and Culture Officer

Live Life Forward : happiness and wellbeing

Warrnambool Primary School
All of staff Professional Development Day
Wellbeing and Team Building

10 Valuable, enjoyable, very positive and inspiring. Enjoyed the strengths cards - it was positive and affirming. Sandra

10/10 Perfect uplifting pd day. There was no lulls, plenty of positive affirmation and acknowledgement. Thanks for a fantastic session. Nathan

High engagement, enjoyed the research behind the strategies and the hands-on activities. Laura

Very informative - enjoyed the focus on being more positive, changing our words and card activities. Thanks so much. Mark

Fun, engaging, great team-building and positive in developing a sense of self.

A great team-building opportunity, enjoyed the interactive nature, reviewing holistic resilience and expressing positive feedback to others. A passionate facilitator who is invested in what she does.

9.2 workshop average

Mastering Stress - a lifestyle approach

Adelaide Convention Centre
Stress Management Training Adelaide

Many thanks to you for conducting the workshop.
Everyone thought it was great, with very useful ‘take-home’ tips and learnings. We liked the relaxed atmosphere and the amount on information provided that we were able to process and apply.
I’m hoping to do something again, in conjunction with another team that we work with.

Merilyn: Manager Event Planning

The Speakers Edge

Adelaide Hills Youth Council Leadership Program
Youth Leadership Speakers Workshop - Adelaide

Thank you so much for being involved. I am convinced they've all learned some essential things from the workshops- and I'm looking forward to testing that over the next few months when they're working on their event.

We will certainly be in touch for next year's group.

- Mark de Lange : Community Development officer Youth & Recreation. Adelaide Hills Council

Collaborate, Innovate and Think BIG

AMP Capital
Problem-solving and Strengths Teambuilding Workshop for Leaders
Brisbane Leadership Conference

Thanks again for your facilitation last week, anyone who can keep a bunch of blue brained engineery type entertained and on task for that length of time is doing well!

Building on our Strengths: growing business and personal flourishing

Strengths Workshop for professional Women in Business
Perks: Perquisite Women in Business Group

“We had the great pleasure of having Jane deliver a Strengths workshop to our Perquisite Women in Business Group….and we LOVED it. The session was interactive, specifically tailored for our group and provided so much “food for thought”. The survey results provided an excellent platform for group discussion, and Jane built some great activities around them to ensure each participant came away with a solid understanding of their own strengths and how to harness them. We would not hesitate to recommend Jane and will certainly be inviting her back again for future programs”.

Cecilia White: Director Perks

Live Life Forward : happiness and wellbeing

Supreme Court of Victoria
Positive Teambuilding PERMA and VIA Strengths Workshop
Melbourne Team Building

Positive and affirming. A great structure for both the individual and the team. Friendly Knowledgable and interesting presenter. Ian

Fun- lots of fun. Learnt about myself and the people I work with.

Interesting, informative and fun. Forced me to stop and think about my qualities and life skills and where I can improve. The facilitator was upbeat had helpful examples and was very knowlegable.

Very positive, interactive and fun. The presenter was extremely engaging and encouraged interaction in a way that was not forced. Enjoyed the insight into building holistic resilience through brain, body, heart and environment. illuminating!

Workshop average 9/10

Building on our Strengths

Genie Solutions
Positive Strengths-based Team building workshop

Fun, engaging and very insightful Jodie

Worthwhile. Valued the time to reflect on myself and appreciating others in the team. I enjoyed the activity of sharing what we saw in our teammates and hearing what others perspective is on my own.

Enjoyed the way it flowed and I discovered parts of my personality that I did not realise. Open, kind and genuinely interested presenter. Abe

Building on Our Strengths

Australia Post
Positive Strategic Team Building Melbourne

Thank you so much Jane for your passion in delivering such an engaging afternoon! I’m still seeing the buzz in the team!
Shane Barca Senior HR

Live Life Forward- PERMA Wellbeing(HERO)

External Wellbeing Event AMPHeat Venue
Wellbeing personal and Professional Development Workshop

10 It was awe-inspiring to attend the workshop this morning! Realising my strengths and knowing how to make them work best for me are vital things that I feel will help me reach my goals and get me to the stage where I want to be. I feel empowered and rejuvenated to be reminded of the things that I’ve been putting off to do and use it as a driving force to achieve them. Attending" your workshop gave me ideas on how to achieve my goals one day at a time. Giselle

10 Engaging and an excellent re-set for anyone looking for self-improvement. I am trying to develop mindfulness as a key trait in my personal and business life so this has reinforced this today. I love Jane's vitality and her enthusiasm for life shines through. Louise

Brilliant. Enjoyed the chance to think about myself and my emotions. Loved the presentation interaction and hands-on approach. An enlightening and self-insight based workshop and a great foundation to create a more authentic life. Nikki

100% would recommend the workshop to others
Workshop average 9.6/10

The Speakers Edge

South Australian Leadership Academy
Office of the public sector
Speaking and presenting skills leadership workshop

10/10 Useful tips and techniques I can start using tomorrow. Enjoyed the content on sharing personal stories. Great. Karen

10/10 Enjoyed the ideas to engage beyond data and content rich slides. Jane's energy was great never a boring moment. Veronica

Engaging and knowledgeable speaker. Enjoyed the tools and tips and connecting to the audience with stories. Darren

10/10 Fast paced and upbeat. Enjoyed the hints and tips, useful and timely. Mary

Very useful, engaging with good tips and information. Helpful. Nicki

Building on our Strengths

Strengths based team building

Enjoyed taking the time out to learn new things about the people I work with. The section on strengths had the most impact. Toby

10 Great vibe in the room. Enjoyed the focus on teamwork and understanding each other makes a job a lot easier. Very entertaining. GREAT TRAINING. Talia

10 Useful and insightful. Enjoyed learning about strengths and perhaps how I can build them and utilize them. Facilitator was full of energy and enthusiasm. Absolutely recommend the program. Jade

Brain Boost

Parafield Gardens High School
Ancillary Staff Professional Developed Day
Positive Team building Workshop Adelaide

10 Fantastic. Very Interesting, great learning about how to rewire our brains to become more positive. Great presentation.
Steph Business Manager

Motivating. These sessions should be used in all work places. Great presenter Kelly

10 Interesting and enjoyed 'the lot'. Don

ASA Resilience for Youth: Train the Trainer

Catholic Education South Australia
Authentic Strengths Advantage : Positive Education Workshop
Adelaide, South Australia

Invigorating, refreshing and balanced.
A wonderful 2 days I enjoyed the content, activities, variety in the presentation and learning how strengths can be used to work through situations and to coach your self and others. Leone

10/10 Enjoyed the activities and hands on sharing, the content on gratitude and the energy and experience of the facilitator. Highly recommend to others: an opportunity to explore all that's great about you and how to capitalise on that. Angela

10/10 Highly recommend to others. Great pace, interaction and I enjoyed learning about strengths. Sheena

Utilising our Strengths in a Changing Environment

Craigmore High School
SSO Positive Change Tailored Workshop

10/10 Informative, fun and enjoyed the interaction and activities with the group. Very engaging presenter who connected and spoke to the entire group. Sheri

10/10 Well presented and I enjoyed the whole session. Great to learn more about my strengths and the teamwork.

10/10 Very enjoyable team building. It also provided great personal insight. Likeable presenter, easy to understand and very organised. Fun. Wendy

VIA Character Strengths : A strengths fueled culture

Junction Australia State Conference
Positive Culture and VIA Character Strengths
Keynote Speaker: Jane Wundersitz

10 Enlightening, fun, thought provoking and liked that everyone got involved. Enjoyed this and understanding and linking my strengths to my work. Chris

Interesting and positive learning throughout. Enjoyed looking at the organisational culture strengths, the whole session flowed well and was engaging.

Fun, interesting, enjoyed the activities and looking at the strengths of others and my team. Brook

The Speakers Edge

The Penguin Club
'Celebrating 8O years in Australia'
Speaking and Communication for Women
Keynote Speaker : Weekend Conference

Thank you for your wonderful presentation on Saturday. Feedback has been very positive and everyone I spoke to enjoyed the session. We appreciated your enthusiastic and engaging style! Cathie Graham

I want to thank you for a really great day on Saturday – it was even better than I had hoped and I have had great feedback from members about the day – so it was greatly appreciated by all! Millie Nicholls

Break Through Creativity: the secret skill of top leaders and teams

University of South Australia
WorkSmart Program

Fantastic - learnt lots and great practical tips. I learnt lots about myself and also others around you and how this can be used in the workplace.Great facilitation and notes for future reference.

Interesting. insightful and completely unexpected.Enjoyed discovering my unique approach to collecting data and decision making and am looking forward to using the 6 Hats framework with my team.

Thought provoking, a good mix of theory and practice. Fun! Most significant learning was to be more mindful of how to approach tasks and problems with a creative mindset. Enjoyed the six hat thinking and data and decision making profiling. I have already recommended this to others.

Very interesting and enjoyable session.

Building on Our Strengths

The Fat Farmers State Coordinators
Strategy and Vision Development
South Australian Rural Health Volunteer initiative

I think the workshop was a great success and helped us to get ourselves more organized/focused. Thanks so much Jane, it was great to have your enthusiasm and different perspective to add to our group! Sally

Mindfulness for Focus and Clarity

Department of Treasury and Finance
Wellbeing Program
Adelaide South Australia

10/10 Very insightful and worthwhile. The activities were very engaging and increased my self awareness. I enjoyed the level of engagement and the presenters passion for the program.

10/10 Highly engaging and I enjoyed the sincere style of the presenter. I enjoyed doing the mindfulness exercises as a group, especially the walking one.

10/10 Thoroughly enjoyed the session and the practical exercises. An essential workshop.

10/10 A must for every human being! Interesting and applicable.

The Speakers Edge

Student Ambassadors Professional Development
University of South Australia

10/10 Engaging,positive, informative and effective. Great practical tips to use.

10/10 Insightful and relevant to building a strong engaging presentation. The stories component had impact and this will be great to incorporate into my work. Arlen

10/10 Engaging, fun and educational

Really worthwhile. It made me think about public speaking in a completely new perspective - great simple tricks. Hannah

Building on Our Strengths

Planning Department City of Karratha
Strengths Based Team building
Positive Psychology at Work

Well worth doing. Enjoyed finding out more about my colleagues strengths and my own. Jerome

Interesting and a very effective presenter. Valued thinking on a much deeper, broader level about team member characteristics and enjoyed the last activity and seeing how others view me. Susan

Well operated and engaging. Enjoyed the interactive activities and eye opening content. Knowledgeable presenter and highly engaging Arqum

Building on Our Strengths

City of Karratha Community Library
Positive Team building: Professional Development
Pilbara Region Western Australia

10/10 All of it was very good. A great opportunity to get to know your team strengths and how to work together. Interesting mix of activities with a happy, experienced and smiling presenter.

Building on Our Strengths

Parks and Gardens
Positive Team Building Workshop
Karratha Western Australia

10/10 Excellent: Interesting to learn more about myself and others. kept my attention throughout. Knowledgeable and confident speaker. Angelique

10/10 Very informative. Enjoyed learning about team and individual strengths. Great presenter : fun, clear and very passionate.

Fantastic and insightful. Enjoyed all the interactive elements that helped the learning. The section of emotions and the impact on our behaviors had impact. Very energetic presenter.

100% would recommend to others 9.2/10 workshop average

Building on Our Strengths

Junction Australia Leadership Team
Positive Team Development Day

10 Really great practical strategies to build team culture. Candice

10 Great. The strengths insights were amazing. I enjoyed learning about them in more depth and the discussions with colleagues.The presenter was energetic, very passionate and knowledgeable. It was a wonderful opportunity to focus on the positives, learn who you are and who you want to be. Kat

10 Fantastic. Enjoyed learning about the different strengths and how this effects others when interacting. Very knowledgeable and inclusive facilitator. Leah

10 I loved the whole day. A fabulous workshop to bring the whole team together. A personable presenter with great examples.

Building on our Strengths

Positive Culture and Strategic Team building
Xenophon Team : Rebekha Sharkey MP for Mylor and team

10 Very Insightful and fun. Enjoyed the activities and learning about myself and others. Jane was Positive, open ,knowledgeable and friendly. Kelly

Inspiring workshop that opens your mind.

Enjoyed gaining a new perspective on workplace dynamics. Well paced and interesting.

A great opportunity to learn about your team culture and new skills. Very personable and passionate presenter. Genevieve

Live Life Forward: happiness and wellbeing

Service Rocket Sydney
Strategic Positive Team Building
Positive Psychology workshop

10 Awesome, Fun and Reflective. Enjoyed the insights, learning and reflecting on myself and my team. Alex

Excellent. A highly engaging workshop that emphasized team work. enjoyed the interaction and setting goals. Ray

10/10 We had an excellent time. It was an awesome session. Denise

Strengths at Work: the path to engagement

University of South Australia
Professional Development Workshop: Adelaide
VIA Strengths Premier program

'I now have a detailed appreciation of my strengths. I can now apply them to the way I work so I am more energised and also look at my colleague’s strengths and find ways to keep them energised.

'Very insightful, enables you to look at yourself in a different way and how you contribute to the team and University as a whole. I am already discussing with my manager how we implement a strengths focus'

'Excellent, well worth investing in yourself as once you understand you strengths you can also reflect on why other people operate the way they do. We are planning on having the whole team do the survey so that we can look at each other’s strengths and our overall strengths as a team. Where are the gaps and how can we address these in a positive way. '

Building on our strengths: in a greenfields environment

Australian Sports Commission
Positive Strategic Team Development: Canberra

Thank you for your role facilitating last week’s workshop. The team agreed that it was really beneficial and team members are keen to focus now on building and supporting a strong, positive and open team culture. We want to keep alive the values we’ve identified as important and will continue our team commitments. I think that the identification of our team strengths (as well as recognition of our challenges) has served us well.

Thanks for your work and support.

Collaborate, Innovate and Think BIG

Ferguson Plarre Leadership Team Development
Strategic Leadership workshop Six Hats meets Positive Psychology

10/10 Very engaging, great atmosphere and definitely worth doing Maria

Great host- Great hats- It was fun and useful. Steve Plarre

Interesting, informative and a very personable presenter. A great process. Don

The six hats provided interesting insight and is a great process to streamline processes and to shorten meetings. A workshop that helps you to understand yourself and others. Craig Plarre

100% would recommend the program to others
Workshop average 9/10

Wellbeing: the path to work and life balance

Macquarie Finance
Wellbeing Leadership Development

10/10 Enjoyed the entire presentation and enthusiasm of the presenter. It was good to take time to look at yourself. Dave

10/10 Interactive and fun with high learning and reflection. The section that had the most impact personally was the overuse and under use of strengths. Energetic, knowledgeable and fun facilitator. Catherine

It opened my mind to the thinking process. All sections were enlightening. Facilitator had a good vibe and energy. Worthwhile. Jamie

100% would recommend to others
Average rating 9/10

2016 AI Global Excellence Awards

Jane Wundersitz : Most Outstanding Motivational Speaker

The 2016 Global Excellence Awards were designed to recognise the very best in the business. these awards recognise the paragons, and the exemplars; those that are succeeding in their endeavors, innovating and growing.

The Positively Charged Team

Staff Team Building Day
Lane Cove Orthodontics Sydney

'Jane is a very good public speaker. Open, friendly, welcoming. She is very well prepared and covered the topics we were interested in for our Staff Development Day. A refreshingly different style of workshop with tips and tricks to help us with our team development. I would highly recommend Jane Wundersitz.'

Hildegard Taylor
Practice Manager

The Positively Charged Team

SA Montessori
State Team Development Day
Tailored Strategic Team building

We received excellent and positive feedback from our participants, all who expressed their delight in your presentation.Thank you for your positive energy and for such a polished, humorous and professional presentation.

The Speakers Edge

Insurance Australia Group
External event: Public Speaking and structuring and designing a presentation for engagement.

'10 - Great Tips and enjoyed Jane's energy. There was so much I am really excited about. A really energising way to become a better speaker' Tracey

' Loved it. Today will help a lot with future presentations. Great information and discussion and enjoyed the content on getting off to a power start. Very knowledgeable facilitator.'

Six Thinking Hats - Building Engagement

Department of Human Services Conference
Strategic Team Building for New Leadership Footprint

“Jane provided an energetic session that enabled our team to learn about ourselves and our new team members. The zest filled session sparked creative thought and started us on our way to developing actions to support our business over the coming months.” Mathew

6 Hats- Innovate, Collaborate and Think BIG

Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator

Thank you again for the time and effort you invested in creating and delivering our session. It was very much a worthwhile exercise that has added value to our team environment already. It most definitely exceeded our expectations.

Positive Psychology at Work

PowerHealth Solutions National Conference

I would like to extend a very big note of thanks to you for speaking at the PHS Networking and Training Healthcare Conference. Your vision was insightful and we had a great response from the delegates as to the quality of the presentation.

Without your efforts we could not have held such a successful conference.

Productivity with P.U.N.C.H

University of South Australia - Work Smart Program Office Professionals

10/10 Thought provoking. Enjoyed the Important vs Urgent Matrix and the 'frog'. Jane knew her stuff. Robyn

'Fantastic workshop and presenter. I will be sending my team.' Jasson

'A "punchy workshop" - great practical suggestions with some easy wins for the perfectionist and procrastinator. The facilitator had a wide range of knowledge.'

'A refreshing course to provide a new positive and productive approach to the workplace. Enjoyed the content on increasing productivity for a Monday morning. A positive and enthusiastic presenter. I found the workshop long enough to gain information and didn't lose concentration. Well done.' Michael

Positively Charged and Resilient

SA Power Network - Mentor Team Development Day
Wellbeing, Resilience and Teambuilding
3 hour

10/10 Fantastic - I will definitely recommend for future team events. Jane was very motivating and encouraging. Perfect!
Amy People & Culture

10/10 Inspiring and thought provoking. Enjoyed setting goals and applying the content to my own life. Presenter had enthusiasm and energy. Great job and well done. Rod

10/10 Enjoyed learning how to lead a positive life , the content on gratitude and replacing negative words. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic presenter. Andrew

10/10 Fantastic- great use of material to explain the content. Enjoyed learning about habits and plan to overcome a fear. John

10/10 Uplifting! Enjoyed the positivity and active nature of the workshop. I wish that many of my friends could experience the same workshop.

9/10 Very uplifting and timely tips. The resilience bucket was helpful. Thanks David

9/10 Very positive, feel good session. Universally valuable subject relevant to all. A great reminder happiness is about others, gratitude and kindness.

9/10 Fun! The activities made it go quick and very good facilitator with energy, zest and passion. Enjoyed the goal setting. Alberts

9/10 Informative and well structured workshop which allowed table members to communicate things that we wouldn't usually. Great to support physical and mental wellbeing and positive thinking.

8/10 Great information of the subtle things I am doing to bring myself down. The section on emotions had impact. I need to get back to being cheerful!

Overall workshop average : 9/10

Live Life Forward - A healthier you

IAG Insurance Australia Group
Positive Psychology Wellness Workshop

Overall Workshop Average from 105 participants : 9.2/10

10+++ Motivating and Inspiring. Insightful and forces you to be honest with yourself and dig deep. Great workshop. Lia

Fun, Educational and worthwhile . I met new people from around the business and it took me away from my comfort zone. Energetic and easy to listen to facilitator. Sally

The point of being happier. It’s easy to be always down. Very bubbly and inspiring presenter. David

Fantastic workshop! Enjoyed the positive outlook and the activity about being kind to someone I know. Very Inspiring. Krystal

You are doing an awesome job which could change many people’s life in a positive way. Keep it up! Payal

Enjoyed the positive energy that Jane had though out delivering the session. Fantastic, eye-opening and definitely gets your mind going. Enjoyed the goals. Natasha

The Inspiring Speaker

University of South Australia
Work Smart Program

10/10 Fantastic and Inspiring. Enjoyed all of it - Awesome! Area of impact was how to start with a story however it all had an impact. Kerry

10/10 Another great workshop- Jane. Always engaging I never watch the time. Worthwhile tips and take homes to be a great speaker. Linda

10/10 Exciting, engaging, lots of great ideas that can easily be used and enjoyed the tips on body language. Interesting, energetic and engaging facilitation. Lorraine

10/10 Enjoyed the presentation style, props and activities. The whole thing was great.

10/10 Great finer points to public speaking. I speak in public and I am always working to be better. The workshop reinforced my goal to have greater audience connection. Kept my interest and time went quickly. Julie

9/10 Enjoyed the information and exercises on body stance, entrances and body language. The presenter was so engaging friendly and interesting and she took the time to talk to most people. Well worth the effort and time to go.

9/10 Interesting, relevant and fun. Great pace, enjoyable and made me smile. Made me think more about my audience. Pam

9/10 Fantastic workshop. Engaging, Fun, Interesting, Information packed and supported by excellent handouts and tools. Energetic, authentic and knowledgeable facilitator. Gail

The Engaging Presentation - Speakers Workshop Adelaide

University of South Australia
Work Smart Program

10/10 From start to finish the presentation was fun and entertaining. Enjoyed the variety in the workshop and Jane was enthusiastic and exciting. Steve

10/10 Excellent presenter, relevant and great resources. Enjoyed learning how to use images and that I remained engaged throughout! Louise

10/10 Excellent. Very insightful, engaging and fun. It was all useful and I liked the whole session. Jane is very approachable, knowledgeable and an engaging facilitator.

10/10 Engaging, valuable and kept me interested the whole workshop. Linda

10/10 Very visual and great presenter. Jasson

9/10 Worthwhile for anyone representing the University. It is modern. I have learnt a lot of new content. Mandy

9/10 Excellent. Enjoyed the whole session. Very knowledgeable and engaging presenter. All of the activities and the group sessions got you to think outside of the square. Perfect for those who present and need inspiration. Vanessa

9/10 A vital workshop if you give presentations. The workshop practised what it preached and Jane was dynamic, passionate and doesn't put people on the spot.

Team building - Create a commercial

Adelaide City Council - Project Management Team

10/10 I like the way it took the team out of their comfort zone and challenged them to work as a team by participating in an area they had not experienced. Very professional, enthusiastic and well organised facilitators. Mike

10/10 It was fun- enjoyed the whole day. Great fun and a very good team building excercise. Tom

10/10 Energy levels were high- enjoyed the onsite filming. Presenters had a great nature, knowledge and energy. Helen

10/10 Different and professional. John

Fun. A complete surprise- a totally new experience and unexpected. Out of the box. Thank you a good fun day. Craig

Overall Workshop Average : 9.5/10
Joint presentation Wundertraining/ Soul Strong Society

Go FAR- overcoming Fears, Building Attitude and Resilience

University of South Australia - Work Smart Program

10/10 Excellent. Very interesting and broad- enjoyed learning how to change your thought process. -Julie

10/10 Uplifting and Inspiring - touched on a number of themes that impact on how out environment, choices and mindset affect us and how we can change it. Engaging, personal and funny facilitator. Could possibly be a day workshop.- Jodie

10/10 Fantastic! Lots of positive messages, great enthusiasm and the creative presentation style was fantastic. Friendly engaging presenter who listened,great photos on slides. - Jasson

Thank you so much. A lighthearted approach to a serious topic. Interesting and engaging and energetic presentation style. Enjoyed thinking about my own feelings and why I think the way I do. Aimee

Fun! Enjoyed the practical application of theories and realising all the things I have in my resilience bucket. Cheerful and energetic presenter. - Fiona

Workshop Average Evaluation: 9/10

The Power of Positive Peers

Loreto College Year 10

10/10 Very informative. Heaps of fun. Jemima

10/10 Life changing and the presenters were friendly. Arabella

10/10 Really helpful and insightful. A lot of fun. - Donella

10/10 Educational but fun. Enjoyed positive relationships because it made me think.-Anon

10/10 Enjoyed the teamwork - mat flipping and group work. -Anon

10/10 Fun and enjoyed the lessons we learnt. Very approachable presenters - Phoebe

10/10 Life changing and very enjoyable. The presenters were very nice.-Anon

10/10 Informative and useful. The facilitators were friendly confident and funny. -Anon

10/10 Enjoyed everything. Enjoyed the positive vibe and Jake. Thank you -Anon

10/10 Perfect- enjoyed all of it- Gemma

10/10 Inspirational. Jake is a great speaker -Anon

10/10 Enjoyed everything! Enjoyed communication styles and seeing the different styles. The facilitators were engaging.- Alana

Workshop average 9.5/10

One Degree of Change - Organisation Change training Adelaide

Bendigo and Adelaide bank

10/10 Very beneficial particularly the change curve as have gone through changes in my own life. Non threatening environment and happy facilitator. Di

10/10 Informative and fun. PowerPoint presentation and verbal delivery kept you engaged. I benefited from the style in conflict content- it helped me identify areas of improvement. Bright and knowledgeable presenter. Anon

10/10 Enjoyed the presenters style and hearing how others people may respond through change. A great snapshot of change.

Definitely worth attending and I could relate to the content. Great examples and clearly presented. Enjoyed the cards. Thank you. Lesley

Enjoyable. Liked the flow of the presentation and made me question my way of thinking. Very easy to listen to. Jane

Great workshop. Enjoyed the 6 human needs and seeing how people react to change. Jane was bright and bubbly. Natalie

Workshop Evaluation Average: 8.7/10

The Inspiring Speaker- Speakers Training Adelaide

University of South Australia

10/10 Practical and useful advice with an engaging and energetic facilitator. Veronica

10/10 Empowering. motivating and well worth the time. Nicole

10/10 Enjoyed everything. Sandhu

One of the best workshops I've been too! Jane was enthusiastic about the content and the whole presentation was engaging and interactive. Excellent. Amber

Interesting, engaging and learnt a lot. Thanks Jess

Very useful. Enjoyed the open and inclusive facilitation and the realisation there is no bad audience. Chris

Well worth it and learnt a lot. Enjoyed it all. Nadia

Excellent I have learnt a lot. Highly recommended. great to get the fear out of my mind. Chou

Great workshop, Great tips and great facilitator. Patricia

Enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenter. Enjoyed the content on walking in with confidence to set the tone. Sarah Jane

Great. Loved it. Enjoyed power statements, pauses and quotes.

Simple and effective concepts for improving public speaking. Tom

Great workshop. The facilitator practices what she is teaching. Kasthuri

Energetic, focused, well structured and very useful. Jeremy

True Leadership - Leadership Training Adelaide

SA Montessori

10/10 Informative, Interactive and Enjoyable. The facilitator was engaging,knowledgeable and friendly and delivered the content in a manner that was easy to understand. The content on establishing a vision had impact as I had not previously realised the importance.

Motivating and Inspiring. Enjoyed the positive strategies discussed to build a strong team and identifying personal strengths.

Live Life Forward- wellness workshop

Shared Services- Government

10/10 Fantastic program. I really loved it! Leila

10/10 Awesome. Enjoyed the whole program. Anu

10/10 It was enjoyable, interactive and fun- a very well thought out workshop and a great motivational speaker.Liked the goal setting throughout. Jo

Beneficial and different. Enjoyed gratitude section and the design of the workshop was interactive and I was engaged at all times.

Great presenter - spoke well and kept me interested.A great reminder on what is important in life. Marie

I wasn't sure if I was going to like this. However I have. Informative and fun. Great variety and presentation. Bruce

Thought provoking and very engaging. Enjoyed the time to think through the material presented. Nicolle

Live Life Forward- wellness workshop

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
Leadership team - Coorporate resources

Real life, practical and important concepts presented in a fun way. Valued considering things which seem small but are very important like gratitude and attitude to others. Fun and fast paced. Jayson

Enlightening, Beneficial and Eyeopening. Thank you. Brad

It was fun and made me stop, pause and reflect on life. Graeme

Uplifting and inspiring. Enjoyed stopping and thinking about happiness and being responsible for our own happiness. Susan

Active session with loads of ideas and a positive approach. Enjoyed the content on habits. David

Live Life Forward- wellness workshop

University of South Australia
Women's Development Program

10+ Fresh, fun and a wonderful way to get back in touch with yourself. Thank you for a wonderful morning. Belinda

Very Inspirational and practical advice. An upbeat workshop which provides an opportunity to stop working and work on yourself. Victoria

10/10 Fantastic. Enjoyed taking the time to stop and reflect. Bubbly facilitator with engaging stories. Michelle

Positive and upbeat.Helps you look at the important simple things in life. Denise

Live Life Forward - South Australia Team

Ethnic Link Services
Uniting Care Wesley

10/10 Fun, energising, insightful and motivating. Enjoyed the presenters energy and positive spin on everything. Marijka

10/10 Relevant, powerful and worthwhile. Enjoyed the tactile aspect and reflecting on healthy habits. Loved it! Julie

10/10 Insightful and inspiring. Dyana

Uplifting experience. Enjoyed the positive messages and 'Eat the Frog'. Rita

10/10 Valuable and self affirming. Enjoyed the time to focus on happiness and wellbeing. The presenter was real and personable. Well done Christine

Positive. Particularly enjoyed the content on positive relationships, healthy habits and seeking activities that provide a mindful challenge. Tram

10/10 Very positive, I need more positive thinking in my life. Teresa

Absolutely fabulous. Enjoyed the simplicity of the concepts and visual elements and music. It was all very well put together. Enjoyable. Carola

10/10 Self motivating. Particularly enjoyed self evaluation and 'The frog'. Excellent presenter -positive, warm,giving and knowledgeable, Thank you - well done. Teresa N

Wonderful. Enjoyed that 'it was all about me'. Clear fun and positive. Paolo

Thought provoking and confident delivery. enjoyed thinking about what makes me happy and who has a positive influences in my life. Lia

All very enlightening. Stimulating and made me think of things I need to do. Franca

Live Life Forward- team

Charles Sturt Council- Community Development group

10/10 Excellent. Enjoyed all of it. Very interesting and a good speaker. Denise

Glad I was provided the opportunity to come. Enjoyed the laughter and a great reminder not to be so hard on myself. 10++ Leanne

10/10 Positive. Enjoyed the self talk and validation. Jacqui

Fun, engaging and enjoyed the interactive nature of the workshop. Jane was bubbly, outgoing and used great personal examples. Very engaging. Andrea

Very informative and fun. The whole session was interesting. I really enjoyed the self talk and gratitude section.Great workshop. Sharyn

Enlightening- the whole presentation was fun and interactive. Stella

Thought provoking. Enjoyed the self talk section and identifying things which makes me happy. Thanks Deb

Refreshing and thought provoking. Enjoyed the visual and physical props and the way she presented was friendly and engaging. Cynthia

Interesting, insightful and reminding. Enjoyed overall information and comments from co workers. Nicole

Live Life Forward- Team development day

Uniting Care Wesley - Port Adelaide

Fast moving, insightful,fun. Excellent for teams. Di

Really enjoyed the creative element about the workshop and that it was a 'mind opener'. Lidia

Enjoyed thinking about my core values. A great mix of movies, talking and sharing. Jane was bubbly and friendly. Calley

It was insightful. Really enjoyed 'The frog'. Cyan

Made me stop and think about myself. 'Uplifting' but challenging in a good way. Kim

Live Life Forward- community

Adam Internet

"I enjoyed it! The goal setting had the most impact- it helped me organise my priorities. It's a great way to help oneself and others in wellbeing- personal and in the workplace." Marc

"Keep an open mind and you will benefit! I liked the 'frog eating' concept, Validation and mindful challenge sections. Jane is a friendly and efficient communicator." Jason

Live life Forward

Community Event

Thought provoking and inspiring. 10/10 Peta

A great way to clarify ones own thoughts and a good process to identify important decisions needed. I have been wondering how to break procratination. Happy and positive. Aleida

Jane is a natural presenter and very engaging. It was easy and understandable content. I would recommend this program to others. Sophie

10/10 Thought provoking and very inspiring. There was absolute truth in the content covered. I enjoyed the frog concept and found Jane confident, friendly and welcoming. Meredith

I enjoyed the enthusiasm of Jane and the non threatening environment, the laughs and sharing of life experiences. It was an opportunity to self reflect on your life goals. Aleta

10/10 A fabulous workshop. I enjoyed the positive energy, messages and the vibe it leaves you with. It is the non- essential that IS ESSENTIAL. Mary

It gets you thinking about your daily life and is thought provoking. Committing to acts of kindness had impact for me personally. It is so powerful to write down what you are going to do. Sarah

A great reminder that happiness is vital to our on going well being and security. The importance of positive relationships and not letting go of important people in your life had personal impact. Kathryn.

I enjoyed the step by step approach of the workshop and the chasing rainbows and core values sections. Jane was very knowledgable. Carolyn

Live Life Forward

Laura Horvarth
FIREFLIES Store Manager

We value the well being of our staff members and as such chose to invest in the Live life Forward program. The return of investment has been tangible from day one. We found that our staff have developed health habits both on a personal and professional level which has contributed to a 25% increase in sales in the past month. I couldn't be happier."

Louise Lambert


I thoroughly enjoyed Jane's easy, approachable style of presenting. Her enthusiasm is infectious. I left the session feeling buoyant and determined to implement positive change in my life. The Live Life Forward course exceeded my expectations and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I personally gained from it. I have never formally identified my core values before the session. I have always been instinctively aware where they lie but defining a clear list will help me prioritise going forward. I've been stuck in a rut and lacked direction and motivation. Live Life Forward was exactly what I needed to reignite the passion for my business and bring new energy to personal relationships.

Caitlyn Dunstone

The Body Shop
Marion Store Manager

Your support has been unbelievable. I have learnt so much from you and often find myself thinking “What would Jane do."

Cheril Watson

Portrait Place
Team Member

Jane was my Manager and the State Trainer. She would always reward and praise staff for a job well done.Our team went from about 37th to No.1 Nationally which was extraordinary. She was firm but fair, very hardworking, enthusiastic and very encouraging. I have a great deal of respect for Jane and know she will do well in her new endeavour.

Mark Keable

Portrait Place
General Manager

Jane has filled various roles including the National Training Manager for Permanent Studios- United Kingdom and Area Manager- South West. Jane was the most profitable Area Manager in the division.
The company improved the average selling price of our product (mass market family portraiture) by some 45% in just 12 months.
This was in no small part attributed to Jane’s input as National Training Manager.
I shall miss her never say die attitude that in this day and age is all too rare.

Peter Watts

Company Director

The staff under Janes direction were highly motivated despite them being extremely demotivated prior to her involvement. In certain cases staff who would have otherwise resigned in frustration stayed with the company and their attitudes turned around to be extremely positive.
I have really appreciated your efforts, often above and beyond the call of duty.

Building Motivation through Covid 19

Safe Work and WunderTraining Virtual Event

I attended the virtual session with Jane and walked away buzzing, inspired and motivated. I felt like so many puzzle pieces fell into place and it's up to me to now set things in motion. Her demeanour, openness, expertise and positive outlook is inspiring to be a better version of yourself. Thank you Jane!

Micheala Connor
Peopleworks leader LMIT at Discova
Auckland New Zealand

Client Designed Virtual Package 4 x 90 min sessions

Jemena Gas Works
Authentic Leadership -Personal Branding - Bring out the Coach: Silence the Critic - Communication MasterClass

These sessions are really interesting and I like that they are practical and you can leave the session with something you can use.

- General Manager: Commercial & Operations

Leading a Well Team™

National Leadership Wellbeing and Resilience Training
Virtual Delivery

Thanks again so much for all of your work in running our recent leadership training and tailoring your excellent program into a virtual one for us. look forward to working with you again in the future - Karl Jarvis

Director of Strategic Projects
Australian Passport Office
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Leading a Well Team™

Victoria Supreme Court Leadership Team
Virtual Delivery

‘I have already put some skills from yesterday into play with my team today’

‘I most enjoyed the facilitator, the volume of information provided and the pace – there wasn’t a moment spare when I didn’t feel highly engaged.’

‘Loved it. Brilliant, highly engaging session which provides useful tools and skills for anyone managing a team’

‘I enjoyed the practical tools that we can use with our teams: the emotions mapping, the Lose/Gain/Same activity re change; the ‘great questions’ shared that we can use.

‘I loved learning about the new ways of gauging where our people are at in terms of their ‘wellness’. The above and below the line tool, in particular, is terrific for understanding what underpinning behaviour might be – and therefore what can be done to elevate team members towards better engagement and greater wellness.

‘ I thought it was pitched correctly and enjoyed the rapid fire sharing of concepts and information, delivered in a way that added just the right amount of context. There was no labouring on points that were easily understood by a team of senior managers. A great way to gain access to information and tools to help you lead a well team.’

Productivity with PUNCH

Women In STEM University of South Australia
Wellbeing and Resilience Program
Time Management and Productivity Workshop

100% Would recommend to others.
Comments from inhouse assessment

Enjoyed learning how to tackle the negatives thoughts and habits that rule us, and decelerate the productivity rate. Everything was good.

Area of impact was how to change procrastinator's motto into producer's motto. A really useful workshop.

Reframing tasks that need to be done - putting it in a positive context and the Matrix will be really useful when things get overwhelming. Worthwhile.

Live Life Forward : happiness and wellbeing

GumTreeVerticals Marketing Team
Positive Team Building Session using applied positive psychology foundations

You shone a light on the humorous nature of the group. You also brought them to life, even more so than usual! All in all a really positive session.

Gian Minns
Gum Tree Sydney

Mental Toughness

Women in STEM University of South Australia

Thank you Jane and Women in Stem Uni SA for an important workshop on Mental Toughness. A timely reminder to take a step back from busy schedules and pay attention to important skills that help boost positive wellbeing.
Lydia E

Building on Our Strengths

ACCRU Melbourne
All of Staff Team Building Event: Positive Culture and Strengths

10 Very engaging, lots of group activities and interaction. Enjoyed learning how to deal with stress and about strengths. Engaging content and a good amount of sharing.

10 Exciting and plenty to learn about yourself and others. I like that there was a lot of interaction and the focus on strengths.

10 Informative and good pace- relevant to life and enjoyed the explanations and activities. Tom

Building on our Strengths: EQ, Strengths & Communication

AFL SportsReady National Conference
Emotional intelligence, Culture, Strengths, Communication Training
Full day tailored workshop for 80 participants

What resonated most from this session?
Sample from inhouse feedback

- Loved her session, she is so engaging and energising - bought teams together

- Communication with others is key to achieving good outcomes

- A team dynamic is made up of many different strengths, tap into everyone's strengths to make it a stronger team.

- Building your own 'inner coach' rather than your own 'inner critic'. I tend to judge myself harshly when I get things wrong or when I don't understand something. By treating myself better, I will treat others better.

- Use your strengths to your advantage and utilize the strengths of others around you for a more positive workplace culture.

- Liked Jane the best, was great to find out the styles/characteristics of others - will help working with them in the future.

- Qualities people saw in me, that I never did. How a lot of our qualities align with company values.

- The people in our organisation are good people - values based and ethical. I felt proud of our organisation and the people in it when I saw our combined top 5 strengths.

- Working on our individual strengths, learning more about our colleagues strengths, and then working together with our teams strengths. Loved every minute of it! I will use some of her games, ice breakers and exercises in the classroom with the trainees.

- Really fun session, great to have and implement into our state teams to help with our growth, teamwork and individual work

Positive Leadership : Building on our Strengths

HB Fuller Asia Pacific Technical Managers Team
Contemporary Leadership Development Workshop

Thank you. The team are using the positive leadership concepts extensively and enjoyed the training very much. Once again thank you for a productive class.

- Nick Lehman: Director, Asia Pacific R&D

Seventeen X : Sustainable Development Goals

Invited speaker Global Goals: Sustainable Development Goals
17 mins TED X style talk
University of Adelaide

Jane! You're a star. So grateful to have you on stage and your insights and energy was awesome.
- Mick Hase Seventeen SDG X Event Founder

You are always so inspiring! I loved hearing how you are bringing the Global Goals into business, its fantastic!

I really enjoyed Seventeenx's presentation last night. Great to see so many inspired speakers and attendees. You spoke with such passion! I was really inspired by your fire and enthusiasm!
- Kira Stephens

Mental Toughness - Student program

Cabra Dominican College
Year 11 Wellbeing Week workshop
2 hrs interactive workshop for 180 students

Thank you so much Jane and Steph it was a fantastic morning.
Paula Hensing - Wellbeing Event Coordinator

Student Evaluation Comments:
- Insightful. I enjoyed the group activities and learning how to control my thinking. The commitment bit had the biggest impact because I find it hard to stick to goals. - Alicia

- I enjoyed the cards with the blindfold. The area about confidence had the biggest impact because I usually lack it a bit. Luke

- Enjoyed all of it - motivational and educational.

- Enjoyed the activities and picking the cards. Thank you on behalf of our group. Chris

- Fun, informative. Enjoyed the interactive activities and the facilitators were honest and cheerful.

- The activities were engaging for us. It was interesting and had good personal stories. Timo

- Fun. Enjoyed the challenges that went with the program and group activities and hearing the stories.

- Enjoyable and encouraging. Enjoyed the activities and the opportunity to show peers their strengths.

- Interesting to learn about being mentally strong. Also learning to sometimes do the right thing for myself. Lorence

- It was inclusive. Enjoyed the section on perseverance. All of it was interesting.

The Positive Leader: Strengths, Positivity and Resilience

Flight Centre Group National Senior Leaders
Senior Leadership Professional Development Sydney

Energetic, engaging, interesting and different. A great session to understand emotions and strengths. Zahrah

Empowering. Enjoyed getting to understand myself better. Amazing thanks. Neil

I was engaged the whole time. Enjoyed the vibe, pace press and understanding my strengths in overuse and underuse- big understanding. Sam

Transformational. Enjoyed the content and delivery, facilitator had great connection with the audience. Brett

Engaging and productive. Enjoyed the learning and relating the results back to leadership. Thank you.

Introspective and a good way to see how your traits can affect others- honestly assessing myself. Enjoyed the energy and clarity of the presenter. Never boring.

100% would recommend to others
9.6/ 10 workshop average

Positively Charged and Resilient

State Library of South Australia
Positive Culture and Resilience Teambuilding Workshop: Adelaide
(all staff : 3 back to back in-house training sessions )

Useful, enjoyable and thought-provoking. Enjoyed the holistic approach and thinking of the bigger picture. Very well presented with great activities and interaction.

Exciting and different. Great for building new thoughts and our own resources. Pippa

Invigorating, interesting and valuable. Liked the current research and refocussing on what matters. Thank you for a much-needed session. Leisel

Enlightening and empowering. Each component was clearly presented and the activities had an impact. Very enjoyable - I love your style. Sherren

Worthwhile and uplifting. Enjoyed all of it.

Excellent. It put in practiv=ce the activities that were talked about. The 'how to' gave excellent applicable strategies. High energy facilitator her enthusiasm was infectious. Maureen

The Power of Positive Teams

API Australian Property Institute State Conference Adelaide
Keynote Speaker Australia: Jane Wundersitz

On behalf of myself and the committee, I wish to extend a heartfelt thank you for your energy in presenting at our State Conference. Feedback from attendees has been extremely positive.
Sylvia O’Keefe
Member Services Manager – South Australia

Productivity with P.U.N.C.H

Unley council
Professional Staff Development
Time management, Personal productivity and positive goal setting

Great investment of my time. Lots of different theories and tips. Engaging facilitator, great eye contact and walked the room. Alyssa

10 Full of good ideas. Enjoyed the frog and persuasive language. Energetic presenter. Cynthia

Made me think about my priorities. Enjoyed the 'frog' and interactive workshop style. Bec

100% would recommend the workshop to others.
Workshop average 8.7/10

Mental Toughness 4Cs

Sales Leadership Team Conference

Well worth it - interesting. enjoyed the overall topic and the circle of concern- circle of influence. Shayne

9/10 Good perspective on a key concept + relatable to daily role. Enjoyed the above the line video, the interactive style and that the facilitator knows our business. Colin

Doesn't matter what you do or where you live it works for everyone. friendly and easy to understand facilitator. Ang

Positively World Class Service

Customer Service Training

10 Entertaining,interesting, fun and liked the group interaction. Myda

10 Open & fun. Enjoyed the varied topics and particularly communication. Jean

10 Fun and interactive. Natasha

Mental Toughness 4Cs

Service National Leadership Team
Mental Toughness Workshop Adelaide

Inspiring to have the leadership team self reflect for improvement on their mental toughness. Enjoyed the opportunity to review my actions and how I handle myself. Always energetic presenting. Rob - Service Director PACIFIC, AS APAC

Punchy, focused and interactive. Enjoyed the four quadrant model and the change curve and activities. Brett - National Training Manager | Australia

Relevant,useful and interesting. Enjoyed the 'circle of influence' activity. Very positive. Great tools to use with the team. Steele - Service Manager

Building on our Strengths

Rio Tinto
Positive Culture and Strategic Team Building Event
Perth, Western Australia

I liked that it tapped into the teams personal motivators and hot buttons and provided insight into the happiness advantage. Enjoyed the activities and sharing and the personality + knowledge the facilitator brought to the session. Luke

Really interesting. High energy facilitator who could read the room well. Elias

Very interesting and really inclusive presenter. I enjoyed discovering my 1-24 strengths profile. Butch

Building on our Strengths: Vision and Values

EZY Homes
Positive Culture Tailored Full Day Workshop
Workshop to develop Values, Vision and Team Agreements
Brisbane Queensland

10 Great to set a direction for the company. Enjoyed the strategy component: a great way to analyze.

10 Fun, Informative and enjoyed the open forum format. Thank you so much I learnt a lot personally and team skills as well.

Interactive and informative and a very eye-opening and self accessing workshop.

Brain Boost : time to feel brain fit

Department of Premier and Cabinet
Workplace Wellbeing Workshop : Package

10 It really makes you realize you can change the way you think. Bruce

10 Uplifting! the presenter was very positive and inspiring and new what she was talking about. Very engaging.

Lots of positive messages and advice. Presented well- polished, professional and authentic. Uplifting John

Positively Charged and Courageous

DormaKaba Pacific Conference Cairns
Positive Culture Keynote : alignment to company values and conference objectives
Keynote Speaker: Jane Wundersitz

Thank you very much for the session you conducted with our sales and management teams in at our Regional conference in Cairns last week.

It was a high energy session and the interactive nature of your presentation made it one of the most talked about parts of our conference. How you connected videos, charts, table exercises and commentary together created a very powerful and memorable experience.

I personally really liked the style of your delivery which connected very well with the audience and your tailoring of your key messages back to our company and our conference theme.

I am sure we will see you again at one of our future events.

Andy Jones
Managing Director/Senior Vice President PACIFIC, AS APAC

'Positively' World Class Service

Stepping Stone Child Care Centre
Team Professional Development
Customer Service and Professional Attitude

10/10 Enjoyed appreciating customers expectations and the personality traits ladder. Well done - enthusiastic facilitator who held everyone's attention.

10/10 Very Interesting- enjoyed that it got everyone working together and discussing how to improve the centre's communication to parents. Leonie

10/10 Enjoyed reflecting on our values and why we do the job. Relevant in looking at how we interact with our families to make their experience worthwhile and enjoyable. Bubbly and informative presenter. Sarah

Positively Charged and Resilient

Reynella Primary School
SSO Professional Development Day
Positive Education and Strategic Team Building

10/10 Interesting and relevant to both work and personal areas. Enjoyed the team building activity. Louise

Fun and a really useful team builder. Enjoyed the group being open with each other and the resilience bucket activity. Energetic and easy to listen to facilitator.

I enjoyed the strategies to recognise where you are at and how to move to a more positive space. Engaging presenter who made the content interesting and was easy to listen to. Thank you

Positive Brain: Taming negative self talk

Crown Solicitors
Department of Premier and Cabinet
Wellbeing Professional Development

10/10 Excellent- clear and straight forward on how to develop a more positive outlook.

Practical evidence based training that all people should be reminded of. Enthusiastic presenter with the ability to link the content to the audience.

Upbeat and inspiring. Great practical examples and tips.

Mastering Your Mojo : goal setting for success

Department of Premier and Cabinet
Well being Workshop: Positive Research Based Goal Setting
Wellbeing Workshop Package

10/10 Enjoyed everything. I got so much out of this and more than I anticipated. I could have listened if it had gone on all day. Thank you

10/10 Great goal setting methods and how to stop self sabotage.

A very enjoyable and interesting workshop. Everything was clearly explained.

Live Life Forward

H2Coco Coconut Water Conference
Positive Strategic Team Development

Fun, rewarding and enjoyed the topic and the presenter. Thank you loved it. Patrick

Informative, fun and enjoyed the games. Presenter had a warm and friendly personality. Georgina

Interactive and enjoyed the character traits and seeing what traits others saw in me. Very genuine presenter who built great rapport.

Building on Our Strengths

Karratha Airport
Positive Psychology Strengths based Team building

Great workshop: enjoyed reflecting on my strengths and how I interact with others. Last part gaining feedback fro the team had impact. Enthusiastic presenter. Jacoba

Mindfulness for Focus and Clarity

Department of Education - Staff Conference
Adelaide Professional Staff Development Day
Conference Speaker

Excellent presentation. Enjoyed the interaction and meditation. easy to listen to and fun. - Davina

Excellent. Useful and practical -Kay

Loved it. Enjoyed the concept, theories and presenter

Mindfulness: for clarity and focus

Department of Premier and Cabinet
Workplace Wellbeing Workshop Professional Staff Development

Excellent - This should be mandatory for all public servants and everyone. Thoroughly enjoyed this. I learnt new skills and the presenters were excellent.

An excellent workshop. Great examples and easy to follow. The meditations and activities were valuable.

This would benefit anyone. There is clearly so many benefits to support mindfulness and a great reminder to deal with life's challenges.

The whole workshop was useful.

Mastering Your Mojo : goal setting

Cabra Year 11 Wellbeing Week
Positive Goal Setting workshop
Positive Education Student Workshop

10 Informative and very inspiring. Enjoyed her story, she was intriguing to watch and listen to. Kirah

Positive and was motivational to follow your dreams. I enjoyed filling out the form. Abbey

It inspired me to complete my goals. Very engaging and great to learn how to set out a goal. Emily

Engaging and enjoyed learning how to set goals by breaking them up into smaller steps. Great tips to make the goal more achievable. Aras

10 Informative and inspiring. I enjoyed the story attached to the theme of goal setting and where she explained her experience. Sarah

Mastering Stress: A lifestyle approach

Department or Premier and Cabinet : Adelaide
Workplace Wellbeing Workshop
Stress Management: Wellbeing Package

10/10 Highly valuable and engaging. A really helpful course to make participants more aware of ways to reduce stress. I enjoyed reviewing habitual language surrounding stressful situation.

Highly useful -I got a lot out of this. Enjoyed the tips around language and the accept, avoid and adjust technique.

Very Interesting to see how stress works in the body and understanding that it is not always a bad thing. good tips about sleep and recharging.

Go F.A.R overcome Fears, build Attitude and practice Resilience.

Department of Treasury and Finance
Workplace Wellbeing Workshop: Adelaide

10/10 Everybody should attend this!

10 Great workshop. Enjoyed cultivating an optimistic mindset.

Loved the practical ideas in building resilience. Fascinating learning about the connection between fear, courage and resilience.

I learnt that life's problems are only temporary, take control and you will always find a way.

Mastering Your Mojo

Department of Premier and Cabinet
Department of Treasury and Finance
Workplace wellness program : Adelaide

10/10 Very motivational. The area of impact was how to set and how to achieve goals. I enjoyed the presenters sharing their personal stories which makes me believe that I can also achieve my own goals. Thank you so much. Nisha

10/10 Enjoyed the goal setting and personal stories and finding my Why! Christy

It was a great way to change your own mental mindset and focus on a goal and challenge belies. The speakers were engaging and informative. It was great to have time to focus on me. Rachel

100% would recommend the workshop to others
Workshop Average rating 9/10

Strengths at Work: the path to engagement

Joy Burrowes : Certified Corporate Champion
Pembroke School
Positive Education

10/10 A programme which is clear in its message, well –planned and easy to be able to pass information on to others. It provides an essential insight into our own strengths and the ability to understand and acknowledge others so that we can enhance relationships in work and our lives. Jane was passionate and extremely knowledgeable about the subject and made what was a large amount of information easy to follow.

The Positively Charged Team

L'Oreal National Team Development Day
Strategic Team Building Adelaide Event

10/10 Very engaging, interesting and relevant. Helpful for team building as well as for individual development. I really enjoyed learning about my strengths and how to build on them. Julia

It gave me insight into my own strengths at that of my team. It makes you re- evaluate how and why people act and react the way they do. Very approachable facilitator and easy to understand. Bridget

Interactive and brilliant. Amy

Really interesting, fun, positive and essential for teams. Rachel

Live Life Forward

GumTree Vericals team
'Positive Team Development Day'

Thank you, you shone a light on the humorous nature of our team. You also brought them to life, even more so than usual! All in all a really positive session.
Thank you

Gian Minns | Head of Verticals

Strengths at Work the Path to Enagagement and Productivity

5th Australian Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Conference

'It is with enormous gratitude that we send our sincere thanks. We have received outstanding feedback from the conference delegates and your presentation directly contributed to making this thought provoking and inspiring conference a success.'

*Jane was asked to deliver her presentation a second time due to popular demand.

Strengths at Work :The Path to Engagement

University of South Australia
Work Smart Program

'More than met my expectations - the presenter was excellent and the content was very helpful and uplifting in an unexpected way. I gained a more positive outlook on my work and colleagues.'

'I gained knowledge about my character strengths and how I can use this in my workplace. It also helped me to understand why I am in the field of work I am in and clarified what I want to do and where my strengths lie in terms of what I want to achieve. I like that there was a lot of group chat and everyone was made to feel comfortable and so you were able to discuss things.'

'I have more strengths than what I thought I had.'

'Gained awareness of my strengths and how to use them at work. Highly recommended - great presenter and great content'

The Speakers Edge

City of Playford
External event: Public Speaking and structuring and designing a presentation for engagement.

'10 - Excellent tips and practical ideas. Enjoyed the content on authenticity and story telling.' Councillor Andrew Craig

Positively Charged and Resilient - Resilience Student Program

Immanuel College
Three 90 minute workshops for 250 year 11
Smart Choices Student program

Thank you so much. The sessions were well received. It was a great presentation and we will contact again for the 2017 Smart Choices Program.


The Engaging Presentation - Speakers Workshop

Phill Armanis
Senior Leader: University of South Australia

Jane is an absolutely fabulous trainer, engaging, exciting, supporting, caring, colourful, vibrant, and well equipped to deliver as described.
I was blown away by her approach to creating engaging presentations, very unique and inspiring, so much so that I used her technique in the design and delivery of an international paper at a conference in the USA!
Jane's course on 'The inspiring speaker' complemented the presentation course and brought new ideas on how to handle speaking engagements well. I learned that there is no such thing as nervous, only positive excitement!
Thank you very much Jane:)

Building Blocks of Drive

Office Professionals Forum
University of South Australia
Key note Conference Speaker

"Jane's presentation was motivational and uplifting. Brilliant speaker!"

"I loved this and took away many strategies that I can use in my day to day life."

"Thank you Jane. You presentation was empowering making us think about ourselves in a different light. It has made me rethink a lot of things I have often put on the too hard shelf and I will readdress some now with a new confidence, direction and empowerment. The words 'I can' are very powerful indeed. Thank you."

"I have done a few workshops with Jane and admire her energy and delivery style. I have already put a lot of what she has shown me and made me aware of into my daily life - both work and personal. I feel it is important to learn to be self-aware or to affirm your self-awareness and having the backup of this valuable training is a privilege."

" Jane's talk was entertaining and certainly gave food for thought- she was a very vibrant speaker and boomed out around the room."

"Jane is a very talented and motivational speaker, fun and good learning during the workshop."

"Upbeat. Enjoyed 'Challenge Beliefs' 'Why is it hard to stay Motivated' &'Goal Purpose' But really got something from the 'My Character Strengths'. All very, very good. Well done Jane. "

Live Life Forward - Positive Psychology

BAE systems
Human Resources Team Development Day

Challenging, Constructive, Encouraging, Energising, Engaging, Enjoyable, Enlightening, Excellent, Fun, Great, Great speaker, Honest, Humorous, Informative, Innovative, Inspiring, Interactive, Interesting, Meaningful, Motivating, Personal, Positive, Powerful, Reflective, Refocussing, Refreshing, Reinforcing, Relative, Rewarding, Team building, Thought provoking, Very cool, Worthwhile

Via email. Participants each described the workshop in one word. What a magnificent list. Thank you!

Delivering Excellence through Teamwork

Rivergum Homes
Tailored Strategic Team Building

'A great opportunity for staff to understand the importance of teamwork and the customers’ needs of today. The activities were great and gave an opportunity to learn some new communication skills and to have a good time doing it.' John

'Fun and informative. Enjoyed the strengths evaluation and insights and that the workshop covered areas that are not commonly discussed.' Francesca

'Informative and entertaining. Enjoyed the focus on positivity and strengths.' Dijana

'A fun, interactive workshop to support building relationships. I enjoyed the tips on working together and identifying my communication style as well as working with my team.' Jessica

Positively Charged and Resilient - Leadership Development and Team Building

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

10 /10 Inspiring – A must do! Relevant and new ideas. Enjoyed the content on building resilience and the rewards are priceless. High energy and positive facilitation. Karen

10/10 Enjoyed the six hats thinking styles. The Gratitude section also had impact personally. Friendly , articulate and positive delivery. Karen

10/10 Informative. Particularly enjoyed the parallel thinking, resilience bucket and communicating assertively. Enjoyed the humour throughout the day. Marie

9.5/10 Fun, Informative, Inspiring and thought provoking. Enjoyed the Positive Relationships section. The style of the workshop was inclusive, fast paced and colourful. David

9.5/10 Another great day Thanks Jane. Great pace and content. The areas of impact were the six hats thinking system and positive journaling. It can sometimes be difficult to see the positives of each day. Happy and energetic presenter. Kirsty

9/10 A great reminder of positive personal communication and emotions. The six hats section had impact and I can see this working in the workplace. Enjoyed the open and honest presentation style. John

Positively Charged and Resilient - Team building

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

10/10 Fun, interactive, informative and great for team bonding. Worth attending and will definitely take something from it.

9/10 Relevant and insightful. Credible, knowledgeable and engaging facilitator. Michael

9/10 Worthwhile. Enjoyed the subject material and self reflection. Clear and concise delivery and Jane knows the material really well and makes everyone feel comfortable. Anna

The Power of Positive Peers

Loreto College Year 10 School Students

10/10 Very relatable. Enjoyed the section on solving common teenage problems. Anon

10/10 Thank You. Enjoyed the tips about communication and how to say no- I needed to know this! Fun, I had a great time. Phoebe

10/10 A fun way to learn important life skills. I liked how the activities related to what we learnt. The presenters were nice and new what they were talking about. Anon

10/10 Enjoyed the activities and I learnt how to handle situations better. It was fun and the presenters were clear and helpful. Iris

10/10 Fun- loved the games and learning about keeping a healthy lifestyle. The case scenarios were good - things like gossip were right for our age. Anon

9/10 Fun and inspiring. I liked that it was interactive and the personal contract. Mary

9/10 Amazing. I liked that we learnt so much about ourselves. All presenters were engaging and friendly. Lucie

Overall Workshop Average: 9/10

Positively Charged and Resilient

Woodcroft Primary School SSO and Maintenance Team

'Made you think. Enjoyed the content on gratitude and change. I thought Jane was fantastic and answered questions and handled things extremely well. She is very good at what she does. I will definitely be looking to doing more sessions in the future.' Sue -Business Manager

'Positive and enjoyed the content on change. Friendly and engaging facilitator. Karyn

'Certainly makes you see some things differently. Open presenter who was happy to answer questions.' Trudi

'Enjoyed the energy level and positiveness of the presenter. A great opportunity to learn ideas on how to become a more positive team worker.' Shelley

Live Life Forward- Wellness Workshop Adelaide

Lockleys North Primary School
Positive Psychology Teacher Development Day

10++ Enjoyable, Fun, Reflective and Motivating. It gave me the chance to look at myself and evaluate my life and what makes me tick. I now have a more positive attitude and goals to try out. The presenter has the amazing ability to make the session positive, comfortable, fun and informative. Claire

10/10 Enjoyable- could see relevance to me/ family/ work and life. Anne

10/10 Life changing- practical and fun.Thanks for changing your career and helping so many others.

10/10 Eye opening. A different way of viewing life and how being positive makes a difference. Area of impact: Using the 100/o principle and expecting nothing. Michelle

10/10 Great for building relations. Enjoyed the positive attitude and approach to the workshop. Healthy habits had impact. Friendly and positive presentation -this was infectious. Sue

10/10 A wonderful way to start the year. Being true to – identifying and appreciating your values had impact. Positive and engaging. Cheryl

10/10 Empowering. Excellent timing, structure and pace. Offer follow up sessions!!! Rosemary

9/10 Fun, Interesting and worthwhile. Enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere in learning that encouraged sharing. The presenter- knew her topic, was passionate, had a sense of humour and spoke well. Thank you. Sandy

Workshop Average: 9.3/10

Live Life Forward- wellness workshop

Bendigo and Adelaide bank
Human Resources Team

10+++/10 Fabulous. Positive, engaging and relevant. -Libby

10/10 More beneficial than you will ever imagine. positive and self reflective. Excellent session plan. Highly engaging. - Shane

10/10 Amazing. Contagious energy but not over the top.- Lisa

Practical and Inspiring. - Mark

Worth every moment spent in the session. Engaging presentation and content. -Jayshween

'You had me at Being Happy'. Enjoyed the amount of aspects I could reflect on. Genuine facilitator. -Shay

Eye opening. Fun and clear messages. - Fiona

Positive reinforcement. Enjoyed the power of your words. - Jo

Thought provoking interactive and fun.- Sue

Enjoyed creativity in presentation. Engaging.- Tamera

Positive with great learning's- Dave

Relaxed but energy filled workshop.Simple strategies for positive change- enjoyed acts of kindness. Bright and bubbly facilitator - Jo

Workshop Evaluation average: 9/10

The Engaging Presentation

University of South Australia- Work Smart Program

How perfect that for a workshop entitled 'the engaging presentation', the presentation was actually incredibly engaging. This, more than anything else, is enough to convince me that Jane's methods work. Jane was also really wonderful at identifying areas for possible improvements from examples where the audience thought there was nowhere. Fantastic audience participation, group work, pair work, individual work as well as the chance to walk around the room and interact with others.I would absolutely recommend to others.

The energy of the facilitator was excellent and the delivery was professional, engaging and entertaining and I felt that I gained valuable insight into delivering an effective presentation. Great workshop and particularly enjoyed chunking, power slides and Smart Art. Enjoyed the discussion and activities and would definitely recommend to others. Very useful - Thank you.

It exceeded my expectations. A good energetic speaker, made all the difference. How refreshing to actually go to a workshop that helps you gain a greater understanding! Well done Jane.

It covered more than what I anticipated. I liked that the key messages that were highlighted were re-enforced through out. I will review my upcoming presentation with a mind to simplifying them.

Content was very useful and Jane was a dynamic presenter; even just watching how she did it was a lesson in itself!

Great presentation, great workshop. Would recommend it to anyone presenting.

My interest was held during the session - it was dynamic! Thank you.

Very engaging - I had attended the Inspiring Speakers workshop by Jane and enjoyed it. Enjoyed power statements and the use of strong visuals in PowerPoint presentations. Thank you.

comments anonymous via inhouse feedback tool

Teamwork The Extra Degree

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

10/10 Brilliant a must do for all Leaders. Karen

10/10 All the content was great and very informative and fun. Great team builder. Kim

Fast moving, clear and concise, high energy and positive facilitation. Enjoyed the range of tools, activities and insights into who we are and where we sit in a team environment. Andy

Fast paced, informative and valuable to any team. Enjoyed the strength magnifier exercise and understanding how I can use my strengths better. Kirsty

Energetic, fast moving and informative. Enjoyed the interactive games and content on handling conflict. Karren

A great opportunity to understand and build on your strengths- enjoyed the cards and exercises and the enthusiasm and positive facilitation. Lucy

Great ideas, good games, fun and kept moving along. Stages of team development draws focus on where the team is at. John

True Leadership

City of Salisbury

Energizing,experiential and a good coverage of topics. Enjoyed the strength based leadership content. The facilitator had great stories of relevance and was engaging. Thank you.
Chris - Corporate Learning and Development Coordinator

Detailed,relaxed format,great presenter,extremely resourceful. Enjoyed the excitement and passion of Jane for the program and style of delivery. Highly recommend!
People and Culture

One Degree of Change

Breastscreen South Australia

10/10 I thought the session was fantastic. The program was very relevant to both my personal and professional life. It created reflection on my own behaviours as well as assisting me to understand that of other.This knowledge provides the foundation to build harmony in workplace teams.

The facilitator was very down to earth, presented in a non-threatening, fun way and was happy to share her experiences. This I feel created a positive, engaged audience.

Bronwyn Knight
Advanced Clinical Educator

Live Life Forward- wellness workshop

Charles Sturt Council- Community Development

10/10 Enjoyed the relaxed and interactive style. A positive awakening for yourself and an opportunity to think about the impact your behaviour has on others. Amy

10/10 Great tips for improving aspects of home and work life. It will make you think and act. Laurie

Upbeat, excellent, practical, fun and relevant. Cheryle

Life changing. Gale

Awesome. Leeza

I liked that the facilitator was animated. The workshop used matching music to capture an emotion which I liked the most. Michelle

Live life Forward- wellness workshop


Very worthwhile. I found it motivating and I will definitely make changes. Rachel

Fun, rewarding workshop. A reminder to appreciate the little things in life. Enjoyed the goal setting. Matt

Enjoyable and beneficial. I took something from all sections. Paul

Makes you take time to evaluate your contribution in life and work. A positive presentation and reminder to be grateful for what we have. The presenter was happy positive and engaging. Robert

Kept interesting throughout. Enjoyed self awareness. Rosie

A positive overview of what makes us tick. Enjoyed 'Eat your frog'. I often put off the hard things until last. Corrine

I think the whole program was interesting. A good way to get in touch with yourself and begin to be the best you can be. Well done. Dorte

Positive reinforcement. Enjoyed the frog and identifying core values. Leanne

Educational and entertaining. Enjoyed the goal setting, because I don't really set goals. Sandie

Live Life Forward- team

Travel on The Parade

10/10 A great opportunity to rethink life- how you view it and how you react to it. Thank you was so worthwhile. Jan

10/10 Empowering. A great reminder to be mindful of my words/actions on a daily basis. Loved it! Nicola

Made me think about where I want to be in both personal/work life. inspired to go home and get rid of my frog straight away. Was a fun day and I can't wait for the next one. Thank you Katie

Excellent well worth doing. A great reminder for us all to 'live happy' and to appreciate the good things in life. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Christy

The whole session gave me inspiration to change my lifestyle and work ethics which I believe will lead to a happier me. Kerry

I thoroughly enjoyed it! It made me think of things I had not considered before. Doing the most difficult job first had the most impact. Jane was warm and funny,easy to connect with and full of interesting stories. Anita

True Leadership Foundations 2013

Baptist Care

Very interactive, relevant and reflective and kept me engaged! I enjoyed the building trust action plan. A Great workshop to learn not only how to manage but how to develop and lead a team. 10/10 Lisa

10/10 Positive and fun yet very, very productive. Thank you so much this is the best training I have ever had. Sangita

Good selection of topics/ information and Jane really knows her stuff. Particularly enjoyed the strengths consolidation. Catherine

Enjoyed the presentation style- mixed media and hands on learning. The area with the most impact was delegating, providing feedback and accountability. Jane was very enthusiastic, encouraging and approachable. Loved it! Chad

Allowed me to identify my leadership strengths and motivations in a practical way. The workshop was very engaging and really useful. Beth

I like the resources that were used throughout the 2 days of training. I found identifying my strengths and focusing on them had the most impact as I tend to focus on my weaknesses. Jane put a lot of effort into the training and was energetic and passionate about the material. Nicole

The Inspiring Presenter

10/10 Everything was brilliant! Jane was very engaging and switched on about the topic. Lots of group activity and you really get something from it. I particularly enjoyed how to engage an audience using power point and the power of pauses. Thank you. Miranda

Empowering, Equipping and Enjoyable. Jane was energetic and engaging and knows her stuff. Wendy

Covered the full range of aspects of presentation with effective examples. It wasn't intimidating and I liked that people weren't put on the spot. Jane was dynamic, interesting and approachable Alison

Enjoyed the interesting activities which were relevant to the learning and strategies to support confidence. Cassandra

Excellent speaker. Mohammad

Enjoyed the interactive activities, power words and power pauses.
Jane was friendly and listened to all. Fun! Kerry

Fun, structured and Jane had great ENERGY! Michele

Interesting, engaging and positive.I enjoyed learning new trends in power point. Renee

Enjoyed the variety in activities, power point and presentation structure guidelines.Liked Jane's positive attitude and enthusiasm. Michelle

Live Life Forward Team

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank- leadership team

"Excellent course, very well presented and engaging." Mike

"Loved it! Motivating and reflective. The topic is lived by the facilitator so has more impact.It reminds me about being grateful and showing gratitude. 10/10 " Karen P

"Liked the balance of watching, listening and sharing. The rewriting sign video- was a reminder of how little I appreciate how good I have it. Jane had great energy and belief." Andy

"Liked that it was interactive and the visual material. A reminder of things in life/ work that need to be action ed." Ralph

"Inspiring, fun and interesting. Enjoyed the 'word choice'- realising certain words can change the situation. Jane held your attention, was fun and effective" Michelle

"Interactive! The power of language- can definitely project a mood. Enables you to get some perspective." Michael

"Inspiring and a means to remember the things and people who make a positive difference to our lives.Jane is sweet and patient and has an inviting demeanor. 10/10" Marianne

"Empowering- I can relate to it as I'm in the happiest place of my life" Vicki

"Good content and fast moving - enjoyed the gratitude and positive thinking sections and the videos and music. Jane was friendly and used good examples. A workshop for a positive impact on the team." Brenton

" Enjoyed that it was interactive and a great way to remind me of what I have. Jane was vibrant and energised. 10/10 " Kirsty

Live Life Forward

Michelle Floreani

I left buzzing and could not stop talking about this workshop. I am a pretty happy person but took away so much. It really made me think about where I was at and what is important to me.
I have loved being a stay at home mum for the last four years but knew it was time to get back into the work force. A bit daunting…. but after the session I had the drive and attitude to do it and I am about to start my new job which is exciting!
LIVE LIFE FORWARD made me put thoughts into action.
My husband and I have done a budget for the first time ever and have a much clearer path for the next few years.
Another focus for me was adopting some healthy habits and drinking more water. I am pleased to say I am doing this also. It has made me think about and appreciate the happiness I get from my children – I have been practising being more patient, putting things in perspective and really enjoying the simple pleasures of being a mum.
Loved it… thank you.

Teamwork the Extra Degree

June evaluation feedback - Government department

'It made me consider how in a leadership position I can better support individuals in my team and better target feedback so it is more meaningful to them. It gave me greater insight into what are the personal motivators. Jane had excellent knowledge of team building strategies and was open, warm and personable'

'I liked how the personal interrelated with the teamwork aspect. I enjoyed the variety of exercises and it will definitely give me something to think about the next time I want to use "strong" words about my feelings. Jane was very engaging and encouraged participation. Thanks!'

'Great positive outcomes and will change things for the better! Food for thought in working with the members in the team. I enjoyed the material around communication and swapping one word for another. The facilitator Jane was open, friendly and I enjoyed the personal anecdotes. A big thank you!'

'Well organised, great activities, stimulating and fun. I loved the nice messages activity. Jane had a great personality, excellent visuals and playthings. Thanks for the food and fun.'

'It was a great opportunity to discuss team dynamics in a non work situation. I enjoyed the communication style profiling, self talk, Validation- the nice comments to each other and looking at the 5 attributes of a dysfunctional team. Great for group awareness. Jane was very engaging and great at getting everyone involved and making all feel comfortable. Thanks.'

'We loved it! It ticked all the boxes. I like the Frog!"

'I enjoyed getting to know more about the people I work with and will be more aware of how people feel - trust more. I enjoyed the communication section and will work on being more direct. Jane was engaging, knowledgeable and clear. Thank you'

* all participants would recommend the program to others

Jenni Angas


Thank you for having such an enthusiatic and passionate spirit and inspiring others to create a positive life for themself. Live Life Forward was engaging, fun, relevant and helpful. I found the session on commiting to positive self talk and actions very powerful - it has helped me encourage my husband to convert the negative words and messages he uses into a more positive form. It's starting to stick! I am planning to have another "Beautiful Day" in the next few weeks as I enjoyed the first one so much and realised how important it is to take time out for myself. I felt really comfortable in the warm and creative environment and have shared my experience with many of my friends who are keen to attend the next session. Please let me know when it will be.

John Phillips

The Body Shop
Former SA Owner and Director

I had the privilege to employ and work with Jane Wundersitz for over 12 years. Jane has held various roles including The State Manager, State Training Manager as well as a combined role as State Manager and State Training Manager.
Jane is a person who has an exceptional drive to accomplish the outcome. She has a high level of positive attitude and an approach that sets a very high standard. In every role that Jane has held she has over achieved and delivered exceptional results.

Jane's high quality and entertaining training delivered both learning and an experience.

Rebecca Simboras

Former Manager The Body Shop

Jane's knowledge and understanding of the subject matter, meticulous attention to detail and enthusiasm, made training sessions that were unforgettable!
Jane’s passion for training is evident in the time she puts into planning and preparing for sessions. She has the knack for tailoring them to meet the unique needs of her audience.
Possessing a warm and bubbly personality, Jane will take corporate training to a whole new level.

Maria Di Maria

The Body Shop
Hyde Park Store Manager

My heartfelt thanks for all you have done. For your enthusiasm, passion, encouragement, kindness and creativity. You have been an absolute pleasure to work with- inspiring and a true mentor.

Tina Spano

The Body Shop
Trainee Manager

I admire your enthusiasm and constant positive nature. I am so grateful for all the knowledge you have passed onto me .You also gave me confidence and helped me to believe in myself and for that I that I will never forget.