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At WunderTraining we believe that an organisation is only as happy and successful as its people. Our mission is to empower leaders, teams, and individuals to be positively engaged at work and in life.

The WUNDERTRAINING difference - Positive, fun and engaging Leadership, Team and Positive Culture Development Training that works!


Vision Statement: To creatively empower leaders, teams and individuals to be positively engaged at work and in life. We challenge perceptions, inspire positivity and build resilience. We focus on both personal and collective team strength and inspire open communication and collaboration.

Our 2021 goal : To be fresh eyes on our clients business and to grow agile and resilient people and positive organisations that people love being a part of. Connection, mental toughness, compassion and strong leadership is more important than ever.

Our 2025 goal: To be international leaders in delivering dynamic and high impact keynotes and workshops to support building positive and progressive organisations where leaders, teams, and individuals flourish.

Specialty Areas include:
• Positive Culture + Values and Vision alignment workshops
• Strategic and Positive Strength-Based Teambuilding
• Positive Leadership and bite-size contemporary leadership training
• Well-being and resilience programs: conference groups, executive and leadership workshops and workplace teams
• Speaking skills development and positive communication for influence workshops
• VIA Institute on Character Premier workshops
• ASA Authentic Strengths Advantage workshops
• Emotional Intelligence Conference Keynote and Workshops
• Mindfulness workshops
• Productivity bite-size workshops
• Positively World Class Service
• Preparing for the next chapter, vision creation, harnessing ideas and facilitating forward focus strategy

Why does Wundertraining Work?

• We ensure the session is fun to participate in, learning is active, and participants stay involved throughout the session.
• We support an environment that is inclusive - so participants “come along” in the journey, and feel physically and emotionally comfortable enough to participate and offer ideas in the learning environment.
• We have exceptional power points and high visual content and consolidate and encourage guided discussions rather than speaking at participants.

• Our facilitators immerse themselves in their topics and are passionately interested in what they present. They have both the credentials and practical work and life experience in the subject.

• Our goal is for participants to feel compelled and able to put things into practice and make a positive difference in real-time.

We understand that for any kind of training to be effective, participants must choose to apply whatever new skills or behaviours they've just learned back on the job or personally.

All workshops are offered as virtual, keynote and half or full workshops. We happily tailor content.

WunderTraining Clients:
WunderTraining works with a huge diversity of clients. Including many of Australias top 50 organisations in banking, finance, insurance and mining. We support national service providers, retailers, supermarket and real estate teams. We regularly support national and state-based government departments, councils, Universities, and Schools. We support an array of dynamic not for profit groups, boutique brands and family-owned businesses. We love the variety, please see our clients and their feedback on our testimonials page.
Please visit our Testimonials to support this

Virtual Training
We happily deliver any of our workshops using zoom and can tailor to suit your needs and time frames.

In-house events:
We most often deliver in-house workshops and at conferences. We happily tailor to your needs and after a brief phone consult, written enquiry or a meeting we can assist you with deciding on which workshop will best suit your objectives.
We happily tailor. Our talented team are currently based in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, GoldCoast and Byron Bay. Virtual Australia and International delivery.

Please download our brochure.

QUICK QUOTE: Please send an enquiry and include location, preferred date, topic or objectives, group size and the length of the session. Our workshop price is dependent on group sizes/ pre-work and handout size/ virtual or on location etc. Starting from $1800 +gst

• Available for large group highly interactive positive tailored conference 90 min/ 2 hr/ Half-day/ Full-day event.

• Virtual keynotes any size - we use Webex, Teams ...our preference is Zoom for interaction.

• Workshop Packages available with bulk discount

• Small team, NFP, volunteer groups. We enjoy the diversity in our client base and provide small team discounts for off-peak times of the week/ year.

Time frames flexible 45 mins > 2 day events.
Participant Group size 6 > 1000+

ONLINE Programs are coming soon:

Recent Awards an Acknowledgements

State Bank Small Business Competition Winner 2016

Kochies Business Builder Competition Winner 2016

About The Founder :Jane Wundersitz

Contact page for an email response or a quote.

In-house Certifications
Jane Wundersitz, the founder of WunderTraining is the Australian Master Trainer for VIA/ SMCOV and ASA Authentic Strengths Advantage and can certify your own in-house champions to be able to run the VIA Premiere or ASA Authentic Strengths Advantage programs.

• VIA Premier™ Your Strengths at Work: The Path to Engagement ©
• VIA Premier™ Manager as Optimizer: Boosting and sustaining success ©
• ASA Leader As Strengths Coach©
• ASA College/University Modules©
• ASA Resilience for Student Modules©ersitz

Who creates the WunderTraining programs?

Jane Wundersitz loving researches and crafts our engaging workshops.
Our clients love the WunderTraining style of workshop. It is the perfect blend of incorporating great research-rich and current content and the cognitive research into how people learn, which creates a positive, engaging and inclusive learning environment. Jane had 15 years prior career experience in delivering high-quality- leadership, team development, communication, customer service, stress and time management training, and four years in developing wellbeing workshops and delivering emotional intelligence and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. But, what elevates the workshop design is Jane's creative edge- she loves researching and building the workshops as much as delivering them.
Jane has a degree in Visual Arts and loves sourcing amazing visuals to assist participants with retention and engagement.
If you sprinkle on top, the experience of delivering to over 30,000 participants- you have a very unique workshop feel... this is the WoW of WunderTraining!

And why we love testimonials like this...

"Thank you very much for speaking to our sales and management teams at our Regional Conference in Cairns last week. It was a high energy session and the interactive nature of your presentation made it one of the most talked-about parts of our conference.
How you connected videos, charts, table exercises and commentary together created a very powerful and memorable experience.
I personally really liked the style of your delivery which connected very well with the audience and the tailoring of your key messages back to our company and our conference theme.
I am sure we will see you again at one of our future events."

Andy Jones: Managing Director/Senior Vice President PACIFIC, AS APAC

Do WunderTraining team members have nationally accredited Positive Psychology qualifications?

Our contract facilitator's who present workshops that apply and share the principles and strategies from the field of Positive Psychology have one of the following nationally accredited qualifications. They have their own external business and are contracted to facilitate the workshops bringing their unique knowledge and experience to the delivery.

Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing The Langley Group Institute
Masters in Positive Psychology Melbourne University
Masters in Coaching Psychology- with Positive Psychology subjects Melbourne University
Masters in Science Applied Positive Psychology

All exact qualifications are listed in team member profiles and all certifications are sighted.

What is Positive Psychology?

Positive Psychology is “a branch of psychology that complements the traditional focus on pathology with the study of human strengths and virtues and the factors that contribute to a full and meaningful life” (Lino, 2017).
Martin Seligman, the “father” of modern positive psychology, describes it as “The scientific study of optimal human functioning that aims to discover and promote the factors that allow individuals and communities to thrive” (Lino, 2017).
Its aim is “to catalyse a change in psychology from preoccupation only with repairing the worst things in life to also building the best qualities (Seligman, as quoted in Langley & Francis, 2016).

We only apply strategies from modern psychology principles in our workshops.

Are the WunderTraining Team Members registered psychologists?

We do have two team member who are Registered Psychologist's - Belinda Sudano a registered psychologist and has a Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing. Kacey Lloyd, a registered psychologist with a Master of Science in Applied Positive Pscyhology. Both do not practice as psychologists for WunderTraining.

IPPA International Positive Psychology Association endorses that those who have completed accredited training in Positive Psychology can call themself a 'Positive Psychology Practitioner' and apply the principles to the field that they have relevant qualifications in. They do not have to have a psychology degree or to be a registered psychologist unless they are practising in this specific field.

What qualifications do I need to be considered to be considered as a contract facilitator for the WunderTraining Brand?

Our contracted presenters for workshops with applied positive psychology principles must have nationally accredited qualifications as listed above. If you feel that you meet requirements through a university-level course with Positive Psychology subjects you are welcome to express interest.
Our team members also have additional qualifications and extensive career history. Currently, most of our team have had 10+ years workshop/training delivery experience and have either a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, ICF Coaching Qualifications or a Bachelor Degree in Education.

Mindfulness presenters have either a Masters or Diploma in Positive Psychology that incorporated Mindfulness or certification in MBSR

Mental Toughness Presenters have completed Mental Toughness certification

*We happily accept expressions of interest and are actively seeking international partners.

If you wish to bring WunderTraining to another country or to partner with us please get in touch.

WunderTraining is not associated with APHRA

Australian Master Trainer

VIA Strengths: Employee Engagement Training

Jane Wundersitz is the Master Trainer for VIA/SMCOV. She delivers groundbreaking VIA Strengths at work programs to empower people and teams in every aspect of their performance.