What does "Welcome to the Team" really mean in your organisation?

WunderTraining is a fresh and innovative approach to training. We use creativity, knowledge and skill to tailor our highly engaging workshops and seminars to fuel a new way of thinking and a new way of acting. You will FEEL the Wundertraining difference! Contact Jane for a coffee and a free consultation on 0430 297 970.

Services We Offer
  • Conference speaker Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney
  • Workplace wellbeing and resilience workshops Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth
  • Wellness Seminars Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney
  • Tailored Strategic Team building Adelaide, Melbourne
  • Foundation Leadership training Adelaide
  • Speaking and Contemporary PowerPoint workshops for Speakers and Facilitators Adelaide, Melbourne
  • Organisational Change training for teams Adelaide
  • Positive Psychology Teacher Development Days and Life Lessons for School Students Adelaide, Melbourne

About Us

We are National leaders in bringing Positive Psychology to the workplace and schools. We provide Inspirational Keynotes, Seminars and Training Workshops to empower leaders and teams to be their best professionally and personally. We love making a difference.

Positive Psychology

Australian Master Trainer

Jane Wundersitz is the Master Trainer for VIA/SMCOV. She delivers groundbreaking Positive Psychology programs to empower people and teams in every aspect of their performance.